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Published on April 16th, 2013 | by Julie


Badminton Anyone..

 Just checking in on the houseguests.

The luxury item of the day.. badminton.

7:13am I’ve tuned in just in time to hear Emmett telling a story about a bobcat attacking his doggie..

Emmett and Andrew talk about the different types of wild cats.. Talla, why are there so many different kinds of cats..Andrew, uh why is the sky blue, why do birds sing..


Jillian and Emmett head out to the hot tub..Jillian’s giving him a manicure.. Emmett, and what’s the point of this..Jillian, its like flossing, it’s hygiene..


7:32am We can hear Andrew heading down the outer hallway to join Emmett and Jillian, he says, “it’s following me and driving me crazy”.. we hear Talla, “dudeeeeee, dudeeee”… Andrew, I’m right here..

Talla, oh my gosh if we go camping.. Andrew, if we went camping, 4 would go in and only 3 would come back..


Jillian is called to the DR, Peter says, they just told me to come outside..

Andrew to Talla, “how long could you hold your breathe under this water, with my hand on the back of your head”..

Talla, OMG the moose is gonna come alive.. Andrew, I hope so, “TAKE ME FIRST, jam your antlers into my head”..


Andrew is called to the DR..

Peter starts to tell animal horror stories, bear attacks, shark attacks…

They’re getting ready for an outdoor lock down..

8:02am Talla is going to commentate the badminton game..


They’ve created a ‘badminton court’ with towels..


Peter is using his feet to measure out the court..

4-16-0810am4-16-0814am 4-16-0816am

They all head out to the hot tub area except for Andrew… random chatter, their bills, their cell phones, being on slop..

Emmett to Talla, you’re like a wind up toy that never stops.. Peter, she is… they all head back to the backyard..


8:52am Andrew says, he has to pee already…Jill and Emmett playing badminton, Talla laying on the couch..


Tuesday Evening.

6:48pm Early today Jillian told Talla to condition her hair with avocado and egg mixture, Talla says, her hair smells.. Jillian says, I was just joking when I told you to do that…

Talla has a mortified look on her face.. Peter says jokingly, this poor girl is on slop and you played a joke on her..


Jillian’s laughing… Talla, you’re joking right???..  Jillian, yes I’m joking..they’re all laughing..


Talla, “what is that horrible smell”..Peter, “thats what we say to you everyday”.


7:03pm It’s Puckball time.. Peter and Talla vs Emmett and Jillian… and Peter and Talla lose..


7:35pm Andrew has the SLOPpy GRUMPies..big time…. he’s tired, he’s hungry, he says he’s cranky..


NEW VIDEO: Jillian “Auditions” to be a Cheerleader.

Jillian squats with Talla on her shoulders, lifts her to cheer from her shoulders… [impressive!..]


8:04pm Peter and Emmett working out..


8:12pm Andrew asks Jillian if he told her what he’s going to buy with his Brick gift card… she says, yes, a washer, dryer, dishwasher, TV, stove and a bed..


8:22pm Everyone’s left the room… Talla to herself.. “Oh my gawd, what if I go home this week.. fail!”..


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