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Dan Gheesling Say’s Goodbye + A Prisoner + A Bathroom Attendant

As Gary would say, I’m awake, I’m awake…I’m awake!

I made it until 4:45am PT, woke up at 8:30am.. to find we have a new ‘worker’ in the Big Brother Canada house..

If you missed any of the Dan Gheesling action, his #REDBANDANA tasks just read yesterdays post for all the videos & images!

BLOG: Saturday Surprise + Dan Gheesling in the House!

A Bathroom Attendant!

Jillian must stay in the bathroom and attend all her bathroom patrons with kindness, soap, lotion, a drying towel, bathroom spray and mints!

Talla asks, what’s your name.. Jillian, Franchesca! Talla, so you’re in the pee pee industry? Jill, yes I am…

Dan’s currently in the DR..


Emmett comes to visit Franchesca at work.. Emmett’s exhausted, that was the latest I’ve ever seen Emmett, Jillian or Andrew up the whole season!

4-21-0859am 4-21-0903am4-21-0914am

Gary continues to lie to all the houseguests about how the jury feels about them.. he’s told them that the jury would vote for them in final 2 because they hate Gary for getting voted back in…

He tells the houseguests that Big Brother has said he can’t talk about the jury house, but he told Dan he’s ‘told’ the houseguests that, he could talk about jury if he chose too..


10:08am Dan and Jillian get a chance to have another one on one conversation.. Jillian and Dan are expert whisperers, and the conversation is so hard to hear, I’ll post the video, put your best headphones on and you may possibly hear what they are saying…

I can hear that they are running through scenarios..

VIDEO: Jillian and Dan Another 1 on 1 Convo!


10:23am Dan gets a few moments with Talla before Andrew walks in and says, “I’d like to talk to you, just because I don’t like you, doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to you”.. Talla leaves..


Andrew and Dan finally have some one on one time..

Andrew to Dan, I’m confident in Emmett, I’ve gotten to know him..

Dan to Andrew, you’ve been up twice in 2 weeks by your own alliance, and they had other options.. Andrew, I know, I thought about that..

Andrew rambles some more.. Dan, my advice, your alliance puts you up twice and your still fine *Dan shrugs shoulders*..

Andrew to Dan, I don’t think anyone would vote for Gary in the jury because they’re mad he’s back.. [uhhh think again..]

Andrew continues to ramble over and over vs actually picking brain, running scenarios, etc..

Dan tried to get Andrew to realize he had ‘other’ options, but he just didn’t get it, or chose not too..?


11:11am Dan to Gary, HOH doesn’t matter next week, there’s only 1 vote..Veto is what matters.. Gary, I know.. they briefly run scenarios again..


Dan and Talla do a DR seshh together..

Talla practically skips out of the DR, saying.. “omg do you love it”.. Talla to herself, “OMG I can’t believe I just did DR with Dan… I love my life right now”

11:25am Gary, so what’s going on.. Emmett to Gary, “probably send Lala home”, Gary, why? Emmett, “cause she’s a hot commodity”

11:29am Emmett to Talla, “do you trust me? Andrew, Gary, Jill”.. Talla, “ok”.. Emm, “if you hear something, just chill”..

Talla to herself.. “WTF why am I so confused”..


11:32am Emmett’s a busy lil beaver… he heads back to the bedroom..

Emmett to Gary, “whats good for your game”.. Gary, “whats good for your game”.. Gary, “do you want the blood of Jill on your hands?”

Emmett, “I just want to know where your heads at”.. Gary, “I want to know where your heads out”.. [its obvious neither can trust the other or they wouldn't be going back and forth like two school kids..]

Emmett tells Gary, he has to take Jill to final 3 or he looks bad in the jury..

Gary to Emmett, I’m fine with $20,000, from zero to $20,000 are you kidding.. I can get my dog, I can get an apartment, I can travel.. Gary trying to sell Emmett on why the jury loves him (Emmett)..

Gary to Emmett, I’m sticking to my triangle, you on top, me on 1 corner, Jillian the other corner..

Gary to Emmett, we need to stop these fu-king mind games, as Gary continues to mind fu-k Emmett..


Dan asks Emmett to play chess..

They game talk, go over scenarios, talk real estate and more..Video link below.

Dan has said previously that one gets to know someone by the way they play chess.. we can only assume Dan is doing exactly that with Emmett right now..


VIDEO: Dan and Emmett Game Talk 1 on 1!

1:01pm It’s like deja vu from last night after Talla was once again drunk and passed out on the couch.. the rooster finally crows to wake her up..


1:10pm Andrew, Jill and Emmett waiting for Dan to get out of the DR..they know he’ll be leaving soon..


1:18pm Dan’s just out of the DR, and heads to the bedroom to gather his things… [a sad moment..]


1:20pm All the houseguests gather in the living room.. but before Dan leaves he heads up to HOH, and after using the bathroom, he leaves one of his braclets on the chess board for Emmett to find..


1:21pm Dan has a final goodbye with the houseguests in the living room.. [I attempted to record it, but the feeds are skipping, and pausing horribly..]

Big Brother Game was able to catch a better recording of Dan’s Goodbye message to the houseguests.

Fast forward to 6:55 to hear Dan’s Goodbye to the houseguests!

VIDEO: Dan Gheesling says Goodbye… (video courtesy of @BigBrotherGame)

1:30pm Dan leaves the Big Brother Canada house…


2:54pm Naptime..


3:30pm Emmett to Talla, just play your game.. I will come to you, I will tell you Thursday..

Emmett tells Talla that Jill really trusts her.. Talla says her and I said we’d go to final 4 and then go from there.. Emmett says, the way you’ve positioned yourself, you’re a hot commodity..


4:00pm Emmett has been alone in the hot tub… going through every scenario and conversation he had with Dan..


4:23pm Emmett heads up to the HOH room..

7:15pm Jillian and Emmett playing chess, Emmett’s trying to teach Jillian to think a few moves ahead, he says, every moves a strategic move, think ahead… Andrew’s watching..


Gary’s falling asleep..


FYI I wasn’t home to watch the show tonight.. I’m ending my post early tonight, because I’m running on empty after only 3 1/2 hrs sleep, trying to stay up with Gary..

The lights are dim in the main bedroom, so the houseguests are heading to bed early tonight.. just like me!

Goodnight All! Until tomorrow! xo

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