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The Grand Finale!

The end is here.. Big Brother Canada’s Grand Finale!

American viewers join us here at 6pm PT to watch tonight’s show stream live!

A Special Thank you!

To all our amazing Big Brother Buzz fans! Thank you for supporting us through the premiere season of Big Brother Canada. It may or may not be ending quite like we all wish or desire, but none the less, we love our fans and we love the game of Big Brother!! So thank you, thank you!

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Only 55 days until the premiere of Big Brother 15!

Thanks again!



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The Finale.

The 2 hour Finale is currently pre-recording from 5pm-7pm ET..we’re going to watch and report when the show broadcasts at 6pm PT!

Final predictions.

IF Emmett and Gary are the final 2: Gary wins?

  • Gary’s jury votes- Topaz, Alec?, Talla?
  • Emmett’s jury votes- Jillian, Peter, Andrew?, AJ

IF Emmett and Jillian are the final 2: Emmett wins?

  • Jillian’s jury votes- AJ, Andrew, Talla
  • Emmett’s jury votes-Peter, Alec?, Gary, Topaz?

IF Jillian and Gary are the final 2: Jillian wins?

  • Gary’s jury votes-Topaz, Alec, Peter?
  • Jillian’s jury votes-Emmett, Andrew, Talla, AJ

Just my best guess, but it all depends on the bitterness level in the jury house, or if they jury members are actually going to base it on competitiveness, social game, etc..

Just in case you’re not sure how the final 3 works.. there will be a 3 part final challenge..

  • Part 1 Winner.. EMMETT!
  • Part 2 Winner.. GARY!
  • Part 3 Winner..(chooses to evict the final houseguest, leaving us with our final 2) GARY!
Gary chooses to evict Emmett and take Jillian to the final two!!
Jury votes.
  • AJ votes for.. Gary
  • Alec votes for.. Gary
  • Topaz votes for.. Jillian
  • Peter votes for.. Gary
  • Andrew votes for.. Jillian
  • Talla votes for.. Jillian
  • Emmett votes for.. Jillian

Congratulations to Jillian the Winner of Big Brother Canada!

 Ohhhh. Whatttt. A Nightttt!!!

Forget about the first 1 hour and 50 minutes of the Big Brother Canada finale… the drama began with 10 minutes left in the show!

Arisa is pulling out the keys and reading the results aloud… Topaz votes for Jillian… Topaz raises her hand in the background, Arisa turns to Topaz… Topaz, “Wait… what???”

Topaz continues to repeat, “don’t do this to me, don’t do this to me” .. [don't do what Topaz, read your vote for whom you'd like to win Big Brother Canada... ???]

Topaz continues and even makes accusations that someone changed her vote.. [uhhh.. yes with ALL those family, friends, jury members, previous houseguests lurking in the audience next to the votes, I'm sure someone snuck up un-noticed and switched the vote.... huh]


“Topaz messes up her vote on Big Brother Canada finale”..

Courtesy of

Big Brother Canada has been all about twists this season, but not even the producers could have come up with this final twist of events!

My honest question is, did Topaz actually make a mistake? Or is it possible that she did indeed vote for Jillian to win?

A question that we likely will never know the true answer too!

But if we look back at the season, there was the ‘girl’ alliance. Topaz is a smart, educated, Big Brother fan. When we thought Topaz was sleeping her way through the game, her memorization of BB events was great, she knew the game of Big Brother, so it seems extremely odd and unlikely that she would actually make a game changing mistake like this.

Some say she was just nervous, others say she focused to much on her somewhat snarky “150%” comment that she didn’t even think to look at the keys??? I find that hard to believe, the names are in large print, the keys are nicely tucked into their very own box, easy to read and easy to see what key is remaining.. and if you review the videos, you can clearly see she pauses and chooses Jillian’s key, I just don’t see how you ‘accidentally’ get that wrong.. ??

Let’s think about Topaz’ own reaction.. she says, “someone must have switched it”.. that in itself implies she KNEW exactly what the rules were!

Intentional or not intentional, this was 100% Topaz’ responsibility… hater’s shouldn’t hate Jillian or bash her, all season long fans have been quick to call CHEAT, CHEAT, CHEAT and have forced BBCAN to enforce the rules. Now they enforce the rules and everyone’s upset.

You don’t get do-overs on finale night and you can’t cry cheaters either!

These finale rules are very, very, very clear.. when you put a key in, you’re casting a vote for who you want to win Big Brother Canada!

…and speaking of clear rules and votes, was anyone surprised by AJ’s vote??? I thought for sure AJ would vote along with Andrew and Talla… now if anyone may have mis-understood the rules, I could and would believe a mis-vote from AJ.. and if he did mis-vote, he kept quiet about it…

No one stole anyone’s prize or cheated, this is the game of Big Brother, expect the unexpected!

Congratulations to Jillian, a well deserved win! You were never nominated, you fought your way through competitions and you never had a free pass!

Congratulations to Gary on your second place win, $20,000 is an amazing prize!

Show Highlights.

 VIDEO: Part 1 of 3 Final Head of Household Competition “No Blood On My Hands”

(the live streams were having quality issues during the finale, so please excuse the pauses)

VIDEO: Part 2 of 3 Final Head of Household Competition ” Big Brother Big Top”

(the live streams were having quality issues during the finale, so please excuse the pauses)

VIDEO: Part 3 of 3 Final Head of Household Competition “True/False” + the Final Eviction of the Season!

(the live streams were having quality issues during the finale, so please excuse the pauses)

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2 Responses to The Grand Finale!

  1. Lucas says:

    This COULD NOT have happened to someone more deserving. Karma’s a bitch Topaz. Oh God what a great finale, woulda been better if Emmett won but I’ll settle for Topaz and Gary suffering. YEAH!

    • Julie says:

      I had a feeling you’d be a happy camper Lucas! I honestly believe Jillian played a much better game, she was never nominated, won comps and didn’t have a free 2-3 week pass to play with the jury members.. Congrats to Jillian!

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