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All That Glitters..Is Back + Marsha the Moose Gives A Task

Just in case you were out of touch or missed last nights show… Canada voted Gary Glitter back into the house!


If you missed our blog updates, spoilers, videos and show highlights from yesterday, click the link below..

BLOG: 1 Eviction + 1 Addition..!

Additionally, if you missed Peter’s Eviction and Exit or would like to re-watch it, click the link below, its worth watching.. it was one of the worst exits I think I’ve ever seen, and once again I was a Peter fan up until recently..

VIDEO: Peter’s Eviction + Exit Interview!

…and before we move on, let us clear up all the ridiculous accusations of Emmett cheating in the HOH competition last night.

Firstly, Big Brother reads ALL THE RULES to the houseguests OFF-camera prior to each competition, we do not have the privilage of hearing every, single word of the rules prior to the competition.

Arisa is then told to read a VERY brief overview of the rules to the houseguests on camera for obvious time contraints, she can’t spend 20 minutes of camera time reading us the rules.

Last night Arisa said, “there’s only one possible solution, you can move the pieces around as much as you need to, just make sure the colored side is always facing you”… she reiterated “there is only 1 solution to the puzzle”.. what this meant is, when your puzzle is complete, ALL pieces must be colored side up. immediately took to social media saying Emmett cheated because as he was placing a piece he flipped it over, realized it was wrong, flipped it back over, then puts it back on the shelf, the piece in question never even gets attached to the board, video clip below..

VIDEO CLIP: HOH Competition “Brick by Brick”.. NO Cheating

Enough of that, let’s move on to today!

Friday Morning.

The luxury item of the day is a massage recliner!


6:54am Gary to Talla, I feel blessed to be back in the house and get a second chance.. he tells Talla he thinks Canada voted him back because they saw he was an honest player.. Talla implies she has also been honest..


7:04am Talla and Andrew talking poolside.. the topic is how it sucks that they worked hard to get to 4 and now it’s 5 again..


7:10am Jillian joins them..


8:53am Gary and Jillian random chat about jury house, what they are thinking, what’s gone on in the house, etc..


9:17am Jillian tells Talla Emmett plans to put up Gary and Andrew.. Talla, really? the milkman really does love me.. Talla to Jillian, Andrew does have a really good chance at winning.. Jill, that’s what Gary said they were talking about in the jury house.. Talla, really..


9:25am Talla at the hot tub alone..Talla to herself, “that makes me so happy”.. then she starts whispering to herself, with a deep sigh every once in awhile..

Talla starts counting, and says out loud “11 days with no smoking”..


9:42am Andrew and Emmett in the HOH, they just finished a game of chess.. they both agree playing chess really passes the time… Emmett,

Emmett tells Andrew, I want to put you up.. Andrew, you prick.. Emmett, who would you put up.. Andrew, Gary and Talla.. Emmett, I want to be protected by Jill..

Andrew, I understand, you don’t need to explain, but expect me to be a little cranky about it.. Emmett, nothing has changed, this is just my opportunity to keep myself safe.. you have to win POV..

Andrew, if I go home, it doesn’t matter.. if we play the pawn game and I go home.. Emmett, explains why he doesn’t think its “the pawn game” anymore at this point..

Andrew, I just hate how Talla dances around like this, it fucking pisses me off..Emmett, I know Jill and Talla have a thing.. Andrew, I hope not..

Andrew, and maybe you’re trying to get me out and that’s ok.. Emmett, I’m just trying to protect myself the best I can..


10:01am Talla enters the HOH, she asks if she can have some of his protein and why is Andrew so upset.. Emmett, we’ll talk later… Talla, okay cause he’s down there huffing and puffing, Emmett, just leave him alone.. Talla, ok, can I have some protein, is that ok.. Emmett, it’s ok if I say it is..*smiles*


Talla leaves, Emmett tells Jillian what he and Andrew talked about..

Emmett to Jillian, he’s mad at everything, he’s mad he’s going up, he’s mad Gary’s back..

Emmett, you have to keep Lala on our side and keep her away from Gary.. Jill, mm hmm.. I sometimes wonder if we should get rid of frikken Lala.. Emmett, why.. Jill, I don’t know..


Jill, so if Andrew wins POV, then Lala goes up, and we vote Gary out?

10:45am Gary is cooking up a storm.. Talla is watching.. Andrew is somewhere in the house cranky and Emmett and Jillian are in the HOH dozing off, BB wakes them..


10:53am Andrew goes up to HOH to pee, not sure why he didn’t just pee in the main bathroom ?? He asks to have some of Emmett’s protein and heads downstairs..

Andrew makes a shake, then heads outside, Talla asks him what he’s doing and he just keeps walking, she asks again, he continues to walk outside…

11:10am Gary’s meal is complete..pasta, salad..


11:17am Gary tells Jillian that everyone is talking about her and Andrew in the jury house..Jill, really.. Gary, they respect the fact that you got them out..

Gary, but I’m not going to give that information to Andrew to try and cheer him up..

Gary that’s the word, you have street cred in the jury house.. its very likely Gary is just blowing smoke up Jillian’s bumm..

