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  • What were your most memorable moments.. Good and bad?
  • What were your favorite competitions?
  • What was your favorite alliance, your favorite player?
  • What would you add or subtract from next season?
  • What did you like or dislike about the Big Brother Canada house?
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#BBCAN FANS..Tell Us What They Think!

Big Brother Canada was my first real BB experience, I’d caught like 10 minutes of one of the US seasons Rachel was on but that was it until BBCan.

I started out loving the show, but as it progressed I felt production put way too many twists into the game. That in itself wouldn’t have been so bad if the twists weren’t so biased. I don’t care what they say about planning the whole run of the show out in advance, the 2 voting twists just so happened to screw the least liked player and help the most liked player. I don’t know if they just made up the vote or if they strategically waited until there were enough HG against Gary so the anti-Gary vote would split but either way they knew Gary was going back in, and that’s what they wanted for ratings. As soon as Arisa (Who’s a terrible host BTW) told the 4 Jurors one of them was getting voted back in Alec immediately knew the fix was in and pointed straight to Gary. Alec is a smart guy.

I worked with Andrew before I moved on to another job, I only ever talked to him once but he seemed like a nice guy. I feel so bad for him and the other players who thought they were playing a fair game. It really makes me angry that Canada waits so long for Big Brother and then gets this heavy-handed, rigged garbage. The producers should have to personally go out and apologize to every single Big Brother fan in the country. It just seemed like they felt they had to WOW people instead of recognizing what an awesome game the core of Big Brother is, and that if they were patient it would have been fine. I liked the fan interaction where we got to pick what the have nots ate, or what kind of party the HG got. That’s proper fan interaction, the kind that doesn’t effect the game. But fans having a direct influence on the game is WRONG full stop. If you’re going to do that just let all of the HGs live in the house for the full 75 days and then let Canada vote on a winner at the end.

I’ll be finishing BBCan Season 1 because I’m emotionally invested in it even though I feel like production will rig it so Gary wins, but I won’t be watching season 2, I’ll move on to BBUS and give that a try before I abandon BB altogether.

Murray, Nova Scotia

Big Brother Canada Season 1 sucks the bunghole. Crap feeds & very late return of a HG ruined it.
Keith @BBChatter

Think it is absolutely ridiculous that 4 people made it to final four and someone is brought back. NOT FAIR!! Just let the game play out. Double evictions are one thing… even bringing Dan in was OK with me but the rest has been too much. I will NOT be watching and catching up on social media only. The game is about strategy and why even have any? The game was ruined for me.


I think you have done an amazing job. I’m very proud of Canada showing how we react to the show. I have been a fan since game stated in UK. Watched USA since 2001 and now Canada.
I am glad you have integrated a little of both countries, but most of all you have kept it Canadian :) I think the games have been awesome and the tasks with Marsha the moose entertaining and kept the HG busy.
The twist have also added to the interest of the game and kept HG’s on edge and on their toes, which is great for fans.
Cast is a great mix of the diversity of Canada, and great to watch so entertaining. Unlike USA which I find boring because its all game.
Overall I think you have done an amazing job. I also like that you DQ cheaters. And call them out on their bad behaviour.
I can’t wait to see the next BBCan, I love love the work done on the house, very classy ! Well designed, looks beautiful.
Thank you again

I loved the show and felt the casting was very good.  I have a few complaints, and I hope others have the same/similar ones so that some consideration can be made for changes if there is a season 2.
There were too many twists in the game.  The worst one was bringing back someone when they were down to final 4.  That, in my opinion, should have been done maybe 2 weeks earlier.  It also was ridiculous that you would bring someone back who had already been in jury, and had information he could use to influence the game unfairly.  I don’t think it is necessary to have that many double evictions.  It’s exciting to see 1, especially when the timing of it is unknown to the players, but we also want to see players having to use strategy and their own game to figure their way through the game.
The competitions were awesome.  I wish we could have watched the endurance ones…that has always been one of my favourite things and reasons for buying the feeds for the US version!  There were times I felt the feeds were down for an unreasonable amount of time, and that no matter what you were trying to hide from us, at some point it came out.  Seeing things would not make us not watch the show!  I wish there would have been more voting for extras for the have-nots.They only got something the one week…the week of poutine and beaver tails.

I hope next season…assuming there will be a next season…there will be some way to watch the feeds on flash back.  We as viewers do have to sleep on occasion lol.

Thanks for your time, and again, I think for the most part you did an awesome job on your first season of Big Brother Canada!!

Joyce from Ontario

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