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Monday with a Cherry On Top + POV [Spoiler]

There is a light at the end of the 72hr tunnel!

The housemaids have almost fullfilled their fun-filled 72 hours of servant-hood, a task in which Andrew is surely glad is almost over, since he has withstood most of the work around the house!

The haves received another luxury item… a deck of playing cards!

REMINDER CANADIANS: Tomorrow is the last day to vote for the jury member you would like to see return to the Big Brother house!

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Day 3 ..and another re-run of the “Emmett & Jillian Makeout Show”…


Image courtesy of @WytchyD on Twitter!

6:06am Emmett and Peter showering..


Meanwhile, outside Talla looks to be half asleep still and complaining she doesn’t feel good, her stomach hurts..


Andrew attemtps to explain to Talla what “fuck” stands for.. [oh lawd..] he says, “for unlawful carnal knowledge”.. and of course Talla asks whats ‘carnal’ means…


Andrew heads inside to get the fresh slop, he looks inside the bucket and says, oh look at that, a cherry on top.. she must have requested a cherry on top..


He goes outside to ask Talla if she requested anything special with her slop.. Talla, what do you mean, Andrew, come in to see for yourself.. Talla, why..



Talla says, “somethings up, I don’t trust it”.. (the cherry)


Andrew is busy making a snack for Peter and Emmett..

Talla’s on the kitchen couch next to Peter…she says, Andrewwww I don’t feel good could you pour me some chocolate milk.. Andrew “sure how about friday or a little past NEVER!”

Talla “I’m weak, I’m tired, I don’t feel good, my eye hurts”..

Andrew gets fed up and throws a slop shake together and takes it to her..

Talla, mmm this is good, what’d you do..Andrew, “I have a special recipe, SLOP & WATER!”

6:36am Peter enjoys his peanut butter toast and yogurt..


6:36am Andrew, Talla and Emmett outside… Andrew and Talla are talking about weighing themselves… Andrew says, I’ve weighed myself before and after a shit and lost 1#.. he looks at Talla and says and yours weigh 3#’s because your full of shit!.. [LOLL]


6:44am Jillian enters the kitchen, calling for a servant… Andrew asks how may I serve you.. she asks for coffee and water please..


Andrew, she (Talla) is one of the most self-absorbed people I know.. Peter, in an adorable kind of way.. Andrew, most of the time.. They agree Gary was the most self-absorbed people ever.. they discuss how he didn’t care about anyone else, he ate all the food without consideration for anyone else..


8:42am Peter requests ice water from Talla, Emmett asks for a ham and cheese sandwich with pickles.. Talla, wait, what, pickles on the side.. Emmett, no inside please..

Talla says, “I’ll just be cooking away in the kitch, while you guys play cards”..

Talla goes in to change her shirt, she walks in and says, “Hi bedroom, long time no see, I’m busy and on slop, I know, FAIL”..


8:55am Jillian heads outside to paint her nails, get fresh air and sunshine.. Andrew is in the hot tub.. Peter and Emmett playing cards in the living room..


Just random chat at the hot tub… current topic body hair.. Andrew, I wouldn’t let her (Talla) anywhere near my crotch.. [LOL]..

9:08am Peter and Emmett play cards and eat..


9:33am Random chat poolside..


9:50am Peter.. worn out after playing cards..


Jillian giving the housemaid a pedicure..


10:27am Ahhhhh… the life of a housemaid!

4-15-1027am 4-15-1028am

11:30am Feeds HUSHED… feeds BACK… and this is what’s going on.. I know, I know you can hardly contain yourself, me either.. that’s why I’m going to soak up some California sun for a bit..


BREAKING NEWS: Deadly blasts near Boston Marathon; injured toll rising

  • Families looking for relatives can call 617-635-4500

Tragic, senseless, unforgivable… my heart and prayers go out to all those affected by the Boston Bombs!









Power of Veto Ceremony.

With only 5 houseguests currently in the Big Brother house, there aren’t a lot of options for the current Head of Household.

Therefore it’s no surprise that Andrew did indeed use the POV on himself and Jillian nominated Talla for eviction!

Emmett and Jillian once again go through scenarios.. keep Talla, keep Andrew, keep Peter… who to take to final 3.. but what they don’t know is… there’s another POWERSHIFT-a-coming! …and this will make them all return to the drawing board of alliances!!


Andrew and Jillian talk of finals together..  Jillian is just working Andrew when she says things like “Emmett is becoming a bigger dick everyday”.. It’s been part of Emmett and Jillian’s plan..

4:05pm Andrew tells Jillian that Emmett’s probably trying to distance himself, but that’s why they have their deal.


4:10pm Emmett, Jillian and Peter at the hot tub playing cards..


4:25pm Peter is called to the DR, they break up their card game..Jillian tells Emmett what she told Andrew.. Emmett, you trying to make him hate me…Jill, no.. *both smiling*

6:05pm Emmett and Jillian working out, Andrew in the pool, Talla laying on the chaise lounge.. Talla, I’m going to be a mute.. Andrew & Emmett say she can’t do it…

Andrew’s making jokes… Talla says, I want to be in a bad mood right now and you guys aren’t helping..


Andrew and Talla head out to the hot tub.. Talla, I’m pissed, staying pissed, I’m pissed off.. Andrew mocks Talla..

Andrew, remember yesterday, when you saw your family, do you think they want to see you like this… Talla, I don’t want to be upset.. Andrew, well your in control of yourself…


6:40pm Talla’s just a bundle of joy today.. she says, as soon as the lights are dim in the main bedroom, she’s going to bed..

…she says, my stomach is growling, the taste in my mouth taste likes nothing..

Peter says on Survivor they drink a ton of water, because they have little to eat.. they do it for 39 days.. Talla, how is that possible.. Peter, they just trick their bodies with water.. [omg could you imagine Talla on Survivor???? ....]


Andrew and Talla’s 72 hours of torture and servant-hood have expired!

Andrew tells Talla, just think, we don’t have to get up early tomorrow and watch them makeout, he mocks Emmett’s kissing lips and noises..


Andrew tops the slop chips with ketchup.. [yumm..]


8:12pm Emmett, Jillian, Talla at the hot tub playing cards..Peter is watching..


Emmett and Jillian are playing cards at the hot tub.. Andrew and Talla are going to bed and Peter is off-camera but likely in bed..

I’m going to end my post for the day and spend time with my family.
Be sure to hug your loved ones, let the ones close to you know how much you care… as today’s tragic events once again remind us, we’re not promised a tomorrow, make the most of today!
Goodnight All! xo

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  1. Lucas says:

    Powershift making another week pointless.

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