11:25am Talla and Andrew at the hot tub, just general chatter about grills, food, eating…


11:40am Talla’s called to the DR and guess what… Marsha the Moose talks to Talla and gives her a mission!!

I captured her conversation with Marsha on video, check out the video link below!

VIDEO: Talla Gets A Secret Mission!

Marsha tells Talla she has a secret mission for her…how do you feel about that?

Talla, I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m talking to a Moose and I think I’ve lost my marbles, but I’m so excited, I get to do a mission..

Marsha, your mission is to host a 1 hr talk show called “Talking with Talla” in the living room, how do you feel about that?

Talla, I feel so excited, I’m so pumped, I don’t know what my topics gonna be..

Marsha, so here are the rules..

Talla, okay..

Marsha, you must start the show with a 2 min monologue..

Talla, whats a monologue?

Marsha, okayyyy, uhh .. well you just have to talk about yourself for 2 minutes

Talla, okay, okay..

Marsha, and you must interview the houseguests one at a time..

Talla, okay

Marsha, find out 1 interesting thing about each houseguest that you didn’t already know, and you must respond with “I did not know that”..

Talla, okay

Marsha, asks her to practice..

Talla, “I did not know that”..

Marsha, that’s perfect Talla.. also your show must last 1 hour long and make it good girl, don’t make me cancel you..

Talla, I won’t, don’t worry, you’ll love it Marsha..

Marsha, if you succeed you win a reward for the entire house, if you fail, you’ll have to tell the houseguests you failed..

Marsha, you can’t tell anyone about this..

Talla, shakes head, I won’t it’s our secret.. friends forever?

Marsha, friends forever Talla..

Talla, jumping up and down, yayyyyyyyyyyyy

Talla, love you Marsha..

Marsha, shhhhhh, it’s a secret..

Talla, ohh, whoops..

Marsha, go in the DR and check out the rules..

2:30pm Feeds are back…

Emmett, Andrew and Jillian working out.. Gary asleep in the hammock.. Talla has her feet in the hot tub!


2:30pm The doors open and Talla sprints across the yard and waits for the door to open… she squeals with delight..

VIDEO: Talla Successfully Completes Her Task!

The houseguests win a “Festive Night of Talla-Tini’s”..


2:38pm Big Brother Confirms Emmett did NOT cheat!

2:42pm They houseguests have groceries! Talla is so excited!


2:52pm Talla devours a taco…


2:57pm Talla and Gary are already going at it over dishes.. Gary’s in a mood and I’m not sure why, he’s one lucky houseguest!


3:15pm Talla-Tini’s being poured!




Andrew devours his bacon-nator and loves every minute of it!


3:45pm Gary’s still bitching about his earlier “talk” with Talla about cleaning and dishes… Gary says, I just let things go as he continues to go on about it…

Gary and Andrew both discuss their “blow-ups” with Talla..

Andrew explaining the tooth brushing POV competition and Emmett’s DQ and blow up..


Andrew’s bacon-nator has belly-bombed.. he says it was a double patty with 5 pieces of bacon, & extra cheese.. he’s sitting on the kitchen couch groaning..says, he’s going to yak or poo..

4:11pm Emmett and Jillian taking a bath, they’re talking about friends and family..

4-19-1610pm 4-19-1612pm

5:38pm Andrew is just finishing up his salad for the “family” dinner tonight.. Emmett and Jillian are napping..


6:37pm Talla dancing and rocking out in the HOH room by herself..

4-19-1836pm 4-19-1837pm

She stops long enough to sip on her Talla-Tini, then it’s back to dancing..


8:40pm The houseguests have finished dinner, Emmett is in the DR and they’re a bit tipsy, getting louder by the minute..


8:45pm Andrew and Jillian in the HOH, Andrew is fired up, he’s not happy about being put on the block as a pawn again..they have both had a couple drinks.. so they’re loudly talking…


9:00pm Jillian and Emmett discuss not putting Andrew on the block… Emmett tells Jill, I want options at the end of the week, that’s why I’m doing this… Jill, okay..

Emmett to Jillian, its not the nice people that make it to the end of this game… Jill, oh my shit life, I hate this..


They decide to play a game of chess… Jill, hey Emmett.. Emmett, yeah?.. Jill, milkman, milkman… *they laugh*


Andrew, Gary and Talla at the dining room table, they’re tipsy and loud.. they call to Emmett and Jillian, they want to know if Emmett’s going to drink his drink..

9:08pm OMG Gary, settle your kettle… Gary *laughs* OMG bitch did you just tell me to settle my kettle….haha


9:21pm Random chatter around the table… shockingly Talla is the most sober 1 of the 4 drinking..


10:45pm Talla and Gary in the pool..Gary’s rapping, Talla’s dancing to his rap..


10:54pm Emmett goes to bed, says goodnight to Talla…

Goodnight All! xo

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  1. Lucas says:

    An honest player? Are you kidding me Gary? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? After you made a deal with Tom and then backstabbed him? You can say you’re popular, people love you all that. but DO NOT say you’re honest you lying sack of elephant feces!

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