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Typical Tuesday

It’s just another typical Tuesday in the Big Brother Canada house!

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I’m just checking in on the houseguests and Twitter.. and it’s apparent I haven’t missed anything thus far today..

Tuesday Morning.

9:27am Talla, Emmett and Andrew are at or in the hot tub.. not much conversation, none of it is game talk..

Gary’s applying his makeup and Jillian is making a sandwich..


There’s always a chance something excited could happen today.. but please do not hold your breathe!

The houseguests will be on an outdoor lock down any moment..

9:40am Feeds are HUSHED..

9:47am Feeds back and the topic is soda..

Talla asks where’s Gary, Emmett says here he comes I can hear his chains… Andrew, the ole chain gang..

All the houseguests are chillin’ by the tub…random conversation.. music, art, college courses, mascots..

4-23-0950am 4-23-0953am

12:20pm I went outside to enjoy the weather and came back to cross-dressing houseguests!!

Big Brother has had them dress up as another houseguest to take the HOH photos..

  • Talla is Emmett
  • Jillian is Andrew
  • Emmett is Gary
  • Andrew is Talla
  • Gary is Jillian

4-23-1215pm 4-23-1216pm 4-23-1217pm 4-23-1218pm 4-23-1219pm 4-23-1225pm 4-23-1227pm 4-23-1228pm 4-23-1230pm 4-23-1231pm 4-23-1235pm

Talla heads up to HOH to ‘dance’.. looks more like kick boxing, but hey, it’s Talla..

4-23-1236pm 4-23-1241pm

Andrew takes off his skirt…


He needs to put the skirt back on for a group photo and he’s having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction..

4-23-1247pm 4-23-1248pm

Final 5!


Jillian wants Emmett to leave the skin tight pants on with no shirt, she thinks he looks hot!


VIDEO: Houseguests Cross-Dressed As Each Other!

1:33pm Big Brother has given Gary a longer, leaner ‘Billy’ the ball n chain..


3:05pm Gary and Emmett playing chess, Talla and Andrew at the hot tub.. no game talk going on…

…and that’s my cue to head back outside.. it’s sunny and 82 degrees, I’m going to soak it up..

9:00pm I’m back from my absence and apparently, I’ve missed nothing and neither have you, if you’re just checking in!

All the houseguests are in the HOH room, Emmett and Andrew are playing chess.. They did get alcohol, but all that does is make Jillian talk loader and Talla Dance more..

Meanwhile Talla is having a love affair with Talla and the mirror, whilst.. “dancing”… we hear audio of kittens and cats from the other houseguests..Video link below.


VIDEO: Talla Lovin’ Talla Whilst ‘Dancing’!


9:40pm Feeds are HUSHED for no apparent reason.. Emmett was brushing his teeth, Talla was behind the curtain with Jillian while she peed.. ranting in some wannabe gangster voice..

10:20pm Feeds still HUSHED..

10:30pm Feeds still HUSHED.. I’m headed to bed, I’ll check in via Twitter..

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