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Published on April 8th, 2013 | by Julie


Whats UP in the Big Brother House?

Something fishy or possibly Moosey is going on in the Big Brother house..

Here is what we do know:

  • Tom’s HOH monkey is back in the house, Jillian found it behind her pillow, Emmett hid it behind the HOH couch
  • They found Tom’s shoe polish
  • They found a playing card
  • There are NOW 8 dining room chairs, when there were 7
  • …and the most puzzling thing is Tom’s photo in now back in living color!


Big Brother zoomed in for us last night at 2:00am BBT!


So is it a task? If so I believe Peter is behind this task.. or clues to find the Golden Power of Veto? or clues that Tom will come back to host a competition? or ????

Last night the DR told Jillian to “look to a higher power” and “there are over 70 cameras in the Big Brother house”… more clues.. ???? [there are RUMORS (no screen caps for proof) that viewers saw the Veto in a "tree" near the washer & dryer.. if this is true, those clues the DR gave Jill could make sense, because those trees have big lights attached to them and also have cameras attached, but Emmett and Jillian looked at all the cameras they could find last night, if it were that easily seen I would think they would have found it last night..]


8:25am Andrew to Talla, he is 100% coming back to this house, in what way I don’t know, will he host, be back for a day, play, who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see..

Either way as you can see Topaz is scrambling to decode the mystery..


9:20am Topaz, Talla and Jillian in the kitchen, they are discussing the Big Brother guy asks for Topaz and Talla to come to the DR using a sexual voice.. Talla says, he does it so often I think were in a relationship.. [LOLL..]

Topaz, to the point where Talla had an orgasm in the hallway.. they all laugh..

Talla hear’s a noise, she says, did you hear that? They say, yeh but there are always noises..


9:24am Talla rearranging the dishes that people put away in the wrong cabinets, Jillian says, Alec literally asked me 2 days ago where the glasses go, Topaz and Talla say they aren’t surprised… [Alec happens to be one of the HG's that doesn't do much of anything in the kitchen..

Talla's making a chicken salad while Topaz hangs out in the kitchen, not much is being said between them..


In the pool, Alec is working on his "bond" with Andrew.. [no audio that we can hear..] they were in the hot tub together, now the pool..



Camera is zoomed in on Peter, this leads me to believe the clues may have been a task to be completed by Peter!

Mystery solved? Or is it? Tell us what you think!

[disregard the sound of my parakeets chirping in the background.. LOL]

The Mystery is Solved! It was a task via Peter as we suspected! The houseguests will get steak, lobster and VODKA!

10:45am Emmett and Jillian in the HOH, Jill, we need to discuss the pro and cons of who is the bigger threat..Emmett, they have to put us both up..

Emmett, “the thing is this is Big Brother you don’t have to keep your word to anyone”..

After some tongue wrestling. Jill says, ok who should we send home.. Emmett, I’d like to send Alec home, but I don’t know about the repercussions..

They agree they should have noticed that Pete came in the living room all dressed up, Jill, we need to notice these things, we need to start paying attention [ I noticed!! ]


11:00am Jill, can we trust Peter and Alec in the final 4, Emmett, I just don’t understand why they would want us in the final 4.. Jill, neither do Andrew or Talla, no one wants us in the final 4.. Jill laughs.. Emmett, I think it’s bullshit, they know its physical, mental, endurance, they can’t beat us in physical or endurance, I don’t understand their logic..

Emmett, I think its a safer week for us next week if we send out Topaz.. Jill, I think the boys know that we are aligned with Andrew for sure now..


11:08am Jill heads to the storage room, she passes Peter and says, Peter you lying sack of……….. Peter, don’t hate me Jill..Talla’s walking around with the monkey..

11:20am Andrew heads outside to lay in the sun by the hot tub.. Andrew to himself, “Alec you can say whatever the fu-k you want it don’t mean shit to me”

Andrew says out loud, well dad happy birthday, if you were here you’d be laughing at me.. we get some lobster & steak tonight..


11:25am Jill in HOH, Pete’s not gonna be coming after me next week, he’ll be alone.. unless he teams with you..

Jill, do you think they really want you, Emmett, I believe they want to use me as a shield and reflect the bullshit..

Jill, so do we want to get rid of Alec or Topaz, Emmett, maybe there’s a double this week and we get rid of both..[why yes there is a double!..]

Jill asks Emmett if he trusts Talla to go with us, Emmett, no she’ll go wherever the power is, she doesn’t give a shit..

Jill asks Emmett, you want HOH next week, Emmett, I want it every week, there’s 3 HOH’s left.. Jill, you, me, you.. Emmett, yeah..

11:35am Talla walks into HOH while Emmett and Jillian are under the blanket making out, she says, SHOE POLISH.. they’re trying to take my monkey away too..

Talla, says ok, have fun A-W-K-W-A-R-D.. they all laugh..she exits..


11:41am Andrew joins Emmett in the HOH, Andrew, I’m so relieved, although he may have worked with us.. Emmett, they would have been focusing on Tom instead of us..

Emmett, shes gonna put Topaz up, if Alec goes up, we got Topaz and Peter that are going to be pissed, if Topaz home and keep Alec, Andrew, I would much rather prefer to play Topaz or Peter in any competition.. Emmett, yeah..Andrew, I don’t want to keep Alec, he’s won $10,000, he doesn’t even remember he talked to me in the final 4.. Emmett, if Alec stays, he’ll go after lala, Andrew, he says that, but I wouldn’t believe that..

