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Silent Saturday + Nominations + POV Winner [Spoiler]

 Saturday a day of silence when it comes to the live feeds!

Big Brother Canada has let us know, the feeds will be down for the day due to the Nomination ceremony and the Power of Veto competition..

So spend some time with your friends and families, get some fresh air and sunshine and meet us back here tonight for spoilers! Enjoy!

Early Morning in the BBC House.

7:00amBBT The have-nots, Andrew and Talla MUST watch a 10 minute episode of Emmett and Jillian making out!

[Emmett and Jillian may be in the kitchen, listening to them watch, Andrew keeps directing comments in that direction, and last night Emmett and Jillian asked them to wake them..]

The episode begins..

Andrew, this is awful, you guys should be embarrassed..

Talla, Emmett oh my gawd..


Screen cap courtesy of’s video @bigbspoilers

Andrew, your families are going to be disgusted..

Talla, oh my gawddd do I have to watch this..

Andrew, only for 10 minutes, it’s been like 30 seconds.. look at this, a zoom in, EMBARRASSING! ohhh, look at this, groping her breasts, this is like soft core pornography [LOL.. ]

Talla’s covering her mouth..and eyes

Andrew, ahhh yuk (we here Emmett say, I think you’re sexy) Andrew, oh, yay, ohhh..he’s such a smooth talker..

Talla’s laughing..

Andrew, yells out, you might as well be humping..

Talla, this is such a fail..

Andrew, your families are disgraced.. *laughing* Andrew, only 3 days in a row we have to watch this as he nudges Talla..

Talla, I can’t believe I have to watch this..

Andrew, believe me she’ll be mortified if she had to watch this..


Screen cap courtesy of’s video @bigbspoilers

If you’d like to watch the video in it’s entirety, the link is below! Video courtesy of our friends at!

VIDEO: 1st Early Morning Episode – Andrew and Talla Watch Emmett and Jillian Make Out!

Saturday Evening.

7:35pm The feeds are back!

Andrew and Peter were nominated for eviction.
Andrew has won the Power of Veto along with a $10,000 gift card to The Brick!

Emmett passed out in the HOH bed..


BB asks Jillian to take off her costume and she loses it.. she says, I hate my life right now.. I have nothing to wear to the DR, I have frikken hat hair after sweating for the last 4 hours.. she goes downstairs, looks for clothes..


Andrew is speechless.. for a few seconds..she mumbles.. “go to hell Big Brother”.. Big Brother says, “Jillian stop that!”


She heads upstairs and changes, still mumbling and grumbling, she throws her hair in a messy bun and says, I’m going to the DR like this..I look like shit.. she takes her costume to the storage room..


She heads downstairs and says, I need a hat! Andrew and Talla say over there, over there… she grabs it throws it on.. I look like shit… Andrew says, whattt you are gorgeous, I hate you all, I look like a corpse..


Talla spills her slop shake all over the counter..


7:51pm Peter’s in the DR.. everyone else in the kitchen..

Andrew, did you see Peter throw that thing at ? and it shattered..he was pissed..

Emmett, I thought he was going to get DQ’ed for that..that was a big veto, I wonder if they will do another 3 part’r..

Andrew, Jillian you were way ahead of him, I can’t believe he didn’t do better in a puzzle..

Talla, you guys I already have my speech for Thursday, she tells it to Jillian..

Andrew, Big Brother please take her in next, cause she (Jillian) is cranky as shit..

8:00pm They are talking about their strategies for the competition..

8:12pm Jillian to Emmett, you didn’t get offended when I said I didn’t want to kiss you anymore.. Emmett, no, we’ll just hug… Jillian, I don’t not want to kiss you anymore…

8:20pm Peter is finally out of the DR.. Talla, you were in there for an hour.. Peter, it felt like 10 minutes.. Andrew and Talla ask him what he would like to eat.. Andrew gets called to the DR..

Peter, I just want you to know I’m not going to campaign against you… Talla, the same, I’m not going to either..

Peter and Talla head to the storage room.. Peter, Big Brother we need Pepsi-Cola..


Jillian and Emmett come downstairs, Jill says did they call anyone, they say Andrew… Jill yells, whyyy, my eyes are really hurting Big Brother.. Emmett tells her to just take out her contacts.. Jill I don’t want to go in there with blood shot eyes.. they’re being rude! [they had told Jill they would call her next, guess they forgot..]

Jillian, I’m on my period, my eyes hurt, I’m crabby as anything, I just want to go home.. Emmett, no you don’t, you don’t want to go to that jury house.. Jill, I just want to go home, $100,000 doesn’t seem like a measly piece of shit right now.. it’s not worth it.. it’s not worth everyone hating you.. Emmett’s being calm and says, you have a good chance at it, we both do, I want us both to go to the end.. just chill out..

Emmett, just stay focused..


Jill to Emmett, how come you never see them get disqualified in the states.. Emmett they been doing it longer..Jill, they knew it wasn’t going to help me..

8:40pm Jill, Emmett… Emmett, yeah… Jill, I like you.. Emmett, I like you too..

Jill, I can’t wait to get out of here to the real world.. Emmett, I know, when we get out of here you going to build the corn maze with me.. Jill, mm hmm..

Jill, I lost this frikken challenge tonight and it defeated me..

Jill, we’re lucky to be here together for this long.. Emmett, I know it’s great..

8:53pm Andrew peaks his head in the bedroom…Jillian, your turn..


9:10pm Peter and Talla talking about female wrestlers..


9:27pm The housemaids are retiring for the night!

4-13-2127pm 4-13-2128pm

10:19pm Brief game talk between Andrew and Jillian.. they talk about final 2.. I believe they’re both telling the other what they want to hear.. I don’t believe Andrew would take Jillian to final 2 and I don’t believe Jillian would take Andrew..


10:35pm All the houseguests and housemaids tucked into their beds..

Goodnight All! xo

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