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Mondays Final 5 POV Ceremony

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Monday Morning.

7:55am Andrew and Emmett playing chess..


9:41am Andrew and his best imitation as frog man..


9:58am Gary, I want to go to final 2.. Emmett, you’re fighting the wrong battle.. Gary, I’m not fighting for final 2.. [uhh he just said he was taking, then he's not ???]

Emmett, you know Jill’s gonna take you, you know I’m going to take you, the only person that you might lose against is Lala..

you think it’s a positive thing for me to send Andrew, I don’t..

Emmett, I couldn’t keep Peter.. I can’t keep Andrew.. Emmett tells Gary that Peter was so mad that he would vote for the toaster oven.. Gary, laughs, he did.. Emmett, yes.. he might vote for Lala..

Gary, no way, you think..

Gary, are you 100% sure it’s mental.. cause I’m conserving my energy for physical.. Emmett, I don’t know.. you never know whats going to happen here.. yesterday we had Dan Gheesling in the house, I’m done guessing at what’s going to happen..

Emmett says lets just make some moves here… thus distracting Gary with the chess game..


Emmett and Gary talk about the Gay Pride Parade in Nova Scotia, Emmett tells Gary he can get him on a float.. Emmett likes to walk around and his brother is on the committee.. Emmett says its the biggest parade in Nova Scotia..

10:28am Andrew and Jillian at the hot tub..

Andrew, I don’t know what Emmett’s thinking.. Jillian, I need to talk to Emmett, he’s scaring me, I don’t know what he’s thinking.. Andrew, I don’t know if Dan put ideas in his head.. Jill, Dan didn’t give me advice..

Andrew, I know he says, he has to do what’s best for his game, but I made this deal to go to the final 3 with you guys..

Andrew, I know I’m taking you to final 2..

Andrew, I told Emmett, just because Dan was here doesn’t mean he has to do some big backstabbing move.. Jill, you told him that.. Andrew, yeah.. Andrew, I just wish it was him sitting in my position and I was HOH..

Andrew, you’ve never been on the block and he hasn’t been on the block since week 1.. now do I need to go to Gary and lie to him.. Jill, do that, try it, you have to do what you need to do to stay..


Jillian heads to HOH..

Emmett, whats up? Jillian shakes her head.. Emmett, Andrews not happy? Jill, no he’s worried after your conversation..

Emmett retells his convo with Gary..

Emmett, I pretty much already told Andrew he’s going home, so don’t sugar coat things..

Jill, do you think Gary is just saying that the jury house loves Andrew to get us to vote him out..

Emmett to Jill, what has he done for me? Jill he didn’t put us on the block twice.. Emmett, its a completely different game now.. Emmett, if Lala is up against Gary, I’m voting for Lala.. Jill, OMG if Lala wins this game I will kill myself..


Emmett, we’re voting for Lala because Gary has lied to us and he’s been saying he fine with $20,000.. Emmett, I might have to take Gary just because you would beat me *laughs*.. Jill, no you won’t they hate me in the jury..

Jill you have Alec and Peter’s vote.. you have Topaz.. Emmett, I put her out.. they argue over who would beat who over who in between kisses… Jill says either way we win..

Jill, and whoever wins the bigger amount, they have to take the other one out all the time.. they both laugh..

Jill, you kept Peter close, I think I’m going to keep Andrew close.. Emmett, go ahead, put it all on me..

Jill, if you don’t take me to the end after all this, I’m coming after you… I’ll tell everyone in the jury Lala was an amazing competitor, shes really a doctor, etc.. I’ll vote for her..


10:56am Andrew and Gary at the hot tub.. I came in mid conversation..

Gary says, I felt like me coming back was like a UK thing.. Andrew, yeah, they’ve never done anything like that in the US..

They talk about some of the twists in previous seasons of US..

Next topic, what they’re going to do right after the show.. Andrews going to vaca in Florida.. Gary wants to spend time with his mom and family.. Andrew, you have to decompress somehow..

