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Thursday 1 Eviction + 1 Addition [Spoiler]

5 Houseguests left, 1 eviction + 1 addition = 5 Houseguests left!

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s show! Order pizza, busy snacks and get ready for a PowerShift Twist that is surely going to cause some drama in the Big Brother house tonight!

American viewers join us here at 7pm PT to watch tonights show stream live!

If you missed last nights episode, catch up by clicking the link below:

As of this morning, Jillian is going to vote to evict Peter and Peter is seemingly resolved to his fate, he started packing early this morning..

Don’t be fooled by Peter’s “poor me” act on last nights show or late last night on the feeds, Peter is an actor and is still hard at work, working for Canada’s Favorite Player vote… if he is your favorite then by all means vote for him when the time comes, but not because Peter went on national TV saying, he’s never mattered, he’s never had any pride, etc, etc..

In case you didn’t catch it on last nights show, Peter didn’t want a video message from his family, because then he would have to act like he didn’t care..

Today’s luxury item was for Jillian, a red dress, earrings and a clutch… Jillian is thankful, but later says, she’s not sure she’s going to wear it.. [it's not quite Jillian's style, it has spaghetti straps and a low cut neckline, which isn't exactly her proven style during TV episodes, she is more conservative..]

Thursday Morning.

I’m just checking in on the houseguests, Talla and Jillian are at the hot tub.. nothing new is being said.. just girl power and Jillian saying she’s not sure she’ll take Emmett to the final 2..


Talla and Jillian head inside, coffee time, Andrew and Emmett are in the kitchen.. Emmett’s in a somber mood.. he and Peter had briefly talked earlier, Peter had told Emmett he would give him his vote.. Emmett suggested they act as if they are upset…

Andrew is chipper and up to his normal quick wit and unlimited facial expressions..


Emmett heads out to the hammock, Jillian, Andrew, and Talla in the kitchen, Peter packing..

Some random chat, then Talla says, you know how I never complete my sentences [yes we do], well Peter made it sound like I said more in 5 minutes more then I could ever say…

Andrew says, I would just be resolved to the fact that I was going home and enjoy my time here..


Talla says, I have to go to the washroom, Andrew come talk to me while I poo… Andrew says, ah every little boys dream.. Talla says hurry, its coming, it hurts…

They both run upstairs, Andrew says, let me pee first… Talla, hurry, it’s coming, OMG, OMG, my stomach, hurry…as she runs back and forth doubled over..


Talla sits down and because she’s still talking, they leave her mic on…Talla, OMG that came out of me, oh that’s not good, ahhhh that’s better, ohhhhh, double flush… ohh that’s better..


She heads out to find Andrew listening to music… he stands up and starts dancing, Talla is laughing at him..

They head downstairs… Talla, I think I lost 2lbs with that poo..


10:11am Andrew and Talla in the have-not room… Andrew is telling her to be calm…apparently Talla wants to confront Peter.. Andrew, why.. just lay down and be quiet… or I’m going to self-evict..


Peter to Emmett, watch Andrew, he’s good at keep those girls entertained..Emmett, I’m running out of steam Pete.. Peter, I know..

Peter to Emmett,  “I would vote for the coffee maker or Andrew, over those girls”.. [Peter has said repeatedly that "he respects the game to much".. awesome way to respect the game Peter you so called 'love so much'..]

10:45am Jillian heads to the main bedroom to confront Peter about some of the things he’s said.. [I have to give it to Jillian, she actually isn't afraid to talk it out with Peter, many others would ONLY talk behind their backs..] she has some tears and Peter brings up Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling again..

Peter has quite an indifferent attitude, says some off the wall things, at some point they both appologize for one thing or another.. its worth watching, video link below!

NEW VIDEO: Jillian & Peter Talk It Out!

At the end of this conversation, Peter instructs Jillian to NOT stand up when he’s leaving, he’s saying his goodbyes now and doesn’t want anyone standing up for him or hugging him.. [he's apparently planning his "final act" of his performance..] he says, he’s told Emmett what he’s doing..

11:01am Peter feels the need to stop at the memory board and rearrange his and Andrews photo..


Peter repeats his post eviction desires to Andrew, “cheese pizza, garlic bread from Pizza Hut, a Coke, his music and lesbian porn”.. [lesbian porn??..]

Next topic… where the jury house is..


12:04pm Talla’s getting ready.. [apparently the stress is not fairing well on Talla's complexion..]


Not soon after the feeds are HUSHED for the day!

During feed outages bloggers/fans hit the internet to dig up houseguest information.. today was no exception!

During this past week Peter has mentioned on several occasions, ” coming in 5th again”.. so our friend Dingo at went to digging and guess what she found…
Peter was on a contestant on a controversial series “Steroids Saved My Life”!

I attempted to watch some of it, but, well you take a look for yourself. I will say after watching a portion of the video, Peter has been acting his way through the season, pretending to be weak and naive when it comes to working out..

Good find Dingo!!

Thursday Eviction Spoiler + Show Highlights.

+ The Evicted Houseguest is…
…in a vote of 2-0 Peter was evicted from the Big Brother house!
No Head of Household as of the end of the show.. [see below]
Next Week Dan Gheesling will be entering the Big Brother house for a “Sleep Over”.

Peter and Emmett at the hot tub, Emmett tells Peter he needs to talk to Jillian..

