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Wednesday Hangover + Show Highlights

Breaking news, Talla has woke up with yet another hangover..

..and this is what we’ve got going on in the Big Brother house… chess, chess and chess..

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Emmett teaching Talla how to play chess..


Talla asks if this is suppose to be stressful, because she’s stressed.. they’re all trying to explain the game to her..


10:25am Talla farts and clears the room.. she heads downstairs to check on her eggs [just what she needs..]

Talla to herself, “omg that was so gross, I am a vile individual”..

10:26am Now it’s time for MORE chess…

Gary to everyone, “this is the worst game, with all you mother fu-kers talking”


10:34am Talla to herself, “omg I was so drunk last night.. yes, I’m talking to myself, fun, but I feel good”..


11:17am Talk is about tattoos and who wants to get one..Andrew says, he and his brother thought about it, but today the hipsters have tattoos that have no meaning, they just get one to get one..

Talla what’s a hipster?

Gary I’m a hipster… in his next sentence Gary says “a real hipster never says they’re a hipster”..


11:30pm Andrew and Jillian playing chess, while Gary talks over them, just like he was complaining about earlier..


Gary’s rapping.. add wanting to be a DJ to Gary’s wish list of jobs he’d like to do..

Finally Emmett calls Gary on his complaining and wanting silence during his chess game and now he’s going on with his made up rap song..

Jillian wins that round of chess with Andrew..


..Talla wants to play and no one wants to play with her, she gets pissed.. Jillian says, Emmett, “play with her cause shes little”..


Emmett must have the patients of a saint because he gives in and plays chess with Talla.. I’m sure this game will take about 10 mins max..


1:32pm Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more boring.. Talla’s cleaning the oven.. she’s mumbling, omg, I clean..

Andrew walks through the kitchen.. he stops and points out the “self-cleaning” on the oven.. Talla, OMG, hows it work.. Andrew, you push the button…


2:21pm Andrew and Emmett working out..


2:24pm Jillian asks Gary about what he did all night during his 24hr stay up all night task.. Gary says, “I literally walked around all night, cause if I sat down I fell asleep”.. Jillian, like a zombie? Gary, yes.. Jill, are you worried that you didn’t stay up for the whole 24 hrs? Gary, no, cause I believe in the power of glitter..

MANY fans would disagree that Gary stayed up for 24hrs, just as Gary said when he sat down HE FELL ASLEEP..

2:36pm It’s raining outside, so Jillian and Talla are sitting on the stairs.. random conversations, makeup, friends..


Jillian’s called to the DR and Gary joins Talla on the stairs.. random chatter..


2:50pm Talla is rambling about #5 (a guy she dated and may or may not date after the show)..

3:00pm Talla asks Jillian if she sees her and Emmett turning into something huge? Jill, I don’t know about huge, but I definitely see dating him..

Talla to Jillian, “it’s not easy being me”.. [can we get an amen!]

3:07pm Jillian tells Talla she doesn’t think Emmett would take her to final 2, Talla, your crazy right now.. Gary walks up and they start talking about Talla’s #4 and #5 guys at home.. Gary says, were doing goodbye messages..

Jill, so this is over on May 2nd and we’ll be home by May 10th? Gary and Tall say that’s to many days..


Gary wonders if Liza is tweeting about them… [oh boy is she..] he thinks she is, along with Danielle, Suzette, he says, Kat wouldn’t care..

Gary laughs and says Tom, no he won’t tweet, he doesn’t even know how..

Emmett joins them, they’re talking about BB fans that say mean things on social media.. Jillian says, I’m sensitive, I don’t want to read mean things, Gary and Talla agree.. Emmett says, don’t delete comments, just leave them there because they will just add them again..

Emmett tells Gary he should just respond to mean comments by saying, “believe in the power of glitter” and drive them all crazy..


3:38pm Andrew and Jillian in the storage room.. I want it to be us 3 in the final 3.. Jill, I know..

3:50pm Gary is currently “Gerald the pimp daddy”.. he’s insinuating that Jillian is his prostitute..

Andrew asks how many friends Gary had on Facebook, Gary, I don’t have Facebook, to much drama, people were stealing my photos and photo shopping stuff on them, I don’t want the cyber bullying..


Jillian has walked away and Gary says, “all my friends are gorgeous!” Emmett says all the girls are gorgeous in Halifax, he says he can’t wait to get out..

Gary tells Emmett, you just make sure you “wrap” that shit up so you don’t have no bitches saying your my baby daddy..

4:07pm Emmett and Jillian head out to the hot tub..

Emmett quietly says, “you know I was just kidding right?”.. Jill, I’ve said some things too.. Emmett, you don’t even want to know what I was just saying in there” to Gary.. he tells Jill what he was saying about not being able to wait to get out to meet some girls..

They have both been planting little seeds here and there to the houseguests, so it seems that there is a rift between the two of them.. they plan to stage a little something tonight and Jill won’t sleep in the HOH room, so that the other houseguests are left wondering..


Gary did Jillian’s makeup and Emmett prefers less makeup, he likes her with very little makeup..


I cant get over how much Jillian actually looks like Sandra Bullock, especially today..


Gary made chicken wings for everyone.. it’s now feeding time..


Talla just starts dishing them up with not much regard for those who haven’t eaten any yet..


Andrew has wing sauce all over his face and hands..


Talla devouring the wings.. she has a pile of bones on her plate and goes back for more..


5:49pm Jillian is taking off her makeup and Emmett says, you look so much better right now with no makeup, you look healthy..


