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Wednesdays ‘Bitterness & Strife’ + Show Highlights

The theme for Wednesday is, bitterness and strife!

Final two prizes.

  1. $100,000, a 2013 Chevrolet Trax and a $25,000 gift card to The Brick!
  2. $20,000


Wednesday Morning.

7:34am Andrew and Emmett in the hot tub.. Andrew mostly bitching about the way Alec is playing the game and campaigning..


9:20am Andrew is having a rather bitter day.. he’s frustrated with Alec acting like his buddy, making pitches to him and then making different pitches to Emmett.. he says it’s ridiculous..

Andrew, we’re winning things, opposed to who can we get to win so they’ll do my dirty work..

Jill, we’re definitely committed to us in the final 3 (Emmett, Jill and Andrew), they agree they’d be upset if Talla won after not doing anything all season..


9:37am Andrew, I’ve done it all except for be a have-not and I’ll do it..I’ve done a secret task, a POV, A HOH..

Jill & Andrew talk about hearing Peter’s DR’s..Jill, you can hear him going off about everything in the DR.. Andrew, he wants to be a TV personality [true story...several times Peter has said, if all he gets out of this is more YouTube viewers, he's happy..]


Alec, my body is my temple and I’m the emperor of doom.. it’s sad you dream about this your entire life and you end up 7th..Topaz, you don’t know what’s going to happen, and 7th isn’t bad.. Alec, 7th is BAD!

I was thinking about last night in the bathroom, when we were talking and they were out there lying and scheming, and I’m having a nice conversation with friends, they’re out there pretending to like each other..[now pretending to like each other might be the pot calling the kettle black, since Alec spent most of his game "pretending to like Topaz..just sayin'..]

I hope Topaz doesn’t break a sweat with that work out of hers… hehe


Meanwhile, Andrew, Talla, Jillian, Peter and Emmett eating..


Talla to Andrew, where’s Alec? Andrew, he’s working out.. Talla, I want to work out when he’s not working out, I want to be by myself.. Andrew, all you need is 15 hours and you can work out alone..

Andrew, Emmett and Jillian want to nap.. Talla tells Andrew, Emmett and Jillian that she was in her bed resting and Gary and Topaz were in the room and they didn’t know they I was there.. but they didn’t say much, she was hoping they’d game talk..


Jill, I’d love to hear what those 3 (Alec, Peter & Topaz) talk about.. Talla, he’s in there deep in thought..

BB: This is your 15 minute warning, the house will be off limits in 15 minutes.. they say they’re going to power nap for 15 minute…

Talla jumps on Andrew’s bed, Andrew I can lay with you… Andrew, piss off!


Talla starts cleaning the bedroom.. Emmett, lala you have to be quiet and lay down for 5 minutes, go lay down with Andrew.. Andrew, PISS OFF!… Talla lays down on her bed, I don’t want to lay down..


10:30am Outdoor lockdown..

4-10-1025am4-10-1028am 4-10-1030am

10:36am Talla asks Andrew if he’ll massage her back, he says, NO and NO!

NEW PHOTOS: Gary joins AJ in the jury House!

4-10-1035am 4-10-1036am

Gary Glitterrrrrrr!!!


To view all the photos click here!

11:02am Outdoor lockdown over..


Big Brother IS always watching!


11:10am Andrew and Emmett head back out to the hot tub again.. they’re going through the order of events..


Emmett, Peter comes in here saying he knows everything about the game.. Andrew, I hate that, I hate that..

11:21am Talla wakes up from the lounge chair, heads to the HOH where Alec is sorting through his clothes, she says, I need to lay down.. Alec, did you get a chance to think about it yet..Talla, I started to and then fell asleep.. Alec, ok, I’m sorry I’ve had to throw you under the bus a lot this week.. Talla, it happens..

11:29am Cameras happen to be on a sleeping Talla when she lets out a LOUD, LONG fart! [yuk..I'm surprised it didn't wake her up..]


