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Jillian Makes Her Case + Topaz Responds + Odd Clues

 Jill and Topaz in HOH, game talk begins!

Jill says, I thought about this all last night, “honestly Topaz I told you I wasn’t going to put you up and I didn’t, there’s so many things I have to say right now, so many, that I don’t think your going to win my arguement”

Topaz, my thing is I stood up there on that iceberg for over 3 hours..

Jill, and if you would have won the power of veto it would have been perfect

Topaz, but I believed in your word and I stepped down (apparently 4 out of the 6 POV comp players gave up, Topaz was 1 of them) ..[she should have been fighting for her life, not giving up!]

Topaz, when I look someone in the eye and I make a promise..

Jill, I did and I didn’t break it..

[guess Topaz should have clarified before she threw the HOH comp, Jill did NOT promise she wouldn't nominate her if 1 of Jill's nominations won the POV..]

Topaz, continues to try and make her case.. Jill’s body language is, (nothing you can say is going to change my mind)

Topaz is pushing for Talla to go up, shes never been on the block, she didn’t stay on the iceberg for 3 hours, I was on the block last week, what has she really done in this game..

Jill, I’ll explain why I can’t put Talla up in a second, she’s waiting for Topaz to finish her points..

Jill, yeah I don’t know what the hell she’s (Talla) doing, and thats the main reason you need to go up and not Talla..beacuse you’re going to vote for Alec to stay, I need Alec gone, Alec is who I want out, if Talla and Alec are against each other, you’re voting her out Peters voting to keep Alec..

Topaz, but Andrew and Emmett won’t vote against you.. [note how she didn't deny she would vote for Alec to stay..]

Jill, I don’t know that 100%, and I don’t know that there isn’t a twist that Canada doesn’t get 1 vote, I can’t risk it, I absolutely can’t, that’s all I keep thinking.. I know that by putting you up that Alec’s going to get 1 vote to stay, from Peter, and I know you’re saying I’m going back on my word, I’m not really, I did not put you on the block, there’s so few people to choose from.. Topaz is interrupting, Jill says, just one second, I want you to hear me out, you have to hear what’s going through my head, this is the only thing I can possibly do, there’s so few moves I can make, I could put lala up but then that leaves you and Peter, I know that Alec’s going to go around and do his thing with the boys..


Topaz, I understand the Canada vote thing, but we already know Emmett and Andrew are voting with you..

Jill, it would be two and two and without you, I’ll be half able to say it’s going to be 3-1 if you’re on the block and then Canada’s vote won’t matter..

Topaz, I, uhh, all I can say is I just know Andrew and Emmett are voting with you [Jill just acknowledged that, try again Topaz]

Jill, and I know you’re talking about the word thing, I know you’re talking, my word, my word and I did change it, I changed it on Alec cause he turned into a different person, I’m not gong to risk that, maybe I would have believed in the final 4, but I knew it was horseshit that you weren’t in his final 4, that’s horseshit, he’s lying right to my face, you can’t come up here and tell me a whole bunch of lies and throw you under the bus, he was saying crazy things about you that I won’t even reveal but you’ll see when you watch the show what he was saying about you..

Topaz, yeah…no and I totally understand that and the reason I didn’t even fight that is Alec and I have been rocky, especially lately we’ve been up and down, up and down, its been crazy, I’ve been hearing stuff he’s been saying, I feel like him not voting with me when I was HOH really messed up my game, messed up my showmance, made me get all confused about what his game play is, then I hear throughout the week he’s throwing me under the bus..

Jill, and hes throwing out secrets you told him early on

Topaz, so when you did put him up, you know what, its like bittersweet, its sweet because he totally threw me under the bus when I was on the block with Gary, umm he didn’t really give a shit… she starts rambling, repeating.. she says they made up, and they will see what happens outside the house..

Topaz, we actually talked it out in the DR, obviously Big Brother saw that we were not on the same page..I know as us girls said, we knew that later on we were going to have to part with our man..

Jill, it’s gonna be 3, 3, 3 girls 3 guys left

Topaz, I know

Jill, which is a good thing

Topaz, I know and were in the 7th week, we only have 3 weeks left, I knew this day was going to come, my number 1 priority is me and it’s not the showmance, it’s not like you and Emmett, we’ve been rocky.. I would never throw Alec under the bus, but I do truly feel he is going home this week anyway

Jill, yes

Topaz, I don’t want to go up on the block and if you needed me to vote to keep Talla instead of Alec, I would do that because at this point I need to make new alliances, with people that I trust [umm to little to late!..] you are a person that I did trust in the beginning of the game, I’ve told you many times, lets keep the mances, lets keep the girls strong, you are one of the people that I talk game talk with, not a lot of game talk, but we do talk game talk [huh], Alec is obvious the person I speak the most game with, Gary was one of the people..

