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Tuesday ‘Where’s Waldo’

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth! But I did build, plant and complete my whole garden today!
Where’s Waldo.

I had just a few minutes before my day begun.. Jillian got the HOH camera and today’s photo theme was “Where’s Waldo”, I only caught the end of the photo session, Talla is dressed as Waldo and gets on Emmett’s shoulders..

4-09-0900am 4-09-0901am


Peter is taking the photo, they all agree that Emmett and Jillian should be kissing with “Waldo” randomly on Emmett’s shoulder, its pretty funny..

4-09-0902am 4-09-0903am 4-09-0904am 4-09-0906am

They’re reviewing the photos and laughing..


Here’s a few more, courtesy of @_BBCanada

Andrew as Waldo!


Photo courtesy of @_BBCanada

Jillian as Waldo!


Photo courtesy of @_BBCanada

Topaz as Waldo!


Photo courtesy of @_BBCanada


Evening in the house.

7:50pm Talla and Andrew lounging at the pool.. they’re having a mini bitch fest about how Alec has been making deals with everyone.

Talla says, if he does come to her tomorrow and ask about her vote, she’ll tell him she’s not voting for him.

Andrew, there’s so few in the house, but I wish there were even fewer, tomorrow is day 46..


8:04pm Meanwhile in HOH.. Peter, Emmett and Jillian talking game..

Jillian, well Topaz wants us both out..

Peter, yes.. shes extremely mad that you broke three things..

Jillian, she (Topaz) had the chance to win POV, we never discussed the re-nom..

Peter, so you found a loop hole..[hey a loop hole is a loop hole in BB!..]

Peter, lets talk about next week, who would we put up.. he says, I may have to put up Talla and Jillian as a pawn and say, you put me up as a pawn so I’ll put you up as a pawn and vote out Talla, if Talla wins POV, then we put up Andrew and vote him out..

Emmett, if someone puts me up, its cause they want me to go home, not cause they want to use me as a pawn..


8:10pm Talla joins the HOH crew, Emmett uses Talla entering as his out to go hot tub.. Talla puts the headphones on and listens to music.. Jillian continues her convo with Peter..


Peter, we’re not coming after you, were just not, it wouldn’t make a sense..

Jill, is tomorrow Wednesday..

Peter, yes, that’s why I’m talking to you now, because I want to spend time with him, he’s like my brother in here..

Peter, next week I will play on your behalf, I will sit up here and do what you say, that’s how much belief I have in him..

Talla says, lets tub, Jill, says I might tub.. Talla walks out and Emmett says go back in there..

Talla re-enters the HOH and says, I think I left something..


Jill, if its 2, 2 I’ll give you my vote..[Jillian is clearly tired of this conversation, but Peter won't let it go]

Peter and Jillian shake on it..


They head downstairs, Peter continues, I just need Emmett..

Jill, well talk to Emmett, I don’t know if he’s on board.. I trust you, I don’t trust Alec, I’d say that right to his face..


Peter, would you want him to sit down in the challenge..

Jill, no, if were suppose to trust, then we’ll trust him..

Peter, I know that some may say, i’m a floater, but I understand the game, I UNDERSTAND the game, you don’t have to have power to play this game…. you don’t need HOH’s to win the game..

Jill, you have to win HOH’s to get the blood on your hands and everyone hates you and you lose..

Peter, I disagree..

8:27pm Jill finally says, I’m going to put my bathing suit on and go in the tub..

Peter to himself, “can someone please call Dan Gheesling and tell him”…. Peter’s audio cuts..

Jillian enters the bathroom and Topaz and Alec are on the chaise.. they talk about watching the show after they get out.. Jill says, Emmett and I are going to watch together.. he’s going to see me shit talking..

Topaz and Alec agree, Alec says, I told her she’s going to like me, hate me, like me and then..


Alec says, I really want to know what was going on with Tom and Liza, Jillian & Topaz agree..

Peter enters the bathoom and lays across Topaz and Alec.. they talk about the game of Big Brother..

Peter says, the game starts when the jury begins.. Casting is the pre-season, when you walk in the door until jury starts is the regular season, juries the play offs and the final 4 is the championship, I view this game as a sport!

9:15pm Peter is talking about reading the Jokers update site and watching After Dark.. he explains the what the update sites do to Topaz and Alec, they’ve never read them..

9:21pm Current topic in the bathroom, Shane Meaney from BB14, Peter and Alec say he was bland and he didn’t do anything, he had the showmance, he liked Kara too..

Shane had it easy getting whatever girl he wanted cause there were no good looking guys on that cast.


Alec tells them he’s not a Dan Gheesling fan, Peter is, he’s read his book on how to get on reality TV and found it interesting..

9:27pm Hot tub gathering over.. Andrew walks through bathroom to take shower, Talla changes..

Topaz is getting ready to get in the pool, Peter touches bases with Alec real quick and retells his conversation with Jillian in HOH..

Jillian and Peter shook on the deal.. if Peter can get 2 votes for Alec, she vote for Alec to stay.. [nothing says, she has to keep that deal though.. and the 2nd vote he needs is Emmett's!..]

10:06pm Jillian asks Emmett if he thinks there will be a twist this week.. Emmett, no..

Emmett, I can’t wait til were not on TV, I can tell you whats really on my mind and it would be much funnier.. Jill, is it dirty.. Emmett, not really..


10:12pm Alec joins them in the kitchen, he says Peter told me he had a talk with Jillian.. I won’t go against Peter..if you decide to do it I won’t betray his trust and I won’t betray your trust.. let me reiterate I have never lied to you in this game.. Emmett, alright..


10:32pm Emmett and Jillian in bed.. talking about what to say to Alec and Peter.. it sounds like Emmett is set on voting Alec out, which Jillian already knew.. for the moment it looks as if The Shield will be no more in by Thursday..

This week is a another double eviction..

  • If Talla or Andrew were to win HOH, I believe Topaz and Peter would go on the block with Topaz as the target, Peter as the backup..
  • If Emmett wins HOH, I believe Topaz and Talla would go on the block with Topaz as the target, Talla as the backup if Topaz wins POV..
  • If Peter wins HOH, I believe he’ll put Jillian and Emmett or Talla up, with his target being Jillian or Talla..
  • If Topaz wins HOH, I believe Jillian and Emmett will go on the block with either as her target..

I believe all the houseguests are tucked in bed!

Goodnight All! xo

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