Andrew, I think we should just vote his ass out 3-1.. Emmett, yeah.. Andrew asks what does Jillian want, Emmett, she wants Topaz out cause she (Topaz) hates her guts..

Andrew (is kind of frustrated), then tell Jill to put me up and vote me out, cause I don’t give a shit, Alec needs to go..he’s saying all kinds of shit.. its down to who do you want to work with, me, you and Alec or me, you and her..

Andrew, the ‘Beastcoast’, unless we win HOH, you or I will be on the block, no matter what..

Emmett, I think the best thing is for Alec to go home, but I don’t know what Jillian thinks.. Andrew, I want Alec gone.. he says he doesn’t give a shit about what Alec says..

Emmett, the way I see it, no ones going to vote for me (in the jury)..

11:59am Emmett says, he told me if we keep him he will throw the HOH..Andrew, “what? He just said the same thing to me!”..


12:03pm Emmett retells Andrew, I told you that Peter, Alec, Tom and I had an alliance early on.. Andrew, when.. Emmett we made that deal early like week 1 after I survived the block.. Andrew, but were in the now, so we just move on..

12:05pm Feeds are HUSHED..

3:45pm The feeds are back.. and Talla is sober, they obviously didn’t get their reward yet..

Topic of discussion is how much alcohol they will get after the fiasco with Talla.. they’re on indoor lockdown.


4:02pm Andrew and Alec can not shovel the sushi into their mouth fast enough.. Talla is eating a grilled cheese instead, Topaz has eaten a few pieces..


Emmett puts a lobster into a post that wasn’t at a full boil and the girls screech, “it’s moving”.. Emmett says, if I shot you, you would twitch too…[LOL]


Talla and Andrew read the direction on how to prepare the tenderloin… [scary..]


Peter looks on at all the foods he won’t eat… none of it meets his criteria of ‘processed foods’..


5:00pm Talla prepping the tenderloin, Jillian doing yoga, Emmett and Peter working out..

7:45pm I’m back just in time for the houseguests to be finishing up their family style dinner..

4-08-1943pm 4-08-1944pm

Topaz is dressed up and looks very pretty..


Current topic is Gary scaring Talla that night.. Talla says, I took a step back and I never take a step back, but I thought he was going to hit me.. Emmett says, he’s just a yapper, it’s like a pitbull and a chihuahua..


Topaz to Talla, lets go in (the DR) and ask them for more alcohol but not for you, Talla, I can drink, they just have me on watch..

Alec says he can hear them in the DR, Andrew, Talla’s probably trying to makeout with Topaz.. he says, I shouldn’t say anything I could tell she (Talla) was embarrassed about it (her drunken night last week).. Alec, maybe she should dial it back a little.. Andrew, there have been plenty of times I’ve embarrassed myself.. Emmett, yeh me too, I don’t go out to party, I been out and been sober and had a great time..Jillian, I haven’t gone out to drink since I was 22.. Peter, he goes 6-7 months at a time sober..

8:25pm They agree it would be cool if they got a keg.. Andrew says, he’s never played beer pong..Alec, whatttt you’ve never played beer pong.. talk moves to drinking games..


8:39pm They decide to share their stories of when they first got drunk..

Andrew says he was 16 and got drunk in the woods.. 6 or 7 of us, we sat down on the path, I choked down 6 beers and was drunk, he kept falling down on the ground..I woke up the next morning like ahhh fu-k.. and since then I’ve never stopped..

Topaz, my guy friends would take a picture of the house before, so they could make sure everything was back in place.. Jill, that’s smart..


Talla, my friend stole her moms Echo.. we filled the tank, went into a snow bank, returned it and her mother said, did you guys take my care, and we said what? She said cause there’s more gas in it now..

9:03pm Topaz talking to the cameras, this could possibly be my last week here, it would be nice to have some more alcohol.. we all ate so much, we’ll be fine, if you don’t want Talla to drink anymore thats fine, we won’t let her..even beers would be nice..


Topaz and Talla go up to HOH, Talla asks questions about her drunken night..then they move onto the dance party for two in a half dark room..


Topaz starts, she dances all around the room, on the couch, on the bed, all around the room..


They take turns dancing for the camera while the other watches on the HOH TV.. they’re both tipsy..

4-08-2137pm 4-08-2138pm

9:45pm Jillian tells Topaz and Talla that they can have her shot, Topaz runs to get a Mountain Dew and add shots to their glasses…

9:58pm Talla is asking more questions about her drunken night, she wants to know if she said anything bad.. Topaz, no but you keep trying to makeout with me and tongue me..


Next topic, Dan Gheesling, Jillian didn’t watch any of Dan’s seasons.. so they are explaining all of Dan’s game play to Jill.. Topaz and Talla say he’s one of the best BB players ever, Jill doesn’t even know about Ian either.. apparently Jill didn’t watch any previous seasons.. They’re telling Jill, Dan was a dirty, dirty player, but he was so good he almost won a second time..

Emmett walks through and says goodnight, hugs Talla.. Jillian heads upstairs shortly after, Topaz and Talla go outside, Talla is going a bit nuts because she’s out of cigarettes..  Topaz is asking questions about what it feels like to smoke..

Alec has joined Topaz and Talla outside.. they are still talking about smoking..everyone else in bed..


Goodnight All! xo

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2 Responses to Whats UP in the Big Brother House?

  1. Lucas says:

    I bet you’re as thrilled as I am at the prospect of Tom being back in the house Julie! ;)

    • Julie says:

      Oh I know it would be greatly controlled and scripted, so I actually think it would be funny to see their faces, just because they don’t know he hasn’t been sequestered.. :)

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