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Thursday Double E-Day [Spoiler]

After tonight’s eviction show, we’ll be down to FIVE houseguests, can you believe it.. it’s almost over!

American viewers join us here at 7pm PT to watch tonights show stream live!

Eviction Day Polls.

Choose your ideal final 3!

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Peter is slipping as one of the ideal final 3 and Talla is gaining!

Who do you WANT to see evicted 2nd tonight?

  • Topaz (if she stays) (38%, 67 Votes)
  • Peter (22%, 38 Votes)
  • Emmett (21%, 36 Votes)
  • Alec (if he stays, highly unlikely) (8%, 14 Votes)
  • Jillian (6%, 10 Votes)
  • Andrew (5%, 8 Votes)
  • Talla (0%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 175

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Who do want to win the 2nd HOH competition?

  • Emmett (38%, 65 Votes)
  • Topaz (if she stays) (19%, 32 Votes)
  • Peter (16%, 27 Votes)
  • Andrew (13%, 22 Votes)
  • Talla (10%, 17 Votes)
  • Jillian (3%, 5 Votes)
  • Alec (if he stays, highly unlikely) (1%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 171

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Thursday morning.

7:50am Andrew and Talla are talking in the living room, it seems Andrew is in a bit better mood today. They’re talking about AJ in the jury house, a bit of BB past and other randomness..

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Jillian asks Peter and Alec.. What’s your least favorite word ever, Peter, ironic cause it’s miss used all the time.. Alec, I think literally is miss used even more.. like I have literally not eaten all day long..

Peter, I believe you learn to be human by watching become human based on watching other humans.. [is Peter human????..]

Peter, I watched the Cable Guy just a couple months ago and I loved it, it was so dark, I don’t know why people don’t like it..

Peter, I like shows that are better than the audience..


Jillian, you know who else is funny, Aneal.. he was so funny, he would make fun of others in a funny way, I would laugh if he was making fun of me..he made me laugh so hard..

Big Brother Canada via Twitter.

“Not only do we have a tonight, but we’ve also got a surprise. You’ll learn more starting at 10 pm ET/PT on SliceTV”..

“This is going to be a VERY busy week in the universe.. you’ve been warned!”.. this translates to, many, many live feed outages!..

8:23am Jillian passing by the living room with Andrew and Talla.. somehow conversation goes to cup size, Jillian, I’m a 32 DD.. Talla tells Andrew not to look.. Andrew, I’ve never looked before, why would I start now..

Andrew goes up to HOH to pee.. he tells Emmett he just wants this day to be over.. he says, “I want to take an hour long dump and 7 hour nap”.. [well alrighty then..]

9:10am Talla just being Talla and doesn’t want to sleep, but Andrew does, Talla won’t shut up…

Peter pretends to smother Talla.. and instead decides to smother her hand that she keeps raising..


Peter then tickles Talla’s feet and shes screaming… ahhhhhhh….nooooo…ahhhhh


Emmett tries his hand at smothering her and the guys say, noting works, she just won’t die.. Talla grabs a pillow and runs over to Emmett, Emmett gets up with a pillow and just about when we’re going to see a pillow fight.. BB blocks the feeds.. #ANNOYING


9:29am Feeds are HUSHED again..

9:32am Feeds back..

Emmett and Jillian are choosing a bed.. Andrew says, “not over here, I don’t want to hear slobbering kisses all night”..


Talla bounces back into the room with a Pepsi, Andrew, just what you need, Pepsi… Talla jumps on his bed… Andrew, go away..


10:00am Time for Topaz’ bikini wax by Talla with assistant Jillian (who actually is trained to wax, unlike Talla..)..

Feeds cut..once again taking away ANY sort of fun we have had today.. first the pillow fight, now the waxing!


Feeds are HUSHED for the day!

Thursday Double Eviction Show Highlights.

[click on the title to reveal the hidden answer!]

+ The 1st Evicted Houseguest is…
Alec was evicted in a vote of 3-1…!
+ Nominations are…
Topaz and Talla…!
+ The 2nd Evicted Houseguest is…
Topaz was evicted in a vote of 3-0…!

