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Silent Sunday + Visitors In The House!

The feeds have been HUSHED since noon Big Brother Time!

They let us know last week, this was going to be a very busy week, which in turn means many feed outages.

Early Morning.

The have-nots got up for day two of the ‘Emmett & Jillian’ makeout episode and sadly for them, it’s a repeat performance. Jillian thinks maybe that’s all the footage they have is those 10 minutes… [ummm not so much Jillian! feeders have endured many, many, MANY more minutes of makeout footage..]

7:46am Emmett seemed either grumpy and/or tired this morning and Jillian says, she wants to talk to the physiatrist, she feels like she’s going crazy..


Image courtesy of @WytchyD on Twitter!

The haves, Emmett, Jillian and Peter, did receive their first luxury item, a backyard hockey game!

Noon Pacific Time and the feeds are still HUSHED!

I’m headed out for some retail therapy.. ‘I’ll be back’..said in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice!

We’ve Got Visitors!!!

It’s unclear whether this is an intentional feed leak or an accidental feed leak, my bet is accidentally on purpose!

The houseguests are having to play ‘FREEZE’ without the tag… as I tune in, I think I’m having double vision,  Andrew’s twin brother is in the house!

[Sorry for the poor image quality I was on-the-go and screen capping via my iPhone!..]

Andrew ‘frozen’.. his twin brother Pete enters and says, this is amazing, hugs him, I’m so proud of you, you’re gonna do this..

..I just want to show you this.. he shows him a video of his nieces, says he the girls can say “Unc” by the time you get out they’ll be able to say it..Andrew is choking back tears.. He tells Andrew, everybody’s watching, Mom, Dad would be so proud..

..his brother is checking out the house, says, sorry, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m a big fan… of Andrew.. [it's so touching whether or not you're an Andrew fan..]


Andrew’s twin brother hugging him..


He says, don’t move and hugs him again, you’re doing good man..kisses him on the cheek, pats him on the back..Andrew has tears streaming down his face..

He wipes a tear from Andrew’s cheek, don’t cry man, then says, ah you can cry, it’s good for TV..and puts his arm around him..

4-14-1257pm 4-14-1258pm

Wowser.. two of them!


He says, well, I guess I should leave now, I love you man, I’ll see you soon, have fun….


Emmett, Peter and Talla frozen in the living room while Andrew’s brother says goodbye.. [sad..]


Jillian ‘frozen’ while watching Andrew’s brother leave..


As the front door closes, Big Brother allows them to un-freeze…Talla says, OH MY GAWD I can’t believe this happened to you, I’m shaking..

Jillian runs to Andrew and throws her arms around him, Talla joins in the group hug…Andrew is reeling with happiness and excitement, tears are still flowing..he says, OMG that could happen to everybody..

4-14-1259e-pm 4-14-1259f-pm 4-14-1259g-pm

Andrew, OMG he showed me a video of my nieces… I can’t believe it..

4-14-1259h-pm 4-14-1259i-pm

VIDEO: Andrews Twin Brother Visits the Big Brother House!

Video courtesy of our friends at!

Fast forward to 14:24 … you hear the front door open, Andrew looks up and you can see him start to breathe hard… and his brother says, “don’t move”..

Apparently prior to Andrew’s brother Pete’s visit there was a Sumo Wrestler and Cheerleaders! The feeds were hushed but the houseguests are still talking about it..

Sunday Show Highlights.

The show begins with the Head of Household competition..”Fly the Coop”

VIDEO: HOH Competition “Fly the Coop”

Talla having a hissy fit, she’s upset with Emmett, she says, he should not have put me up first..

Emmett, she’s pissed because I put her on the block for 10 minutes..

Emmett explains his reasons for putting her on the block..


Talla, I’ve wanted to drop my gloves for awhile now and the fact that he put my ass up there.. hmppp..

Andrew talks to Jillian about why Emmett put up Talla instead of Peter..