Wednesday Show Highlights.

Gary says, he’s come back into the house for $100,000 glass of milk, meowww..

Emmett in DR, I’m connected to everyone in this house, I have no enemies and I need to keep it that way..

Andrew in DR, I’ve hitched my horse to the east coast alliance, so giddy-up..

After the nominations Emmett goes to Andrew to touch bases with him..


Emmett touches bases with Gary, Gary in the DR, Emmett wants to keep our alliance under wraps, I’m sick and tired of it, I want our alliance out in the open..


Talla in DR, Andrew your attitude is to negative, me positive!

Houseguests get their “special guest” letter at the front door.. Talla in DR, here’s who I’d love to have come in the house.. Chilltown, Dan, Janelle, Britney, Evel Dick… Any of them…or all of them..

Talla finds the “WHO?” written on the ketchup on the kitchen counter, she jumps up and down, then says…”ohhh, I’m not cleaning that”..

pic (coming soon)

Dan Gheesling enters the Big Brother Canada house + Dan Hosts the POV Competition!

VIDEO: POV Competition “The Price of Veto”!

Now that Gary has won the POV, Talla realizes she better take some of Dan’s advice.. and make a deal with Gary..


Meanwhile, Emmett is watching this all go down in the HOH room.. he has a talk with Jillian, explaining all the reasons why she needs to get even closer to Talla at this point..


During Dan’s 24 hrs in the Big Brother House, he gave each houseguest a task to complete to earn their very own red bandana + Dan meets Marsha the Moose..

VIDEO: Dan’s Red Bandana Tasks + He Meets Marsha the Moose!

Gary starts hearing talk around the house and wants answers from Emmett, he calls him to the have-not room.. Emmett assures him that nothing has changed, they are still going to final 2..


VIDEO: Dan Leaves the Big Brother Canada House + POV Ceremony!

The End..

Dan via Twitch..

Dan answers fans questions on Twitch after the show!

The bracelet Dan left for Emmett was from 1 competitor to another..

Dan, on who he thinks will win this game, Emmett’s played a very solid game..

Who did he bond with the most, Emmett.. but Talla’s fun, Andrew and I had the least in common..


Dan about Talla, if she could pull out a move and possibly get out Emmett, that’s enough for a vote or two..

Dan about Jillian’s best chance, Dan says against Talla..

Dan’s favorite US houseguest is Janelle! She’s a beast..

Wednesday Evening.

BREAKING GARY INJURED: Apparently while we were watching the show, Gary was washing a glass and it broke, he said he got a piece of glass in his eye and yelled for Emmett and Jillian to help.. Gary has been gone and is being seen by a doctor, whether he’s being seen on site or has had to go to a hospital is unclear.. we know nothing at this point and BB has asked the houseguests not to talk about it..

VIDEO: Gary Breaks Glass and Gets Some in his Eye! [Video courtesy of]

7:50pm Andrew and Emmett in the living room.. Emmett casually asks Andrew, how important would be winning 4 HOH’s.. Andrew, I don’t think they look at it that way.. Emmett, how would you look at it? [um Andrew, that's Emmett pretty much telling you, you're going home, did you not catch that?..]

Andrew rambles on about how he thinks it will go down…completely missing the point that Emmett just asked him how he would vote for Emmett or Jillian… ??????


8:20pm Jillian and Andrew in the kitchen while Emmett and Talla are outside chatting.. Andrew wants to know what Emmett has to say to Talla..

He’s doing some ranting..


Jillian invites Andrew upstairs.. they chat, laugh, rant, laugh, chat… Andrew tells Jill, he loves this, wishes they had more chats like this, but Emmett was always nibbling on her neck..


8:35pm Guess who bounces into the HOH and plops in the middle of the bed… Talla.. she’s happy as a bug in a rug.. which likely pisses Andrew off, so he says goodnight and heads to bed..


Emmett climbs in bed with Jillian and their new-found child Talla.. who is bouncing around in the middle of the two of them… Jill says, “Lala I want to punch you in the head right now”… Talla, “ahhhh, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me”..


8:54pm Andrew’s tucked into his bed..on what is likely his last night in the Big Brother house..


Still no sign of Gary.. which can only mean, he likely had to be taken to the ER to thoroughly examine and tend to his eye injury..

Meanwhile in HOH, Jillian and Emmett have been studying… they put off staging their argument, because the argument was for Gary to see and he’s not there..

Emmett kisses Jill and says, “I’ll miss you”.. she heads down to sleep in the main bedroom..

Jill comes back up, says Gary’s not back yet.. BB: “Houseguests please stop talking about production”..that’s not production???

9:59pm Jillian heads back downstairs to the main bedroom, climbs in bed, Emmett plans to come down in a few..


10:01pm Emmett goes downstairs.. Emmett to Jillian, I was only joking… Jiilian, you can only joke so many times until someone takes you seriously.. Emmett, says something else, then alright, see you in the morning..


10:11pm Camera 1 seconds before the feeds go HUSHED… Gary’s back??? We wouldn’t know if he’s back since they cut the feeds..


Option. 1 Gary is back & they are keeping his come back for TV.. Option. 2 Gary can’t come back & BB is explaining.. Option 3 See option 1 or ..

11:30pm Big Brother Canada went with OPTION 1 and HUSHED the feeds so they can save the footage of Gary’s “come-back” for TV.. Feeds are back and Gary is asleep in the have-not room..


All houseguests in bed.. Goodnight all! xo

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