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The Calm After Last Nights Storm + Have-not Competition

In case you missed all the details of last nights double eviction, read this to catch up!

As of this morning, AJ and Gary are neck and neck as the houseguests fans want to see re-enter the game!

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Of course everybody has their favorite houseguests and honestly of the houseguests currently left, I like them all for one reason or another..

Andrew and Talla, both often annoying with Andrews sometimes pissy attitude and Talla’s unwillingness to realize when enough is enough and just shut up.. they are the only true entertainment factor left in the house, when it comes to humor.

I like Peter and his robot like, heartless self, he can be funny in a non-human sort of way.

…and lastly, Emmett and Jillian have definite similarities to Jeff and Jordan and fans either love them or hate them.

They all seem like they’d all be fun to hang out with outside of this crazy game show we call Big Brother!

There are plenty of strong opinions in regards to all the remaining houseguests on Social Media. Some say, just write the check to Emmett & Jillian, in which I reply, there’s a whole lot of game left to play…

Emmett & Jillian have played hard, won the competitions they’ve needed too, therefore earning their way to final 5, even haters can not deny it.

Friday Morning.

7:15am Emmett and Andrew are in the hot tub, Jillian is cleaning out the storage room fridge, Talla sitting on the kitchen couch and Peter is currently off-camera..


Peter has just finished showering in the HOH shower, when Emmett comes up to shower and shave… they briefly talk game..

Peter, the probability for that to happen, I think Talla needs to be the 4th person because she’s so ??

Emmett, yeah

Peter, she can’t win any of those competitions

Emmett, yeah

Peter, if we keep Andrew in a final 4 situation and he will win, like the game, if he gets to the final 4, I know how this game works and I know the types of people that win and Andrew WILL win..

Emmett, yeah

Peter, I really thought he was that he was the move last night

Emmett, Topaz was really the only one who was standing in between Jillian in endurance

Peter, yeah but, true, but I honestly don’t believe there’s going to be another endurance [um, who are you kidding, you can almost bet there will be another endurance comp..]

Emmett, yeah, how many HOH’s are there left [Emmett knows exactly how many HOH's are left.. a little cat and mouse??..]

Peter, two and they’re both going to be mental/physical combos its not going to be another endurance, and they don’t have it ??? anyways we still made the right move, Topaz didn’t need to be here, that’s fine but if you put Andrew in a position to win he will..

Emmett, yeah

Peter, who knows this game better than me, and you have to trust me HE WILL WIN, because he is just as competitive as you are, and he’s just as capable as you are, and if he finds a way and he’s in the final two, he wins period, cause nobody would expect him to be there, he was the underdog the whole time, he’s a physical and huge social threat, but somehow he plays it, HE WILL WIN, doesn’t matter who’s in it, me, you, Jill, Talla, he wins, that’s something that Alec and I were talking about before, Talla.. all 3 of us can beat her in the final 4 and then it’s just you know the triple threat..

Emmett, yeah

Peter, whichever one of us wins, I’m fine with that..

Emmett, yeah

Peter, I know Talla doesn’t deserve to be there over Andrew,

Emmett, she just won’t stop bitching about being on the block, I’m like you were on the block for a fucking hour, I was like..

Peter, yeah, at this point, at this point, early in the game its like saying you don’t deserve to be here you’re stupid, at this point to leave people that are more capable is a mistake..

Emmett, yeah

Peter, because comps are a crap shoot anybody can win them at any time, so you have to get rid of the people that are the most capable and Andrew is the most capable person, I love him to death but if he’s around long, he will win..

Emmett, yeah

Peter, and I want us to be there, I’ve been playing with you forever and a day..

Emmett, what was it day 3?

Peter, yeah

7:43am Emmett shaved and is now showering..


7:55am Apparently Talla has whined about being put on the block last night for 5 minutes..


9:30am Emmett and Jillian in HOH… Jillian, I don’t know if we want it (HOH) next week, Andrew was already saying he’s thinking of throwing it, I think because he doesn’t want to put Lala up..

Jill, the best case scenario is if Andrew wins HOH next week, I think, but I have to go through every scenario in my head first..

Jillian’s eyes are sore, burning and bloodshot today.. she’s waiting for eye drops from BB..


9:45am Andrew enters HOH.. he says, Talla is freaking out..Emmett, tell her to chill out..

Andrew, I did, I told her whats the problem, Peter’s going up, he’s going home, if he wins POV, then 1 of us is going home..

They talk about the competition today, whether it’s a have-not or luxury..Andrew says, if it’s a have-not I will throw it..