Talla is still pissed at going on the block.. her and Jill talking about the obvious choices are Peter and then Andrew or Talla… Talla says, well we will have to see if Andrew minds going on the block..

Jill in the DR.. since Talla hasn’t done anything yet, I think she should offer to go up as a pawn..

Jillian gets her HOH room, Talla says, she’s going to have to be fake.. Peter, hates seeing everyone’s HOH room..

Talla leaves HOH and says, over it..

Peter and Emmett game talk in HOH… Peter says, Emmett may be my best bet at a final 2..

Jill in the DR..I think there’s a crack in the alliance now.. “Peter, you’re suppose to be the smart one, why did you not use the POV”..

Andrew in the DR..he put Lala on the block, which he shouldn’t of and now he pissed me off, which he shouldn’t have..

Time for the have-not competition…”Rub-A-Dub-Dub”.

Talla has a melt down at the end of the comp! Video link below.

VIDEO: Have-not Competition “Rub-A-Dub-Dub”

Andrew and Talla are woken up early to watch their 10 minute Emmett/Jillian makeout session.. video link below.

VIDEO: Day 1 Have-not Punishment!

Andrew and Talla bicker about the ‘chores’.. Talla’s not a morning person and doesn’t want to help with the chores..


Peter and Emmett have their dinner for two..

Jill in the DR.. the two biggest lushes in the house and going on and on about the huge bottle of wine that Peter and Emmett got with their dinner..*laughs*


Andrew, Talla and Jillian discussing who’s going up on the block.. Andrew tells her to come down off her high horse..


That night when Emmett enters the bedroom to grab his underwear..Peter calls Emmett over, he’s convincing Emmett that Jill has to put up Andrew and Talla..

Emmett goes up to HOH to talk to Jill… Emmett, if Andrew wins he can take off Talla off, then I go up and they vote to evict me and your in this game alone and can’t compete next week…Jill, how did we not think of this..

Time for the nomination ceremony.

VIDEO: Jillian’s Nomination Ceremony!

The End..

Sunday Evening.

Jill, Emmett, Andrew and Talla hanging out outside.. just random chatter.. Andrew giving Talla instruction on Emmett and Jillians laundry..

Jill, says she feels like she hasn’t run for a year.. she can’t wait to run like the wind…

Random chat about working out..


7:30pm Emmett and Peter working out..

7:50pm Talla starts a war by tossing water at Peter.. he goes after her and she locks them outside…

Peter says, ‘Edna’ (not sure why Edna?) you have to open the door because were asking you and you have to serve us.. she’s getting water and says, I can’t hear you..


Talla has unlocked the door and ran to the bathroom to go pee then lock herself in the toilet stall..the boys wait for her to come out.. then give up, for now..


Talla, you guys please don’t throw me in the pool..Peter, we won’t, we just want a hug.. Talla, no, I just took a shower.


Emmett takes Jillian as a hostage to get Talla to come out…


Talla had locked herself in the HOH, but to late, they have captured Talla and carry her towards the pool..


Apparently she knees herself in the eye and just about cries so the boys put her down.. they say she can run but she can’t hide…


8:53pm Houseguests sitting around, random chat and laughter..


9:15pm Andrew and Talla have to make all the beds before they can go to bed.. they game talk, rant, talk about the activities of the day, talk about houseguests that were evicted.. etc..


10:00pm Emmett, Andrew and Jillian talking about competitions, how many they’ve won together..etc.. [my feeds keep cutting off and on, so it's extremely hard to hear complete conversations]..

Jillian and Emmett are getting in the hot tub..

..and with that I’m going to log off for the night… frustrating, sluggish feeds tonight!

Goodnight All! xo

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4 Responses to Silent Sunday + Visitors In The House!

  1. ricki says:

    Thank you so much for these updates. I’m enjoying bbcan so much!!! I like it better than the us version. I think bbuk did something like this freeze thing. If bbcan banned talking about nominations, it’d be the best show ever!

  2. Lucas says:

    God Jillian was SO annoying when she won HoH. Just like that moron Gary running around like an idiot.

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