11:45am Alec, Andrew, Peter and Emmett in the hot tub.. its pouring rain, thunder and lightening, they joke about getting struck by lightening..

BB tells them to get out of the hot tub due to the storm…


12:07pm Time for Peter’s daily dose of processed foods again, apparently pepperoni is not one of his 6 foods, he removes them and tosses them into the trash.. [honestly they make counseling for Peter's serious issue with food aversion..eventually all the processed food he consumes is going to deteriorate his health..]


12:17pm Peter deep in thought while he waits for his frozen pizza..


12:24pm Alec practicing his “Last Supper” speech for tonight.. [ughh..I wish he wouldn't, he's going to be made a fool of for this..]


12:30pm Peter is warning Jill about a ‘plan/show’ Alec is planning for tonight… apparently its for show, but Peter wants Jill to know now..

Peter to Jill, I need Emmett’s vote..

Jill to Peter, whats Topaz going to think about this, she’s going to shit a brick.. Peter, yeah, I just wanted to give you heads up..

Jill asks Peter, so he’s going to pitch something in front on them.. Peter, yeah, this is his plan, he came to me and told me.. Jill says, she won’t say anything to Alec.. [Peter has said, Alec doesn't know hes telling her, I don't buy it!!..]

Alec is trying to pull a  Dan Gheesling or Dr. Will move, it’s pointless & pitiful! Alec is no Dr. Will nor Dan Gheesling, this certainly won’t go down in history as #EPIC if that’s what Alec is thinking.. more like an #EPICFAIL


1:20PM Andrew and Emmett working out..


Andrew and Emmett trying to out rep each other on abs… Emmett’s exhausted and rolls off the ball..


2:21pm You guessed it, Topaz is napping..


2:52pm Talla and Peter playing puck ball..


3:01pm Big Brother wakes Emmett and Topaz up with the screaming voice instead of an alarm clock or rooster.. Topaz is like it would have been nice to hear the cock-a-doodle-do rather than that..

3:05pm Andrew tells Emmett about his conversation with Alec, Emmett tells Andrew about the “Last Supper”,  Andrew says, yeh he told me.. [umm, WTH??? Alec's game play sucks!.. and Peter's being sucked in with it!..]

3:16pm Andrew in HOH with Jillian, Andrew says, he even shed some crocodile tears.. Jill, he cried? Andrew, yes he said I’ve wanted to be here all my life, I just want to win..

Andrew to Jill, I’m going to make a toast, I’m going to say this, “Alec, I’m voting you the f*ck out!”


4:27pm Andrew says, after this I’m going to see a psychiatrist and BLEACH MY FUCKING MIND!!!! They all laugh..

4-10-1606pm 4-10-1607pm 4-10-1610pm

Jillian’s already feeling quite relaxed, they say she already looks flushed..


Wednesday Show Highlights.

Jillian and Peter talk, Jillian tells Peter is not the target, Alec is her target this week..


Peter in the DR, says he’s considering taking Jillian to the final two if Alec leaves because she hasn’t done anything independently in the game.. [huh..??? and Peter has???? ..]

Topaz in the DR, Jillian had better keep me safe this week or I’m gonna be gunning for her next week..

POV players are picked..

  1. Jillian
  2. Alec
  3. Peter
  4. Talla
  5. Alec gets HG choice, looks at Emmett laughing, he chooses Topaz
  6. Andrew

Emmett is pissed he doesn’t get to play in the POV comp.. he says he hates not being able to play in the POV, I feel like I’m letting my alliance down when I can’t play, its like a 5th tit on a cow..


Power of Veto Competition.

Topaz and Jillian talk in HOH, Jill lets her know she may be putting her on the block.. Topaz says her word is shit..

Topaz overhears, Jillian, Emmett, Andrew and Talla in the HOH taking game and what was discussed between Topaz and her earlier..