They talk about the jury house and how it must be the messiest jury house, with AJ, Gary, Alec and Topaz..

They’re talking about the food in the jury house and whether you can just request food to be delivered..

Andrew talking about how Alec told him that if he goes to jury he’s going to talk to all the jury members, he says, who the fuck cares..

Jillian says out of all the jury members I put 3 of them on the block, 1 of them twice, they hate me in the jury house..


Andrew and Emmett talk about Talla.. Andrew, shes worried about going home instead of Peter.. she’s freaked out about you putting her on the block..don’t say anything she told me not to say anything..Emmett, if Peter wins POV.. Andrew, if Peter wins POV then shes going home..

Andrew leaves to hang out with Talla..

Jill & Emmett talking about the audience member yelling out at-a-boy Emmett.. Emmett thinks it was his buddy.. they harass each other about their HOH wins… *they’re both laughing*


Jillian joking, I should put you on the block, that’s it I’m putting you on the block..he jokes then next week I put you up..


Jillian, I’m more scared of Andrew than Peter.. I feel like when I’m competing I’m competing against just Andrew.. I feel like I’m competing against a girl with Peter..

Emmett, Peter says he wants us in the final 3, but why would he… Jillian, they don’t want us in the final 3, why would they.. Emmett, imagine if it was me, you and Lala.. Jillian that would be ideal, but what if she won.. Emmett, she wouldn’t..

Jill, what if we got rid of Andrew this week, that’s the meanest thing I’ve ever said.. they talk through all scenarios..

Emmett, if I win POV we could take Talla off and put up Andrew..

They head downstairs..

Andrew and Talla are dressed like twins today, I don’t even know if they’ve noticed..

Talla finishes filing her nails and Andrew pretends to stick the file in his pants..

4-12-1051am 4-12-1052am

Talla starts to tell another stupid story.. Andrew’s expression as she begins.. [mine too!..]


Favorite Andrew expression of the day..


All the houseguests on 1 camera, they’re bored, we’re bored waiting for some sort of competition to begin..


11:25am Peter to Jillian, I can’t wait to go to the wedding, I think he (Andrew) likes her (Talla) A LOT more than he lets on..

2:30pm The feeds are back and Jillian is wearing a DUCK.. floaties and scuba gear..while eating chicken?
  • Talla and Andrew are have-nots for the week [Andrew said earlier he would throw the comp since he hasn't been a have-not and needs to lose weight]
  • Emmett and Peter have won a dinner date
  • Jillian is wearing a duck floatie and scuba gear
  • The have-NOTs have to wait on the haves for 72 hours
  • The haves get to choose 1 luxury item per day for 7 days, the have-nots may not participate in the luxury item
  • The have-nots must watch a 10 minute episode of Emmett and Jillian making out


Current topic of conversation… waiting tables, tips and giving good service..


2:38pm Talla’s in the bathroom changing out of her competition bathing suit..

Talla to herself, “this is a disastrous week”..

Talla’s losing it with everyone, especially Emmett…  Talla and Andrew are the have-nots for the week AND they have to be house servants to all the haves.. they must cook, clean, do laundry, get their drinks..

The haves can NOT even get a drink from the fridge, put a plate in the sink or they will be punished!

Andrew is having fun with it, laughing, joking and being downright funny.. you can practically see the steam coming out of Talla’s ears she’s so pissed at everything! [ahh the price you pay when you LOSE a competition..]


The pressures building…………Talla loses it, rants at everyone, tells them to fuck off, and gives herself a timeout in the bathroom, where she tosses stuff on the floor and talks to herself… video link below!

NEW VIDEO: Talla Has Mini Melt Down.

Talla finally comes back out to play puck ball with Peter while the others watch.. but Talla is now on mute and is not speaking to anyone..

Andrew goes on saying this is the best thing to ever happen to him… he makes a deal with her that if she doesn’t talk for 24hours he will do ALL the house work and waiting on the haves, but if she talks she has to rub his feet! They spit on hands and shake on it…

3:44pm 10 minutes into it when Peter leaves the room and Emmett is in the DR, Talla starts going off again..

3:44pm Talla, I feel like Emmett hates me, I don’t feel like I’m still a part of you guys..this is so hard.. Jillian, he doesn’t hate you..

Talla, what would you do right now..cause Emmett just put me up.. conversation escalates and Andrew and Talla start arguing, video link below!

NEW VIDEO: Andrew and Talla Argue!


4:04pm Peter and Emmett getting dressed in smoking jackets for their special dinner date..


Dinner is served!


Jillian says, no fair, you get to go on a date with Emmett before I do.. Peter says, goodbye peasants as he walks out..

