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Wednesdays Hockey Scores + Show Highlights

..and the luxury item of the day is… wait for it, wait for it…. hockey scores, oh happy day #SARCASM intended..

Although I realize that hockey scores may be important to some, this will add ZERO excitement to the Big Brother house… and in fact they’re already over it, like an old newspaper..

Image courtesy of @WytchyD via Twitter!

Image courtesy of @WytchyD via Twitter!

You’ll want to be sure to watch tonight’s show!…

…tonight they will air this weeks visit from Andrew’s twin brother Pete, video/audio? messages from other family members, cheerleaders and a sumo wrestler! Join us at by clicking the link below..

American viewers join us here at 6pm PT to watch tonights show stream live!

Wednesday Morning.

7:05am Jillian’s just finishing up her makeup, Emmett is waiting for her so they can head out to the hot tub…[these two are like an ole married couple and I'm not gonna like, I find it cute..]


Emmett’s checking out her eye makeup.. he says, you don’t need any makeup you’re pretty without it..*collective awwww*


Emmett and Jillian head out to the hot tub, Peter and Andrew join them…topic of conversation… Canada’s favorite hosueguest, whether or not BBC will have one, how much money they will win if they do… they all decide to bet on who they think would win.. the loser(s) will have to take the winner out to dinner..

  • Andrew says, himself because I’d like to take you all to dinner…*laughs*
  • Peter says, Gary
  • Jillian says, Talla
  • Emmett says, Peter


Jillian’s starts giggling, she says, you really do look like Jimmy Neutron… [I say, absolutely!.. LOL]


Talla has been farting all throughout the kitchen, disgusting everyone within smelling range…

Andrew says, you’re rancid… as he attempts to fan the smell away..


10:04am Talla outside tanning as she says..


10:15am Andrew joins Talla at the hot tub…

Talla to Andrew, “do I get to do a bye message”, Andrew, of course, Talla, to who? myself? Andrew, yes, to yourself.

10:32am Andrew says, 5 more minutes of this and I’ll have a big ole blister on my face..


Peter, Jill and Emmett in the kitchen, Andrew’s out of the DR… Peter says, Talla’s face down floating in the hot tub, I don’t know what that means..Andrew that’s fine, we’ll check on her in 4 hours if her face looks like slop, she’s good… Jill, you guys are so mean… *they all laugh*


Andrew heads to the have-not room to lay down, Talla is asleep on the chaise lounge outside.. Peter wants to know where her head is for tomorrow and if body language is any indication.. Jillian isn’t really into this conversation…


Peter, “I swear to you on my life, that Andrew will win, I swear to you”.. Emmett’s out of the DR and Talla wakes up, walks through the kitchen, temporarily breaking up the convo..

Peter, I swear to you, I want to be final 3 with you guys..I swear to you, I swear..I would never turn my back on you..Andrew wins against any of us..”he is the one I want out of this game”.. [then Peter should have won HOH and gotten him out himself..]

Peter, I gave my word to two people in this game, Alec and Emmett, and through Emmett, you..

Peter, “she will understand, she will hold no grudge”..”I’ve always had your back, I’ve always had your better interest in mind”..

Jillian, in the same sense, I know if its me Talla and Emmett in the finals, if Talla won, she would take me to final 2, you would take Emmett.. Peter, it’s a long way to the end, I would think about who I have the best shot at beating..

1:00pm Peter and Talla at the hot tub… Peter to Talla, do you believe standing in front of 7 people, you would win ?? Talla, uh, well, um, that’s a good question..feeds cut..

1:27pm Peter, Andrew and Talla at the hot tub random chatter… Emmett and Jillian napping in the HOH..


1:52pm Peter, I talked to Emmett this morning, and his thought process is, he wants the best competitors to the end. I hope that you’d feel the same.. I would work with you and be loyal to you if you keep me..

Andrew, I appreciate that, I’ve made certain promises in the game that I don’t want to go back on… Peter, and that’s to Talla..Andrew, yes..

2:30pm Jillian and Talla try to talk privately but keep getting interrupted… Andrew joins the conversation, they all discuss Peter’s campaigning today and Talla starts to get all wound up… no blogger can transcribe Talla.. so I posted a video link below..

NEW VIDEO: Jillian, Talla and Andrew Talk About Peter!

2:44pm Jillian, Andrew and Jillian go downstairs and continue this conversation.. well Peter’s campaigning today, has now blown up in his face.. the 3 of them have now compared their conversations..

