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Live Feeds..The Last Hurrah!

In just under 2 hours the Live Feeds will be shut down for the season! #SADTIMES

A Special Thank you!

To all our amazing Big Brother Buzz fans! Thank you for supporting us through the premiere season of Big Brother Canada. It may or may not be ending quite like we all wish or desire, but none the less, we love our fans and we love the game of Big Brother!! So thank you, thank you!

Be sure to continue to follow us on Twitter @BigBrotherBuzz for updates and hop on over to our main site after Big Brother Canada’s Finale.

Only 59 days until the premiere of Big Brother 15!

Thanks again!



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Thank you Big Brother.

I’m the optimist and would like to end the season on a positive note.

I’d like to thank the producers, Arisa Cox, the camera men/women, the oodles of staff and behind the scenes helpers for an overall great premiere season of Big Brother Canada. It’s not an easy feat, we all grumble at times, but overall I think you had an amazing 1st season!

We know it takes an army, a lot of hard work, you’ve had quite a few bumps in the road with houseguests, competitions, etc. overall.. we’ve really enjoyed this cast, again, some more than others!

Great work, and we look forward to next season!

Thank you BB!

Sunday Morning.

7:20am We’ve had intermittent HUSHED feeds for various reasons. The latest being Talla’s frustration and multiple F-bombs. She having issues with the vacuum cleaner not cooperating, mainly because of user error.. but she’s quite annoyed by it at this point…

Talla, “WTF, fuck, fuckkkk…I’m so fucking annoyed right now”… HUSH…

Talla’s disgusted by the bathroom mess that Gary has created, she refusing to clean it again after him.. but that doesn’t stop her from throwing out a few more WTF’s over the mess…

4-28-0730am 4-28-0731am 4-28-0735am

Jill was listening to music and Talla snuck up on her and scared her… Talla telling Emmett how much she scared Jill..


8:18am  Jill, is your conscious getting the best of you? Emmett, I have no heart.. Jill, I’ve really been thinking about this game, why would I still be negative and cranky, I can’t handle stuff like this, I feel guilty, I feel responsible, and my moms like you should have been the least stressed and you’ve been the most stressed one in the game.. and the lying and telling lies..

Jill, your feet have taken a beating.. are you going to go and get pedicures with Andrew and I.. Emmett, maybe, no I’m not going to get a pedicure, let someone play with my feet..


So you just had a nice talk with Lala about the game, she told me.. I thought maybe the guilt was getting to you..

Jill, she thinks shes taking the $20,000.. Emmett, so does Gary, he thinks you’ll take him and he thinks I’ll take him.. Jill, were suppose to talk about it later..

Jill, were mean people, were bad, does this mean were the meanest people..


Jill, maybe we shouldn’t watch the show on our first date.. Emmett, maybe the second date.. Jill, maybe I won’t like you after our first date.. Emmett, I’m going to be a whole new man when I walk out of this house..

Emmett, I just want to get this POV ceremony over with, so I can start jumping around and working on what I’m going to tell Lala..


Our last Marge the Moose close up for the season…or as Talla calls Marge.. Henry!


Emmett joins Talla at the hot tub.. Emmett, I wonder why were going to be locked out in 30 minutes.. Talla, I don’t know..


Talla to ‘Henry’, “I don’t date many guys, I mean just recently 5, but I know what I deserve & I know how I should be treated..

Talla to Emmett, I’m open minded and I haven’t closed my heart, there’s a key to my heart that still waits to be opened..


Talla to Emmett, you’re going to call your ex after this, right? Emmett, yeah.. Talla, when was the last time you talked to her.. Emmett, the day we came in here, I needed her to do something for me with a website..


Talla, “I should go take a vocabulary class or something where I can make complete sentences”… [I believe that's called an ENGLISH class Talla..]


8:45am Houseguests get their 15 minute warning until indoor lockdown..feeds HUSH..

Feeds back and Talla is talking about her dad and her mother raising her and her twin sister alone, and her sister telling her not to do anything on the show to embarrass mom… “this world is our playground and I love playing in it”..

Talla, I can’t wait to see everything when we get out..

Emmett closes the doors for the indoor lockdown..


9:03 Emmett, what do you think is going on… Gary, it’s the first part of the eviction.. Emmett, but we still have to do the POV ceremony.. Gary, yeah the ceremony then the first part.. Emmett, I don’t know what’s going on, I wish I would have watched more shows, I’d know how the end worked better…


Gary, it could be a live eviction tonight.. maybe they’re just checking the camera’s and stuff, cause no matter what we have to do the POV ceremony first.. Emmett, I went into ask them, I asked them about the timeline, but all they could tell me is that we’ll be locked out of the backyard in 3o minutes..


Gary, have you talked to Jillian, start talking to her.. Emmett, yeah.. Gary, do you know what you’re going to say.. Emmett, not yet..

Emmett leaves the have-not room..

Emmett and Jillian are back in the HOH room..


9:17am Emmett joins Gary in the main bedroom, Emmett says, do you hear the banging.. Gary, they’re building something? Emmett, yeah.. I don’t know what’s going on.. how does it usually work..

Gary, explains.. Emmett, weird, something’s going on..


Emmett heads back up to HOH.. he tells Jill, they’re building something.. Jillian, building? Emmett, with my luck they DQ’ed me on something and they are building a new competition.. I can’t even enjoy any wins in here, cause I’m afraid they will DQ me… I want to enjoy this win, cause of what’s gone on so far..


Jill, BB can you just tell Emmett everything is ok, so he doesn’t have a heart attack.. Emmett, maybe I should just ask them straight up.. Jill, yeh, go..

Jill, maybe it’s part 1..


We can hear Talla screaming… PUCK BALLLLLLLLLLLL from downstairs..

9:25am BB: Jillian and Emmett…would you both come down to the DR for a second, I just need to ……………. HUSH..

9:28am Talla to herself, “what is happening today? This is the last week, I’m gonna cry”..


Talla talking to Emmett about her shoes…

Talla, Do you love it? Emmett, always… Talla, oh my gosh, I just asked the milkman if he loves it and he said always! I love it!

Talla talking to Emmett about her shoes… I’m scared to wear my nice shoes when I drink, cause……………[yes we know why..]


Talla jumping around, “never forget it on day 67 Persian goddess, just kidding, won Emmett in puck ball!”



Emmett can’t seem to relax, he’s wondering what’s going on today, why BB is building…


Gary’s doing his makeup..


BB asked them to strip the beds today, Emmett and Jillian are the only ones doing it.. Gary’s digging for clothes..


Talla cutting peppers for her chili.. Jill, I love making vegetarian chili with lots of chickpeas..


BB gives Talla a special delivery, a case of Pepsi… Talla says, oh my gosh, thank you, thank you, thanks you, do you love it, love it… wooo hooooo.. I asked for a 6 pack and you gave me a lifetime supply…. thank you, woooo hooooo.. PEPSI PARTY!!!!!! Love it….


Gary’s still doing his makeup, Talla still cooking her chili, Jillian and Emmett off camera…


… and with that… I have a family party to attend.. so we’re checking out… I’ll check in via Twitter!

Have a great day!! xo

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