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Thursday E-Day One Stooge Left! [Spoiler]

After tonight’s show, the “Stooge Alliance” will be no more.. and the last remaining alliance will be Jil-ett!

Like it, love it, hate it… I love the game of Big Brother and I can appreciate Emmett, Jillian and Talla’s strategies.

Some may say Talla doesn’t have a strategy, but many have attempted to use the strategy to “float” until the end and have failed, Talla can at least say, she’s played a good enough social game to get her to the end game, by being likeable.

Jillian is at the other end of the strategy spectrum, where she is a competition beast, and all those POV’s she lost, she didn’t try to win. She’s also been very likeable and played a very good social game.

Emmett has played a great game, he’s bit his tongue, kept quiet, been very likeable, a good listener and won competitions when he needed too.

As for Gary, I was a Gary fan, but Gary did not have a strong enough game to survive, went to jury and was voted back into the house, giving him a couple weeks of rest, freedom and time to see exactly where all the jury members heads are at. IMO he did not “earn” his way into the final 4, he was given a free pass, while the others busted their asses, got blood on their hands and made enemies in the jury house, and all the while Gary was partying with the jury.

Just my 2 cents, but worth every penny!

Did you miss yesterdays show? Need to catch up? You can view our recap, show highlights, photos and more by clicking the link below!

BLOG: Wednesday Hangover + Show Highlights!

American viewers join us here at 7pm PT to watch tonights show stream live!

Thursday Morning.

7:07am Gary’s fine, he was brought back to the Big Brother house last night around 2am BBT after a visit to the hospital. Big Brother was likely being cautious, but Gary was seen by a fan in the a local hospital as reported by MortysTV.

Gary’s eyes are not red, nor irritated one bit.. it’s likely Gary was a bit dramatic since he was already in a mood about having to eat slop right before the broken glass incident..


7:09am Andrew drinking a smoothy in the kitchen, alone.. Talla was talking to him for a few, but got up to head to the bathroom..


Gary’s in the bathroom plucking..Talla watches for a few..


7:14am Emmett sitting alone at the hot tub…


Until Talla joins him..Emmett asks her if shes going to go for HOH.. Talla says, she wants to win HOH to finally be able to tell the jury she won a competition.. Emmett plants a lil seed of doubt in her ear.. says, she doesn’t really need to win it, because she can use the fact that she’s had a great social game..


8:54am The feeds were HUSHED earlier and the houseguests were called to the living room. They were shown a series of pictures on the TV screen..

Emmett and Jillian in the HOH, using the front that they are cleaning and packing, they actually touching bases.. Jill tells Emmett, Gary’s being really sketchy today.. like he would switch his final 3 to leave Emmett out..Emmett asks for the details..

They talk about the pictures they saw on the screen, the order, number, and what they were of..

Emmett made it sound like he could still change his mind and send Talla home instead..Jill says, she trusts Andrew..

Let’s ponder that for a moment, if Talla went home, that would break up any potential Gary/Talla alliance and we know Andrew will NOT team up with Gary, he will stay true to Jillian.. no doubt Emmett and Jillian have thought through this scenario..

If Emmett goes to final 2 with anyone, he wins the grand prize.. if Jillian goes with Talla and possibly Gary she wins the grand prize, if Jillian goes with Andrew, it’s hard to say who will walk away with the $100,000..

Honestly the best game move for Emmett and Jillian is to evict Andrew..

Andrew would likely nominate Gary and Talla, if Gary won veto, Emmett would go up, Jillian and Andrew have a ‘secret’ final 2, and its likely Emmett would be evicted.. I just don’t think Emmett is willing to risk that..

Jillian says she thinks Talla could beat her in an endurance, but there’s just no way, Jillian may weigh about 40lbs more than Talla, but Jillian is so strong physically and mentally, she WILL win any endurance thrown at her..


Shockingly they are interrupted by Talla, who bursts through the doors, walks directly to Emmett and says, I saw you talking to Gary I want to know what you were talking about.. Emmett, he asked me about the pictures.. Talla, oh, I know them all..

Feeds were HUSHED early today!

VIDEO: Emmett’s Video Diary!

