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Saturday Nominations + POV Competition [Spoiler]

A Special Thank you!

To all our amazing Big Brother Buzz fans! Thank you for supporting us through the premiere season of Big Brother Canada. It may or may not be ending quite like we all wish or desire, but none the less, we love our fans and we love the game of Big Brother!! So thank you, thank you!

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Only 60 days until the premiere of Big Brother 15!

Thanks again!


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The Buzz has been out of town today.. here are your spoilers!
+ Jillian’s Nominations…
Gary and Talla…!

We’re just checking in on the houseguests, just in time to see them getting ready for bed.


8:54pm Talla and Jillian hug goodnight.. Talla to Jill “goodnight lovebug”.. Jill to Talla, “goodnight little girl”..

Big Brother gives them 5 razors, Talla’s wants 1, Gary says, no I need all of them, Talla, all of them?? Gary yeah, I need them all.. Talla asks Big Brother for more..


Talla having some sort of mini-meltdown in the storage room.. she’s pissed because apparently Gary has decided to put his makeup on at 9:15pm, 12:15am BBT …????? She says it’s fucked up that she just wants to sleep and Gary is putting his makeup on… she stomps to the bedroom to find that Gary has decided to put his makeup on in the bathroom…


She says, shes sorry Big Brother several times.. Talla to herself, “I look like a bitch”.. “I’m sorry Big Brother, I love you”..

She says, you can leave the lights on all night if you want as my punishment..


Talla, “lights please”..


9:20pm Not quite sure why Gary is putting makeup on at midnight…


9:32pm Emmett’s out of the DR… Emmett asks what everyone’s doing.. Jillian says, we aren’t allowed to talk about it, but Gary is putting makeup on for Big Brother..  he’s turning himself into something new for a DR..

Looks like the DR wanted “Zoe” aka one of Gary’s other persona’s to do a DR session..

Time for boob cleavage..



9:36pm Emmett and Jillian are going to have hot choc and go out to the hot tub..

10:00pm Emmett, this is crazy, huh? Jillian, yeah.. Emmett goes over his talk to Gary..


Emmett, I would vote for Gary over Lala, cause Gary has won some things..Jillian, oh well, you win some, you lose some..

Emmett tells Jill that she (Talla) was drunk in the DR and said, “me and milkman are going to final 2″..

Jill says, now I don’t feel bad at all, if she’s saying that..

Emmett to Jill, if you were there with Lala, you would have me, Gary.. Jill, if I were there with Lala, I would win.. Emmett, yeah..

Emmett asks Jillian what Andrew was saying about him… Jill, I don’t need to tell you everything..

Jillian, “are we bad people?” Emmett, “no we’re smart and strategic… that’s why we’re here”..


10:32pm Zoe/Gary is out of the DR and says, ‘she’ needs to catch a flight..


10:45pm Emmett and Jillian talking about life after the show..


These are likely to be the last images of the season, since Big Brother is shutting the feeds down for the season at 9am PT, noon Big Brother time tomorrow.. #SADBUTTRUE #BOO

Goodnight All! xo

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