Peter says he found a new moose and no one else knows about Marsha, so he plans to hang out and wait.. Marge the Moose gives Peter another mission.. he has to plant clues and make the houseguests think that Tom is coming back..


Peter changes Tom’s photo from black and white to color, hides the monkey behind Jillian’s pillow and adds an additional chair to the dining room table..


Peter’s leaving the DR and Marsha the Moose asks Peter what’s up.. Marsha, there’s not another moose in your life.. Peter, no Marsha..


Peter in the DR, planting a few suspicious items made them completely lose their mind and it was a struggle not to laugh at them..

Peters loving it, the house is complete chaos.. Peter laughs at them and says they’re so stupid.. [I have a feeling Peter would have been suspicion too had he not been the one with the mission..]


Peter and Alec talk in the backyard, I think we can convince them to target Topaz.. Alec, the plan consists of me getting back in Emmett and Jillian’s good graces..

Alec talks to Emmett in the HOH..

Alec in the DR, I didn’t come here for 7th place, that would be a disgrace!

Time for the POV Ceremony.

Peter in the DR, I’m the biggest threat in this house, but nobody knows it..

Instead of being original..Peter quotes Frank Eudy and says, because I don’t have 2 of these jokers, I’m going to use it on me..


Jillian re-nominates Topaz, she says, out of the 4 left, I feel you have the least amount of trust in me..Jillian in the DR, I did go back on my word, but this is a game.. [true story, this is a G-A-M-E with a grand prize, not a game of who is more moral..]

 The End…

Wednesday Evening.

Peter tells Alec that he thinks his best bet is taking Jillian to final 2.. Alec tells Peter to win competitions.. Peter, I plan too..

Alec says, he’ll control Topaz, Gary and AJ vote in the jury house.. [umm.. yeh ok..]

Peter, the only reason I didnt want Liza out is because I had feelings for her, if she was just a regular player I wouldn’t have cared..
Peter, Jillian let it slip one day that she may not fully trust Emmett.. [she was playing Peter]

Peter tells Alec, he told Jillian about “The Last Supper” that never was..

Alec to Peter, pre-jury I think you played a masterfull game.. Peter, I played expert until we were put on the block..

Alec to Peter, “were the only ones really doing anything cerebral”.. [UMMM..]

Peter and Alec, patting their own backs, way to go Alec, you thew the POV & now your going to jury, great job, awesome..

Alec, it doesn’t end for me here, I’m going to do some serious stuff..Peter, yeah the game doesn’t end here..[Hey Alec, the $100,000, the Chevrolet Trax & the $25,000 Gift card to the Brick, ends here..]

Alec to Peter, “I know the exact move I made that fu-ked me in the game”.. [ONLY 1??..I can count more than 1]

Alec to Peter, “Jillian is one of the worst players ever”.. Peter, yeah..

Peter to Alec, if Canada’s player is, who played the best game you & I can win, if its popular it’s Gary..[I say Emmett has a great shot at it..]


8:55pm Topaz and Talla talk about all the competitions that they suspect he threw..

Topaz and Talla agree that Liza had a good idea (the girls alliance), but she tried to execute it way too early.


9:11pm Apparently Talla didn’t have the energy to put swimsuit bottoms on, she’s sitting around the hot tub in her underwear & shirt..


It looks as if everyone else is asleep, there is no camera on in the HOH room.. Topaz & Talla still at the hot tub.. random chat currently… Topaz says,”there’s no one here that I’m going to have sex with cause I’m not going to up my count”.. Topaz, “I’ve gone a year without sex”.. but now that were in the house and can’t have it, I want it.. Talla, I get what you mean..

9:30pm Talla says, look we have wedgies… they head inside to shower and get ready for bed… before they make it to the bedroom… they have to do the bam-ba-bam-bam-bamm..

4-10-2129pm 4-10-2131pm 4-10-2132pm

Goodnight All..see you tomorrow for the double eviction night! xo

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