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Saturday Surprise! Dan Gheesling in the House!

What a crazy day in the Big Brother Canada house!

…and a busy day in my life! So bear with me.. I’m so behind in today’s post, but I have videos & photos galore to post!

2:30pm Dan enters the Big Brother Canada House.

Talla jumps on Dan, he has to hold onto the railing! Video link below.

[REMINDER: Time show is Pacific Time Zone]


VIDEO: Dan Gheesling Enters the Big Brother Canada House!

Dan’s in the house and the houseguests are excited, Talla’s super-duper excited..

4-20-1132am 4-20-1133am

The houseguests give Dan a house tour.. they get cozy in HOH and Dan answers their questions..

4-20-1136am 4-20-1139am 4-20-1145pm

VIDEO: Dan’s Tour of the HOH room + He answers the houseguests questions!

They tell Dan about the telephone, Dan wants to see, Jillian takes Dan to the phone and explains what happens when it rings…


The houseguests spend some time recapping the season with Dan at the memory wall…

4-20-1203pm 4-20-1206pm 4-20-1211pm

Talla of all people, explain to Dan how to play puckball..


Talla gets the first one on one with Dan! Video link below.


VIDEO: Talla’s 1 on 1 with Dan Gheesling!

Gary is the next one to get one on one time with Dan! Video link below.


VIDEO: Gary’s 1 on 1 with Dan Gheesling!

Next up, Emmett and Dan have a lengthy and quiet conversation at the memory wall.. Video link below.


VIDEO: PART 1 Emmett’s 1 on 1 with Dan Gheesling!

VIDEO: Part 2 Emmett’s 1 on 1 with Dan Gheesling (continued..)

12:33pm Feed leak on camera 2, prior to the POV Competition.. the competition is called “The Price of Veto”..

4-20-1233pm 4-20-1251pm 4-20-1305pm

1:12pm Dan asks Emmett about dairy farming, Emmett is an 8th generation daily farmer, he tells him he’s also into real estate, they talk about buying and selling real estate..


Feeds are HUSHED for the POV Competition!

7:53pm I’m back from dinner and the feeds are back from the POV competition… apparently “The Price of Veto” was another ‘how bad do you want it” comp.. and Andrew is sporting a new look!


..and Gary is sporting a new look too! Gary’s also on slop and can’t sleep for 24hrs..


Dan is called to the DR.. when he comes out he tells the houseguests that they will be given individual tasks from him, either public or private to earn their very own red bandana!

7:57pm Talla is first up, she must cannonball in the pool, right now with clothes on! Video link below.


VIDEO: Talla’s Task from Dan!

9:50pm Dan gives Emmett his task in private.. when Dan nods, Emmett must clone what Gary says.. Video link below!


VIDEO: Emmett’s Task from Dan!

9:54pm Dan asks Emmett what he thinks would be a good task for Jill, Dan says, she seems conservative..Emmett suggests he make her start a fight with someone.. Dan likes it!


10:33pm Dan gives Jillian her task.. she has to pour a whole container of juice over her head while dancing in the window.. Video link below.


VIDEO: Jillian’s Task from Dan!

10:43pm Dan tells the story of how he met his wife Chelsea.. next topic, who’s been kissing in the house..


11:01pm Dan’s enjoying his Canadian beer..


11:07pm Talla asking Dan if “he loves it”, “do you love it”.. “busy”.. “conjugal”.. “kidding”.. “busy”.. Dan asks Talla if she says random stuff like this in her normal life..


11:39pm Talla spills her rum and coke on the counter/stove and she literally slurps it off the counter.. #BUSY #DRUNKTALLA..


12:04am I’m sure there’s been a great conversation going on between Dan and Jillian but the live feeds were having AUDIO/VIDEO issues ALL night long! Wrong audio or NO audio on Cam 2,3 & 4..

We we’re watching a silent movie starring Dan and Jillian for quite awhile.. [I have some video that I will upload in the morning..]

Around 12:15am Andrew enters the HOH and breaks up the conversation..


12:29am Dan heads downstairs to give Gary his #REDBANDANA task..


#DRUNKTALLA has literally passed out on the kitchen couch.. Gary has to pour ice water on Talla.. Gary fills up a pot with ice and water and pours it on Talla… she doesn’t even scream.. she sits up.. then grabs the pot, fills it and chases Dan through the backyard… Dan runs up to HOH, then a very drunk Talla barely makes it up the stairs with the pot, knocks and says, hi it’s Talla to Emmett.. then she leans against the door… heads back downstairs after a few moments…

Then she yells “WTF why am I all wet, I’m all wet”.. [I swear!!!..she has NO IDEA how she got wet, so Gary tells her Dan threw water on her... she still doesn't understand why she's all wet]… Video clip below!

VIDEO: Gary’s Task from Dan!

12:42am Dan’s fading fast.. Dan, Gary, Andrew and a barely coherent Talla are in the living room, Talla wrapped in a towel because somehow she got wet..LOL


I love the fact that Dan has not only brought, but is wearing his trusty ole swimming trunks from Big Brother season 10 & 14! #LOVEIT !!!



1:07am PT 4:07am BBT The houseguests all get ready for bed, with the exception of Gary who can’t sleep for 24hrs…

Talla changes in the shower, only she forgets one little detail.. her pants! But it’s okay, she won’t remember a thing come morning..


1:10am I finally caught a #MISTSALUTE!!!! ..and a pant less Talla in the back ground.. haha


1:21am Everyone has headed off to bed and Gary is struggling to stay awake..


1:59am Gary’s having a “BALL” now… hehe


2:09am Gary nodding off… I don’t know what the rules are but Gary has nodded off several times, I have video of it.. and if this were Emmett’s task to stay up all night fans would have already been screaming…. DQ, DQ, DQ!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I really feel bad for Gary, this is painful to watch… but I’m just saying, rules are rules and Gary didn’t have to except this task today during the veto..


2:10am Even the camera man falls asleep…


3:50am Gary’s nodded off again and I believe gotten his 7th or 8th alarm, I lost count..


Honestly if I were Gary, I’d stay upright and clean the whole house…

I gave it my best shot to stay up with you Gary, but its 4:30am Pacific Time and I want to be up to see Dan #MISTING in the morning… Goodnight all!! xo

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