Peter told Talla she couldn’t compete against Jillian in endurance, he told Jillian that Talla could beat her in an endurance..  while all true.. they are using it to fire each other up against him..

3:15pm Not a thing going on in the Big Brother house at the moment.. they’re bored, we’re bored…

Talla clears the couch with one of her nasty farts…


4:06 pm Andrew making fun of Emmett & Jillian’s makeout video to Emmett, Emmett’s laughing…

Andrew, “you’re just honking her tits”..


Peter trying to talk Talla into NOT going back to smoking, Pete says, she can save that money and buy clothes..he makes Talla say, “I am a NON smoker”..

Emmett says, the majority of guys who don’t smoke, don’t want to date a smoker..


4:46pm Emmett joins Jillian in HOH and she’s considering calling everyone out right now, to determine whether Peter or Talla is lying to her so she can decide who’s going home… Emmett is leaving the decisions all up to her and then he will go from there.. video link below!

NEW VIDEO: Jillian Considers Calling Everyone Out!

Andrew joins them in HOH and Jillian asks to speak to Andrew alone.. Emmett exits and Jillian questions Andrew.. video link below!

NEW VIDEO: Jillian Questions Andrew!

We’ve gone from Peter leaving, to Talla leaving, to Peter leaving…

Wednesdays Show Highlights.

Andrew is annoyed, he heads outside for fresh-air, he’s upset with Jillian because she put him up as a pawn..

Jillian talks to Talla to be sure if she wins the POV, she needs to keep the nominations the same..


Talla says, I have Jill’s back one hundred million percent and I know she has mine too..

Andrew venting to Emmett in the hot tub, he’s pissed about Jillian’s nomination speech..


Power of Veto Competition

As they break for a commercial Big Brother says, they are currently reviewing the tapes for an infraction…

VIDEO: Power of Veto Competition “Sleep Tight with the POV”

A sumo wrestler, cheerleaders, and visits the Big Brother house! …and the houseguests receive video messages from home! Video link below!

VIDEO: Sumo wrestler, Cheerleaders, Andrew’s twin brother + Video messages from home!

Andrew and Jillian shake on a ‘fake’ final two deal… Jillian in the DR, once again this game is turning me into a liar..

Andrew, Jillian and I final 2..

Power of Veto Ceremony.

Andrew uses the Power of Veto on himself, Jillian nominates Talla for eviction..

VIDEO: Power of Veto Ceremony

Wednesday Evening.

7:11pm Emmett to Jill, what do you think? Jill, I don’t have a chance in hell at winning this game..

Jill, it’s mostly guys in the jury house and guys don’t like to be beaten by a girl..

…if I’m sitting in that jury house I will build a case for you, I’ll lay it out so a 4 year old can understand it… Jill, you won’t be in the jury house, we’re going to be in final two… Emmett, I hope so..


Talla runs up to HOH to rant to Emmett and Jillian whether they want to hear it or not.. its apparent that Emmett does NOT want to hear it..

Jillian explains what Peter was trying to do early by trying to get Talla to say things to use against her so he could say he wasn’t lying… Jill, snaky, snake… Emmett gets called to the DR and he’s probably thanking his lucky stars!


Andrew and Talla have gone to bed..

8:35pm For the first time Peter decides to talk to Canada..he’s laying in the hammock swinging… pretty much working Canada for pity votes for Canada’s Favorite Player… only Canada isn’t that stupid…. Peter says, “my biggest pet peeve stupid people”..

…”and now I have to explain to a bunch of people, why I lost, and I don’t have a good answer”..

…”I suppose I hope Emmett wins”.. I would vote for Talla over Andrew, because that would be hilarious..

…”well tree, if I’m here tomorrow night, you’re not going to be the only one surprised, I can tell you that much”..

Peter gets up, heads to the bedroom and climbs in bed..

8:52pm Emmett asks Jillian, whats your favorite thing about me? Jill, ummm, ummm your eyes…

Emmett you know what I like about you? Jill, what? Emmett, I like that you always ask me if I want something to eat, you always look out for me..

Emmett and Jillian start practicing the order of events..


..and that ends today’s updates…until tomorrow!

Goodnight All! xo

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  1. Lucas says:

    “something Peter says” [I really hate Peter] “something Peter says” [I really hate Peter] “something Peter says” [I really hate Peter] “something Peter says” [I really hate Peter] “something Peter says” [I really hate Peter] “something Peter says” [I really hate Peter] “something Peter says” [I really hate Peter] “something Peter says” [I really hate Peter]

    There’s all your updates for the next week Julie, now go shopping and spoil yourself. ;)

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