Peter and Emmett head out for their dinner for two… Peter’s gourmet meal consists of chicken nuggets and french fries, Emmett’s dinner is steak, lobster and chocolate milk!

It’s so pitful seeing Talla, Jillian and Andrew gaze at them eating..



5:32pm Andrew and Talla playing puck ball… Talla has snapped out of her funk.. she says, were having fun.. Andrew, no were not, cause I hate you… Talla, laughs, no you don’t, you like me.. Andrew, I loathe you..


5:39pm Emmett is wearing duck shorts from the competition..Talla asks Emmett why he wants to wear those, they look like a shower curtain.. Jillian, they’re cute..

Emmett relays to Jillian that she can’t back cookies.. Talla says, that’s ok you can teach me to make cookies.. Jillian, okay..


6:05pm Emmett and Peter telling Andrew some of the options they mentioned for luxury items, Jillian has told the boys to go ahead and decide, she’ll do whatever…they get to choose 1 luxury item a day for 7 days..

They’ve mentioned:

  • ping pong
  • hockey table
  • sumo wrestling suits
  • X-box/Playstation and a hockey game
  • old school arcade game
  • pool table
  • Jill suggested full body massages
  • bounce house

Emmett says, they told us we can even ask for clothes..

6:16pm Jill to Talla.. I feel like I need to tell you because you’re so worried but if, Peter wins POV it would not be you.. Talla, okay, then we lose one of our alliance members.. Jill, so don’t lose your shit this week..

Jill obviously if Peter wins I have to put up Andrew, but don’t tell Andrew, but you have to still act worried..


Talla, okay I want to go to bed.. how do you want me to cook your chicken.. Jill gives her instructions..

Talla to herself, “I was so upset today, I lost it”..

6:39pm Andrew seems to have lost that loving feeling, he’s quite pissy and ranting to Talla..


7:02pm The housemaids are doing laundry..


8:36pm Andrew, Emmett and Jillian in the kitchen, they’re talking about Talla losing it earlier.. Andrew, you don’t want to put me on the block just in case there’s a twist..

Emmett says, there’s not gonna be a twist, its to late in the game, there’s only 5 of us..[ohhh but Big Brother Canada thinks differently, there will be a twist and they're going to hate it!..]


Emmett and Jillian take Andrew to the storage room again, to see if they find anything to eat, Andrew has to get their food for them..

Jillian says, I’d like some blackberries please.. Andrew says, get out of the way, fuck…. FUCK YOU…fuck I hate this..[LOLL..]


Jillian to Andrew, you’re so sweet to us, Emmett, yes you’re doing’s gonna be fun to watch.. Andrew, you’re not going to want to see my DR..

Jillian says, maybe get us 4 bottles of water and go to bed..Andrew runs to the storage room to get their water…Jill is laughing, she’s going to pee her pants..


Andrew, “I shall wake you with butterfly kisses and we shall watch a 10 minute soft core porn film in the morning..goodnight”

8:50pm Emmett and Jillian head to the HOH room..Emmett, I talked to Pete, he said you told him you would use the veto on him, WHY? I told you we weren’t going to tell him that, now we have to use it on him.. Emmett and Jillian agree they really want Peter to win the POV..

Jill, Andrew doesn’t trust you, do you see it.. Emmett, yeah.. Jill, he just talked to me again, he says, he’s sketched out, he wants to talk to you..

8:59pm Emmett and Jillian are going to take a bath.. Jill, I’m stressed again.. they’re talking through scenarios..


Jillian, I don’t like this game, every time I win HOH, I feel so evil..

Emmett, Peter and Talla know they’re going up, lets just leave it, wait to play the POV and after the POV we will talk through every scenario possible..


9:47pm Sounds like Jillian may have accidentally exposed Emmett and/or herself when she opened the shower door.. Jill, Emmett, I’m really sorry.. she stands up on the bench to see what the camera could see, she says, I don’t think you can see anything.. Emmett’s not to worried about it..


ADVISORY: By accessing this site, you may be exposed to mature language and/or subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Our friends at caught the accidental exposure! Ooppsss…

Photo courtesy of @bigbspoilers

Photo courtesy of @bigbspoilers

9:50pm Emmett goes downstairs to the main bedroom to grab underwear.. Peter, hey Emmett I thought of something.. tell Andrew if he asks why don’t you put Peter up, you just say I suck at challenges.. she just has to lie to Andrew for 2 days..

Emmett, okay.. then he stops outside the have-not room to listen to any conversations… I believe it’s just small talk..


Alright that’s just about enough excitement for me today, Goodnight All! xo

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