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Published on May 3rd, 2013 | by Julie


The Morning After Buzz

As I said last night, Big Brother Canada couldn’t have bought this kinda of afterbuzz!

After last nights Big Brother Canada Finale, social media is still a-flutter.. Could Topaz actually make an ‘accidental’ mistaken vote? Was she so involved in her “150%” dig at Jillian that she subconciously had Jillian on the brain so she pulled her key instead of Gary??? That’s hard to believe, in Topaz’ interview on Global, she insists she did not intentionally vote for Jillian..

One co-host says, she’s watched her the whole season and she thought to herself “she’s kinda faking it”, Topaz, “really?” co-host, “yes, you seem like you were putting it on, like you knew what you were doing”.. while the other co-host asks if this was “an attention grab?”..

Topaz responds by saying, “oh no, this is not the kind of attention I want”.. she goes on to say, she feels like shes going to get so much “neeeeeggative feedback”.. she thought it was a joke the producers were playing on her.

She says, it was the whole production, the lights, the cameras, I’m just not used to all that…Topaz’ response is all over the place and I’m just not buying what she’s selling!

Let me think for a moment that maybe, possibly, she didn’t realize what key she was pulling out of her box…. then I’m speechless, wait no I’m not… that will go down in Big Brother history as THE dumbest ‘mistake’ any houseguest could possibly make…

Watch the complete interview and decide for yourself..

Watch the complete interview on the Global’s The Morning Show!

Let’s move on to one of the all time rudest, bitter jury members I can recall… Peter! Let me say this again, I was a long time Peter fan, up until a few weeks ago.

Apparently media that attended the finale, reported that Peter was calling Jillian an idiot during the commercial break and even went so far as to argue with several of the audience members.

Let’s get real Peter, you got, got, by a better player and a girl! Keep saying it until it sinks in.. let’s set that aside for a moment, Peter was sitting near Jillian’s family, her little sister that was obviously proud of her big sister… and Peter finds it necessary to continue to belittle Jillian..?? Whether or not the audience did or did not provoke him, honestly Peter your attitude was bitter, rude and unacceptable for a supposed “superior” human.

This is a guy who claims to love the game, his idols, Dr. Will and Dan Gheesling, I find it hard to believe Dr. Will or Dan would be accepting of Peter’s behavior and/or lack of respect for the game and family members.

..and by the way, how many game changing moves did Peter actually make? ZERO, just sayin’.. rude behavior, poor sport, poor attitude. Buh-bye Peter!

Moving on..

It’s not secret that Big Brother fans are some of the greatest reality TV fans ever! We’re passionate, we have our favorites, we have are not so favorites, but we still come together in the end and realize, it’s just a game and these are real people with real lives outside of the Big Brother house.

For any so called “fans” that would threaten Jillian, her family or any Big Brother player ever, is ridiculous and not a true fan of the game!

No matter which way you view it, Jillian did absolutely nothing wrong, she won fair and square, mistake or no mistake a vote is a vote and those are the rules… no do-overs..

Congrats to Jillian on her win and to Gary on his second place!

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2 Responses to The Morning After Buzz

  1. Lucas says:

    Justice was done on this night although it would have been better if Emmett had won. I think it’s funny all the people who thought Gary would have taken Emmett to the final 2 because he really liked him… Please, Gary is a snake just like his hoe bag Topaz. The fact that it was her idiocy and her going on about %150 and SHE’S the one who screwed him out of the win! Look up poetic justice in the dictionary and there will be a picture of Topaz putting Jillian’s keycard into the Big Brother Canada football.

    Although I’m thrilled to death that Production tried to rig the game for Gary and they were foiled by Topaz’s stupidity, in the end that idiot still won. He got the fame he so richly did not deserve and I’m sure he’ll be given a show on Slice and offers all over the place and I’ll never get any peace from his annoying ass. How people like Gary I have no idea. He’s a spoiled, annoying, childish brat who essentially Assaulted Talla (Assault does not require physical contact, if that happens it’s called Battery) I’m just so angry people like him succeed in this world, I have a gay friend and even he can’t stand him, and I know he’s disgusted a moral vacuum of a man like Gary is now a role model for the LGBT community.

    Anyway, thanks for all the work on Big Brother Canada Julie, this will be my last BBCan, I can’t handle another clusterf**k of a season from this idiotic production team. But I’m looking forward to being back here for BB15 where I’m sure you and I will disagree again. LOL. Although I have to say you certainly had Peter pegged, what a disgusting finale that guy had. I’m ashamed to say I supported him up until his childishness. To think a guy who claims to be a Dan Disciple purposely engineering the biggest case of Bitter Jury Syndrome in recorded history. Thankfully they were foiled and justice was done. Jillian wasn’t the most deserving winner, but she was definitely the most deserving of the Final 2.

  2. Julie says:

    Guess what Lucas? I agree with a lot of what you said! Who would have thought…haha

    I would give BB Canada one more season, this was after all their first season and I would sure hope they learned quite a few things, only time will tell and today it’s been confirmed to be renewed for a second season!

    I’ve got my Big Brother 15 site going strong with just 21 days to go and details trickling in.. Be sure to be checking in at our main site at

    We look forward to seeing you over there!!
    Take care Lucas and thank you for all the kind words!!

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