Jill, this is my second worst week here, the first HOH was bad too, you feel like your head is going to explode, when Peter won POV, I was happy for him, but I was like why does this happen to me, I mean he wasn’t going home, I was just going to sit back and leave him as a pawn, you know he’s using it on himself, I can’t talk him out of not..

Topaz starts rehashing her HOH reign or lack of, they agree HOH is hell..

Topaz, I know its 99% that Alec is going home, so I’ve lost the two people that I at least spoke game with..

[I may resume transcribing this convo, but they are getting repetitive and basically Topaz can't talk her way out of Jillian putting her on the block, Jillian has made her mind up]

9:25am Emmett and Jillian are telling the story about last night, apparently Jill was in her thong and asked Emmett for his shorts, Emmett woke up with no pants on and Jill wonder if she was searching for shorts in her thong with her ass hanging out.. Talla, so both your asses are on camera, Emmett says, hopefully just my ass.. Talla, so you didn’t dream this, they say, no ..


9:30am Andrew and Emmett in the bedroom..Andrew says, FUCK I wanted to win that, Emmett, I just can’t believe Alec DQ’ed, Andrew, how stupid was that.. I should have fucking won that, I wanted to win it so Jillian wouldn’t have had to worry about it..

Emmett, it should be the house against Topaz next week, Andrew, hello, ya think.. Topaz thinks she should call the shots because she came in second, she dropped..


9:37am Peter and Talla join Jill in the HOH.. Jill, so you’re going to use the POV..Peter, uhh yes.. they all laugh..

Jill, this is a situation where a promise has to be broken, she tells them she told Topaz that she needs her up there so she can’t vote for Alec, shes the only person that makes sense.. Peter says, right..

9:40am Emmett and Andrew both enter HOH..

Talla is rambling,  I don’t get it, I don’t get it… Jill, she wanted me to put you up as a pawn.. I think she wants to talk to you.. Talla oh now she wants to talk game, she’s never talked game with me..Talla says, why would I go up against her showmance, it doesn’t make sense..

Peter says, she didn’t know the severity of her needing to win, Andrew she sauntered threw it, she thinks she was doing good. Peter she didn’t even move fast..

Jill, she says, she wouldn’t vote for him to stay, Jill, I’ve made my mind up..they’ve all agreed that Topaz would keep Alec no matter what..


10:15am Topaz and Alec cuddling in the bedroom… she has retold her convo with Jill, Alec, Jillian’s been riding Emmett’s coattails throughout this whole game, shes only won two competitions..

Alec says hes going to pitch to Andrew, go with us (him, Topaz, Peter) and I will throw final 4 and final 3.. [uhh Andrew won't buy it and who would??..]


Meanwhile in the kitchen Andrew is attempting to recreate Emmett’s milk drinking in the “How Bad Do You Want It” comp with 5 pints of water.. Andrew drinks them all, Emmett gets him a fresh garbage bag to puke in.. Andrew starts puking in a garbage can at the dining room table, Emmett is laughing so hard…. its pretty funny..




11:09am Emmett and Andrew making garden salads, Peter is preparing his processed foods of choice today, fries and wings…[Peter's preparing his body for some possible serious health issues in his future, he eats processed everything and hardly enough fruits for a mouse to survive, not sure he even eats veggies..]


11:17am Alec to Peter, so apparently Jillian is putting Topaz up, Peter, I heard, Alec, the thing is I trust her (Topaz) more..

Peter, I was up there earlier and there was a lot of negativity about Topaz, so I’m going to keep that festering..Alec, yeah..

Peter, you need to stop pushing the Talla saga, its 95% going to be Topaz up with you, I think there’s room for making her the target over you, but it’ll take a lot of work..Alec, I’m going to tell Andrew that I’m putting them up, Peter, I don’t think thats a good idea..

Alec, I do, I don’t think he even likes Jillian he lives no where near her, if you me and Peter want to do this, I’ll sit out the final challenge if you save me, I’ll owe you..Peter, I wouldn’t expect you to see through that part of the deal, I would expect you to play, Alec, right.. Peter, you do what you need to do..

