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Published on April 26th, 2013 | by Julie


The End of Days..Big Brother Canada

As announced at the end of last nights show, Big Brother has decided to end the Live Feeds as of Sunday at noon!

What does this mean? It means, no buzz, no updates, no spoilers, no recaps, no photos, no watching the final and most important part of the season play out! Big Brother says they want next weeks episodes, Wednesday + Thursday’s 2hr finale to be a surprise.

The surprise I believe they will find, is this… a lack of interest, their decision to end the feeds Sunday is leaving an extremely sour taste in fans, superfans, and bloggers mouths.

In a time when fans were already having a tough time with the resurrection of an un-sequestered houseguest, they decide to take away the #1 most important, unique aspect of Big Brother, the live feeds!

I can’t tell you the amount of comments, tweets, messages I have received from fans, saying they are DONE with the season, many say they will never invest their time into Big Brother Canada again.

That’s a sad thing because honestly Big Brother Canada was doing an amazing job for their premiere season, then took it 1 step to far, and then took it even further making this decision. It has killed any momentum they still had going.

How will the end days play out now?

It’s unclear whether they will do nominations today or tomorrow. Likely the Power of Veto competition will be tomorrow, causing a long feed outage and by Sunday at noon the live feeds will end for good!

So in essence, we really only have hours left to view the live feeds.

Final 4 to final 3?

Sometime between Sunday and Tuesday there will be another eviction.

This is part of the big secret Big Brother would like to keep from fans until the episode airs Wednesday May 1st.

BUT.. if Big Brother records the episode in front of a live studio audience, you can bet their secret WILL BE spoiled! The only way for Big Brother to secure secrecy is to record with NO audience at all, as they have in the past.

A Special Thank you!

To all our amazing Big Brother Buzz fans! Thank you for supporting us through the premiere season of Big Brother Canada. It may or may not be ending quite like we all wish or desire, but none the less, we love our fans and we love the game of Big Brother!! So thank you, thank you!

Be sure to continue to follow us on Twitter @BigBrotherBuzz for updates and hop on over to our main site after Big Brother Canada’s Finale.

Only 61 days until the premiere of Big Brother 15!

Thanks again!


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Friday Morning.

6:54am Conversation is pretty much non-existent in the house..


A last look at Andrew’s photo in color..


It’s makeup time with Talla and Gary..

Big Brother hushes the feeds long enough to tell all the houseguests to wear a gray shirt for their diary room sessions.. no one can figure out why, and neither can I..


7:05am Emmett heads out to the hot tub alone, the one word he speaks is… “peace”..


7:33am Emmett and Gary are looking for something gray to wear..

Jillian comes out of the HOH and finds everyone to tell them she re-read her letter and they only have 1 week left in the house.. [there was speculation between the houseguests that they could be in the house as long as 75 days, because they still have 4 left..]

8:05am Feeds are HUSHED..

4:10pm Feeds still HUSHED.. maybe they should have just shut the feeds down today!

Friday Evening.

5:50pm Feeds are back almost 10 hours later..

The houseguests are all dressed up, Talla is already drunk, and Jillian is tipsy..

Gary’s in the HOH listening to music..


Jillian is carving an apple, Talla is drunk cooking..


6:02pm Jillian chases Talla through the room, Jillian jumps on the table to get to Talla… Jill says, Talla I can see your bumm.. Talla yelling, “my butt ate my unerwear, my butt ate my underwear”..


Talla, someday someones going to take these (underwear) off and I’m going to say, “do you love it”… then Talla picks her wedgie..


6:14pm Gary and Emmett in the HOH room..

Emmett to Gary, nominations are first thing in the morning.. she’s going to nominate you and Talla..

Gary tells Emmett that Topaz had to go to the hospital and get stitches before she entered the jury house..

Gary to Emm, they’re going to make the POV comp fair for Talla.. Emmett, they aren’t going to change the comp just for her..

Gary to Emmett, Talla will be content with her life, she made it to final..


6:45pm Emmett and Jillian in the hammock.. game talking, discussing what to do, what to say..

Jill, I want this veto as much as if I weren’t HOH, I want us in final two.. Emmett, yeah..

Jill, I think Talla sees you as a bigger threat than Gary… Would you agree? Emmett, yeah..

Jill, I don’t care who we take to final 3 there are pros and cons to both..


7:04pm Talla pouring herself another!


7:41pm Talla in the hot tub by herself.. Talla to BB, should I got to bed, cause I’m almost done with this champagne?

7:45pm Emmett and Jillian are playing catch with the football… Talla says, whoaaaaaa.. how do you throw it like that..


BB will you give us more alcohol… [I'm thinking that's a negative Talla!..]


TIPSY TALLA Dance-A-Thon..Video link below.


She’s single… put a ring on it!


VIDEO: Tipsy Talla Dance-A-Thon!

8:45pm Emmett chases down Talla and throws her into the pool… she drown her mic.. then Talla “Makes a Wave Pool” with her ass..

VIDEO: Talla Makes a Wave Pool!

8:55pm Emmett heads out to the hot tub for a few.. Gary and Talla get ready for bed..

Talla says, I’m she holds herself up with the stool..


9:15pm All houseguests asleep!

Refresh throughout the day for updates to this post.

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3 Responses to The End of Days..Big Brother Canada

  1. Lucas says:

    Another in a long line of horrible decisions by this Production team. They were given a golden goose and then they slaughtered the goose and then shit all over it and themselves. I’m going to watch the rest of this disappointing season and then I’m done with BBCan. I’ll watch the BB15 hoping it’ll renew my faith in the game.

    I am thrilled to know I’m not the only one who thinks Gary returning was horrible.

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks for being a faithful fan of our site and BBCAN Lucas!

    We haven’t always agreed to like the same houseguests, but who cares, that’s what makes the fans and the game of Big Brother awesome!

    I never disliked Gary as a player, he was quite entertaining and very much himself… I lost it when the producers thought it a great idea to resurrect an un-sequestered houseguest no matter who it was.

    If they’re going to throw in a twist like that, I suggest doing it earlier, and SEQUESTERING the houseguest.. it’s just to much of an unfair advantage for Gary.

    The others busted their asses off to win comps, evict houseguests, make enemies in the jury, all the while Gary was partying it up with the jury and knew exactly how the jury members felt about each houseguest… bad play Big Brother Canada!

    I’m afraid this has tainted their premiere season and they’ve lost so many fans because of it. I worked my booty off promoting their season and as a fan of the game, feel very let down by the series of events leading up to this week.

    On the bright side, maybe they will reconsider their twists in a future season, knowing what they know now… hindsight is 20/20!

    61 days until the premiere of Big Brother 15!

    Thanks again Lucas, you’ve been great!
    Julie :)

  3. Lucas says:

    I loathe Gary. He’s an annoying and selfish jackass and I hope once this is over I never have to hear from him ever again.

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