Andrew says it was nice of Dan to offer to help us after the show..


11:03am Talla bursts outside….ahhhhh it’s gorge, I definitely need my sun glasses.. Gary’s called to the DR..

Andrew, who do you like more, Dan or the “voice” in your head (the man in the DR she loves..)… Talla, ohhh, uhhh… the voice!!


11:33am Jill asks Gary if he enjoys laying in the sun, do you get benefits from it..

Gary says, yes, I love it.. I have red-black skin so when I tan I get like a cranberry and I love it..


The girls in the storage room touching bases.. Jill says, I’m still doing the girl thing.. Jill, Emmett talked to him this morning..Talla, oh really, he’s (Andrew) been good today.. this is so stressful..


11:47am Jill’s in HOH, she yells at Gary (who can’t hear) “you bug me when you use my polish & never shut it, it’s so annoying”.. she tries thinning her drying out polish with some remover..


3:02pm The feeds are back and Talla has just put something into the oven for dinner, Emmett and Jillian have resumed their chess game, Gary is sitting down with his slop and Andrew is off camera..


Power of Veto Ceremony.

These results should be no surprise… Gary used his POV to remove himself from the block and Emmett nominated Talla for eviction!

Do you #LOVEIT? or #HATEIT?

4:00pm Andrew eating in the kitchen by himself.. Andrew to himself, (Talla yelling something in the background) “how is she still here” *as he shakes his head*…


Talla heads outside to talk to “Henry the Moose”.. known to us as @MargetheMoose!

VIDEO: Talla Talks to Henry the Moose!

4:30pm Andrew joins Talla at the hot tub.. Andrew’s not a happy camper..Andrew, my HOH and veto has meant absolutely nothing, and all the things I said about or to Gary.. he says Gary coming back is going to win the game for one of them..

[..and there's the fact that Gary did NOT fulfill his POV task by staying awake for 24hrs!.. but let's be honest, BBCAN has had selective rule enforcement, had it been Emmett, Emmett would of lost the POV power, if Andrew had taken on the task of staying awake for 24hrs he would have completed the task and been around another week..]


6:05pm Jillian killing her yoga workout once again..


It’s Napping with Talla… while Andrew and Emmett work out..


6:25pm Andrew and Emmett at the hot tub and Andrew is on another rant… hating the fact that Gary is back in the house.. [I agree, but hope Andrew can have today to get over that fact and enjoy the rest of his week, like he suggested Peter do last week..]


8:06pm Gary’s getting ready for bed..then he’s not..

8:15pm Talla’s trying to get Andrew to come outside and join her, he says, to bad, I’m #BUSY.. he’s eating an ice cream while Jill makes a sandwich..

Andrew remembers all Jillian’s sisters names… Jill tells him he has a good memory, Emmett wouldn’t even remember that.. Andrew, I do have some good attributes, like a memory and a personality *laughs*.. Jill, giggles and says, you’re a horrible person.. Andrew, laughs and says, I’m kidding obviously he has a good personality..

Andrew gets called to the DR, when he tries to buzz in, BB says: Andrew stop that.. he says, stop what?? You called me..


8:30pm Andrew and Talla debate over who’s task was harder.. everyone agrees Andrew’s was hard to do..


8:41pm Gary beat Andrew in chess in 2 moves… Andrew says goodnight to everyone, he’s going to bed..

Gary says goodnight to Emmett and Jillian.. he walks off and says “come on Billy”.. Billy is the name of his ball and chain..


8:55pm Emmett looks at the chess board and realizes its NOT checkmate, he goes downstairs to tell Gary and Andrew..


All the houseguests are either in bed or getting ready for bed.. Emmett and Jill running through scenarios while they get ready for bed..

Goodnight All! xo

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  1. ron pitsula says:

    not only is the chess board not correct but the queen must always start off on her own colour. has no one else noticed any of this?

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