Peter, she swore on her life that she would keep me..

Jillian in DR, keeping Peter is good for Emmett’s game, but keeping Peter is not good for my game..

Jillian in DR, so Emmett and I are at a crossroads.. she tells Emmett, keeping Peter is better for your game, and keeping Talla is better for my game..

Peter the DR.. I need to pretend to help other people to actually help myself..  I need to cause as much chaos as I possibly can..

Talla in DR, I have no idea what Peter is doing right now, but why, he doesn’t want to help me..

Peter in DR.. next I have to talk to the resident HOH, Jillian..

Jillian in DR, Peter’s just given me some information that’s making me second guess part of my alliance..


Peter in DR, I have to put fear in her (Jill) so that she takes me and Emmett..

Jill in DR, it made sense, it kinda made me think about keeping Peter..

Peter and Emmett talk about his talk with Jillian..


Jill in DR.. Peter has given us alot of new information, and we have to figure out what’s best for OUR game..

Guest Skype’rs.

Rachel [missed what she said, I will fill in the blank later tonight]

Hayden It’s gotta be Jillian or Peter that have played the best game..

Ian, I’d like to hang out with Peter and eat chicken nuggets..

Janelle I don’t think Peter has done anything in the game, so he needs to go home..if I had my wish I’d want Jillian to win..

Ian’s routing for Peter or Andrew..

Rachel, lets do a Canada/US version that would be AMAZING!

The Eviction + Exit Interview.

VIDEO: Peter’s Eviction + Exit!

Visit to the Jury House.

VIDEO: A Visit to the Jury House!

Juror Returns to the Game.

VIDEO: Canada Votes + Gary Returns to the Big Brother House!

Head of Household Competition “Brick by Brick”


The End..

Thursday Evening.

Emmett is the NEW Head of Household!

8:34pm Talla and Andrew at the pool, neither are happy.. Andrew says, well were going up on the block..

Meanwhile in the HOH.. Jillian I was so happy, I was just really proud of you!

Emmett, you looked mad, I was looking at you during the competition.. Jill, I was just unhappy we got set-back a week in the game..

Jill, I can’t believe he’s back in the house.. Emmett, this is a negative for them but can be a positive for us.. no one is going to vote for Gary, because he was already out of the game and Canada voted him back..they aren’t going to vote for him..

Jill, I’m just going to keep quiet so Lala doesn’t have a panic attack..


8:45pm Gary enters HOH, “there’s pieces of me everywhere, it’s like I never left”.. Jill, we still find glitter when we vacuum..

Emmett received a chess board in the HOH room..


8:52pm Gary, I was 100% honest with you guys.. Alec says, you hate me, and you were playing me from the beginning.. Gary says, I told him I didn’t want to talk about game anymore and ran down and watched Sex in the City..


Gary, I’m just glad you don’t hate me cause Alec told me you hated me.. but Topaz told me you said you missed me in the house..

Gary says, I’m not gonna lie, Andrew can’t go far in this game, they like him..

Emmett did you see Talla in that comp, she looked like a 3 year old putting things on the fridge..

Jillian is telling Gary all that went down with Topaz…


Emmett, Gary, were the only ones that are happy you’re here.. Jill, that’s the first thing Emmett said..were happy you’re here… Gary, we can go to final 3 together… we know..

Gary, Peter’s a dick, I wasn’t going to vote for him..

Gary to Emmett/Jillian, I just think Andrew needs to go home this week, this is his week..

Emmett to Gary, you’re going on the block with Andrew, I can’t stress enough how much we need to win the veto..Gary, I know..


Emmett tells Gary if he or Jillian win HOH, he’ll probably leave him on the block.. Gary, wait why..

Emmett to Gary, I’ll take you to the final 2 over Jill “because I think I can beat you, not because I like you better!”.. but stop saying that shit (Gary had said, that bitch needs to go home) around her (Jillian) or you’re going home.. she’s a vote, it’s like I’m playing with a 3 year old.. your ass is going home if you say one more gawd damn word!


Jillian is telling Gary about the 3 part Veto competition that Andrew won.. Gary so the next one is going to be like crazy..


Emmett’s called to the DR… Gary, so I’m going on the block in case you didn’t hear.. I’ll never put you on the block..

The vibe in the house last night was “team Andrew”..

At some point Andrew and Talla slipped off to bed in the have-not room…

Gary, they would vote for you to win because they’re all pissed at me for getting voted back in anyway..I kinda want to walk around here like a bitch and tell these mother fuckers how much I don’t like them for lying to me and voting me out.. Emmett, I don’t care what you do.. Gary, then you’ll be that much closer to winning.. I don’t care about the $100,000, I’ll take the $20,000..

Emmett, do me a favor, don’t say anything around Jill.. Gary, you mean game.. Emmett, no, about you and me, final two.. Gary, okay..

10:05pm Gary says goodnight…So, for right now, we just keep our same thing going with Andrew and Talla.. Jillian you know what.. Emmett, what.. Jill, you’re taking me to the final 2 or we can’t be friends anymore..

Emmett, if Andrew wins veto, we send Gary, do you think.. Jill, yeah..Emmett, or do we send Talla.. Jill, I don’t know anymore..

Jill, you did really good tonight, I was so proud of you..

I’m going to end on that note and watch the news, I can’t believe what’s going on in the world this week!!

 Goodnight All! xo

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