Alec, obviously trusting Emmett up to this point was a bad idea, Peter, perhaps..

Peter, you will never be able to gain favor with Topaz in the game, but you can gain favor with me..

Peter, if you can think of anything you want me to do, let me know..Talla hates Topaz for Topaz saying she wants her out, they don’t like fun, be happy.. Alec, yeah that’s what I’m trying to do..

Peter, its like what Dan said last year you may not have power, but you do have information and information is power..


11:50am Emmett, Jillian, Talla and Andrew in HOH… Jillian is retelling parts of her convo with Topaz this morning..

Andrew, I think I’ll do that, I think I’ll change my alliance right now, with Topaz & Peter & Alec..


12:05pm Jillian, Andrew and Emmett at the hot tub.. Jillian says, are you guys going to take Peter under your wing, Andrew I’ll let him deal with that, Emmett, I’ll talk to Peter, Jill, okay and the girls will talk *laughs*..

The 3 of them agree that if Topaz were to win HOH next week Talla will follow..


I’m checking out for awhile to get some fresh air and sunshine! No game talk currently..

6:56pm I’m back, missed the 6pm show.. I’ll be highlighting the show later tonight!

7:15pm Feeds back, everyone in the kitchen, topic, twists, Pandora’s box..they’re joking about Tom walking back into the game.. Emmett says, he’s not coming back, they wouldn’t have showed us him in that clip.. ?? Topaz says, they can do anything they want, Alec, there’s no way he would be in the jury house, Topaz, why not..


7:16pm Emmett and Jillian study the memory wall, while everyone speculates what’s going to happen..

Tom’s picture is now in color!



7:24pm Something happened when the feeds were cut, that makes them think something big is going to happen, a twist? houseguest returning?

They’re all jumpy, Talla screams, they all say did you hear that…Jillian is the only one who runs to the noise, they think they hear someone on the entrance stairs..


Emmett inspects the entrance area..


7:40pm Emmett and Jillian go up to the HOH room, Emmett rolls his injured toe..


Jillian found the monkey behind her pillows, Emmett tells her to SAY NOTHING, they search the rest of the HOH, Emmett hides the monkey behind the couch..


8:04pm Jill to Emm, I found something else, a clear bag that says Tom.. they look high and low..


So far the items they have found are: The monkey that Tom had during his HOH, a plastic bag with his name on it, his shoe polish, Andrew found a playing card, Topaz and Talla discovered Tom’s memory wall photo is now in color..

8:16pm Emmett, “oh shit there are 8 chairs!”..


I think this is someones task, aka Peter!

8:38pm Jillian and Emmett in the HOH, they speculate if this is something real, Emmett says, maybe he comes back and he’s HOH.. Jill, cause we found the monkey in here..


9:09pm Emmett in the hammock, Andrew joins him, they talk briefly about whether or not Tom would come back, Andrew, he’d have to be in sequester for 3 weeks?? Emmett, yeah, what if it was Canada’s vote, Andrew, but how would they know Canada would vote for Tom..

Peter seems to be the least effected in the house while everyone is worried about what they said about Tom in DR’s, goodbye messages, etc.. Talla is fully freaked out..

9:16pm Alec, Peter, Emmett and Jillian decide to talk some game in the kitchen, while everyone else gets ready for bed.. Emmett to Peter, if Topaz won she would have thrown me up, Alec, no she wouldn’t, Emmett, bullshit..

Alec and Emmett are having a heated whisper-”discussion”..

Peter, it would be a shame to throw away 6 weeks of trust based on an assumption..[Peters referring to Alec acting scared that Jill was going to win HOH]

Emmett asks why Alec was acting like someone just shot his dog when Jillian won HOH.. Alec doesn’t give a definitive answer..

Emmett is not having anything that Alec has to say tonight.. [his body language says it all..]


9:50pm Emmett heads to bed, Topaz enters the kitchen, Alec asks Topaz what she thinks if Tom was to come back.. Alec heads to bed, Topaz follows…

Peter and Jillian in the kitchen, well that got a little heated, Peter, yeah its understandable, Jill, I understand Alec’s point too..

Peter says, from here on out I promise to tell you everything and be honest with you and I’ll talk game with you everyday..


Jill to Emmett, they told me in the DR “look to a higher power & there are over 70 cameras in the house”.. they covertly do another sweep through the house to look for more clues..

11:01pm All lights are still on downstairs in the living areas and BB zooms into Tom’s photo that is now lit up..


11:15pm All houseguests are asleep!

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