Big Brother think’s its a good idea to let Canada vote to bring an evicted jury member back! It’s unclear to what capacity the jury member will return… Big Brother Canada confirms that the juror will be returning to play the game!

Do you think it’s fair to let an un-sequestered jury member back?

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Which member of the jury would you like to see return?

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Peter and Topaz talk about her being the replacement nominee..


Topaz in the DR.. Alec is a bigger threat but I am a better player..

Jillian, I’m not going to feel safe until Topaz is gone, Emmett there’s only 1 person I trust and that’s Jillian..

Alec, my strategy to Emmett is to lie to him.. he says, I still trust you, I don’t know where we went wrong, for me the only option is to leave my life in your hands..

Emmett, I don’t trust Alec..

Peter in the HOH with Jill/Emm.. Peter in the DR, it’s in our best interest to align with Emm/Jill and be as truthful as necessary..

Jill, to stop him (Peter) from talking, she tells Peter to get the 2-2 vote she’ll break the tie and keep Alec..

Arisa breaks the Double Eviction news to the houseguests..


The houseguests vote to evict..


Peter, “hi cutie..hmm what would Batman do..I vote to evict Topaz”..


Alec faces Peter and starts what Peter and we think is some heartfelt speech and he thanks Chevrolet for his $10,000..


Arisa, Topaz you are safe!


Alec is evicted in a vote of 3-1

Alec, only you bro… laughs and hugs everyone goodbye, wishes them luck..


 Alec’s exit interview with Arisa.

True/False Head of Household Competition.

Emmett wins the Head of Household Competition!

Emmett nominates.. Topaz and Talla for eviction!

Arisa asks him why? Topaz I am not an endurance machine I am not good at them, shes a threat to me.. and Lala she just annoys me..

Talla, sometimes I annoy myself, so I’ll take it as a compliment.. Arisa says, this is your first time on the block… Talla, BUSY.. I don’t know, I’ll just sit here and look pretty..


POV Competition “You’ve Got Mail”.

Peter wins the Power of Veto!

Peter chooses to NOT use the Power of Veto..


Talla’s speech: “right now I don’t love and I want to still love it”..

Andrew votes: “I do love it and vote to evict Topaz”..

Peter votes: “on behalf of Liza I vote to evict Topaz”..


Topaz’ exit interview with Arisa.

Head of Household competition “Fly The Coop”.

When the show ended Peter and Jillian were leading the competition… Jillian has won HOH!!!


Thursday Evening.

8:02pm Feeds are back and Peter is in the DR and everyone else is in the kitchen.. they all agree they thought Alec’s speech was disrespectful to Peter, after Peter worked so hard all week for him..

Jillian seems happy.. but no confirmation as to who won yet..


Emmett says, you want to change to go tub.. Andrew, don’t tell me how to live my life.. Emmett, wear the red shorts.. Andrew, okay I’ll do it…


8:17pm Talla, I just want this day to be over…she’s getting ready for bed..she tells them to wake her up if Jillian gets her HOH..

8:45pm Peter is out of the DR.. looking pretty solemn in the kitchen..


9:57pm Jillian to Andrew.. I’m so hungry I’m going to eat someone’s face off..


Jillian why are those camera’s following me, cameras stop, I just want to eat.. Andrew, take a look around the room, of course they’re going to follow you over us..

Peter, it’s the Jillian Show, featuring Emmett and others… *they laugh*

Andrew’s kidding with Jillian, do you have special love feelings for Emmett… Jillian, I don’t say I love him, I’ve only known him for 50 days.. Peter, 50 days is like 800 in here..

Talla and Peter tucked into bed, Emmett’s in the DR and Jillian and Andrew are brushing their teeth..

I’m headed to bed myself.. Goodnight All! xo


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6 Responses to Thursday Double E-Day [Spoiler]

  1. Lucas says:

    Yay! A surprise! from these producers! That’s just great it’s just… egh… *Starts drinking*

  2. Lucas says:

    I had a feeling they’d bring Gary back… Oh of course they’ll make it look like Canada voted but that’s a load of horse manure. They’e lost me, I’m gonna finish this season and then I’m done. I’ll go to BBUS where they don’t have a twist every week.

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