Emmett tells us who he would like to take to final 2 and will he keep Andrew in the game?

 Thursday Eviction Results and Show Highlights.

+ The Evicted Houseguest is…
in a vote of 2-0 Andrew was evicted from the Big Brother house…!
+ The New Head of Household is…
Jillian has won HOH…!

RUMOR has it, the live feeds will be down from Sun-Wed to keep the next eviction a secret.. The next eviction will be shown on Wednesday’s show.

 The show begins with a recap..

Andrew talks to Gary in the bedroom, he says they (Emmett and Jillian) are locked and loaded.. he doesn’t really offer anything to Gary..

Gary in DR Andrew needs to come to me with some serious offer..


Talla starts a fight with Andrew in the kitchen in front of everyone.. Emmett tries to diffuse the situation, Jillian leaves the room before she flipped.. Tipsy Talla started that fight for no real reason other than she was drinking..


A visit to the jury house, Peter joins them! Video link below.

VIDEO: Peter Enters the Jury House!

Big Brother visits Talla and Gary’s families! Video link below.

Talla’s twin sister..


VIDEO: A Visit to Talla and Gary’s Family!

Andrew and Jillian talk about final 3..


Emmett and Gary in HOH talk about final 3..they both agree it’s beneficial to get rid of Andrew..

Emmett moves on to talk to Talla..he makes her believe he’s going to take her to final 2..

Emmett and Jillian in HOH, discuss having to create “holes in their relationship” to show that there’s room for the others to move in and make deals with them..


The houseguests vote to evict. Video link below.

VIDEO: The Houseguests Vote to Evict + Andrew’s Exit Interview!

Arisa talks to the houseguests and asks questions from the fans. Video link below.

VIDEO: Arisa Talks to the Final 4!

Head of Household competition is “A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words”!


When the show ended, Gary was in the lead with only 1 dunk, Talla and Jillian had been dunked 2 times each for answering the true/false question incorrectly.

At the end of the show Arisa announces that the Live Feeds will be shut down for good Sunday at noon, so that fans won’t know who is evicted next until the finale next week! Way to kill the show Big Brother Canada!

Bloggers and superfans are what make or break a Big Brother season and this is surely the way to break your season!

Thursday Evening.

Feeds are back and Jillian has won her 4th Head of Household!!!!

Jillian and Emmett have held 5 consecutive Head of Households! That’s a Big Brother record!


9:40pm Talla and Gary dancing in the backyard, Jillian joins in, there’s laughter in the yard… this will soon end.. when Jillian likely nominates Talla and Gary and they have to fight for the POV..


10:00pm All the houseguests are in the hot tub, random chat, current topic waxing your body hair…

…and on that note, I’m logging off and out for the night.. Big Brother Canada has really disappointed me with this announcement about the live feeds..

Tonight #BBCAN didn’t even come close to trending, many fans have just given up and this is the last straw for many.

No feeds = No fans blogging, tweeting, etc..


Goodnight all! xo

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2 Responses to Thursday E-Day One Stooge Left! [Spoiler]

  1. dan says:

    the feeds shutting off on sunday are a good thing i think, ive been a live feeder and i read your blog a couple of times a day since day one i a bb nut Julie but this it the end i dont really wanna know the last little part…. and if i “have ” the chance i would spoil it for myself so im ok with bbc taking it away(at least it was free!!)

    hey i have a question that i think u can awnser… who pays for their cigarets?? ive always wondered that.

    and thank you u have a awesome blog and one time i was watching one of your videos early on and was like… when did jillian the hoh get birds?? hehe

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks for being a faithful reader on our site! It means a lot when readers appreciate it, we’re just a superfan like you, but it’s a lot of work.. glad to know others enjoy it.

    We may not always agree to like the same houseguests, but that’s what makes this game and the fans great!

    The houseguests bring their own cigarettes and when they run out, they run out.. I do believe BBC may have provided nicotine patches for Talla, but they will not buy her cigarettes.

    Be sure to catch up with us in 61 days for Big Brother 15! ..and if you’re not already following us on Twitter, we’ll be updating from their in the “off” season.. @BigBrotherBuzz

    Take care and thanks again Dan!
    Julie :)

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