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Published on April 6th, 2013 | by Julie


The Big Brother Game Is On [Spoiler]

The gloves have come off and we finally have ourselves some good ole fashion Big Brother gaming going on, thanks to Jillian!

There’s a Twitter-bate still ongoing about the way Jillian has handled her HOH and the way she’s passed information on to others. Let me start by saying, THIS IS BIG BROTHER, a game of lying, backstabbing, blindsiding and manipulating your way to being the last man/woman standing.

In the history of Big Brother, name one winning houseguest that did NOT have to lie, blindside and/or backstab someone while they manipulated their way to the grand prize???

Jurors respect big game moves and if they don’t they need to get over themselves and respect the game! Ask previous Big Brother juror members and see their response, they respect big moves, manipulation, etc..

..and for those that say, Jillian is embellishing, she’s doing this and saying that, blah blah… it was her perception of the conversation she had with Alec, she told the truth but added key words that fans are upset about..”savage”, “threatening”, “snapped”, “bullied”..  lets be honest, have you ever in your life retold a story and dramatized it to make your point and your perception, your feelings, etc stand out, just to have someone agree with you and possibly feel sympathy?… You’re lying if you say never and that’s real life, this is a G-A-M-E with a $100,000 grand prize!

Literally 2 minutes into the conversation between Alec and Jill, when she hints at Alec possibly being an option to go on the block, Alec says, “this is not a good way to do HOH”.. [if I we're Jillian I wouldn't have listening to another word he said, and maybe she didn't or she should have said, ok conversation over.. or she should have responded by saying, this is not a good way to begin your fight to stay in the house!..]

Saturday Morning.

This morning the cameras were still on when Jillian and Emmett told Peter that he was going up as a pawn against Alec!

I transcribed the conversation.

Jill, my best case scenario is to put you up against him, nobody is going to vote you out, you’re not the target, if Alec gets the power of veto, someone else will be going up in his place and that person will be going home, you will never be going home no matter what, you’re not my target, I don’t want to get you out of this game at all, at all, at all..


Peter, so who you putting up beside me

Jill, Alec

Peter, okay..*pause* that uhhh, that’s me, he’s your target now?

Jill, yeah, yes

Peter, okay, soo


Jill, I trust Alec, I mean I trust lala right now more than I trust Alec, I have to go with my gut, I have too..

Peter, ok

Jill, at this point in the game, I don’t trust him

Peter, right, I understand that

Jill, I don’t trust the final 4, I don’t trust that

Peter, ok

Jill, I wanted to call you both up and tell you I was putting you both up, but they literally gave me 45 minutes to get ready and they’re calling me in there in 5 minutes and I’m not even one bit close to being ready yet

Peter, ok, umm, I trust you and I will trust this move, but as we’ve seen in the game pawns go home

Jill, you will not be going home

Peter, if Alec takes himself off the block which he is very capable of doing, then Talla will go up and I will be seen as more of a threat and…

Jill, Talla won’t go up

Emmett, Pete if you get houseguest choice, pick me

Peter, I will

Emmett, and I’ll make sure he does not win, honestly man, as I said last night..

Peter, but will I come off

Jill, if he wins?

Emmett, if I win, yeah

Jill, yeah, I will let that happen cause you have no idea how much you’re not going home, like I don’t want you to go home, this is my best option to put you up beside Alec

Peter, I do trust you and I want to trust you, but

Jill, I swear to God, that you are not my target [and that is the truth]

Emmett, I don’t know what he’s doing, I honestly feel like we kicked Tom out for this, cause he’s kinda like bullying around..

Peter, right

Jill, he’s bullying me, I’m like why am I kicking someone out that I trust more than the other person

Peter, no I certainly understand your perspective, that makes complete sense, so I will then put my trust in

Jill, and I don’t mean to sound so cold as I’m doing this and trying to get ready

Peter, I understand, I understand…umm if that is your objective, umm I..I..I can see the rationalization, obviously I’m not totally comfortable with it, but as a sign of trust in you two, I would put my faith in you and that’s what I’ll do


Jill, and we will discuss the veto if you win it, because I could always

Emmett, yeah, I haven’t talked to Alec yet, but I’m going to talk to him, but I don’t know man, it’s just like I don’t know what the hell he’s thinking [and neither did/do I]

Peter, right

Emmett, he went from never talking to Jill to straight up threatening her and stuff, and like it’s just sketchy because..

Peter, right

Emmett, A: I don’t trust him so much anymore cause of the whole thing happen with him and Topaz, it was a secret, then it wasn’t a secret anymore, and then..

Jill, and now it’s like full fledged crazy

Emmett, he’s like, he’s like alright lets bring Jill in, but then when Jill was up there with Topaz it should have been fine, but then he’s like scared shitless, and we’re like, ok whats going on here

Peter, yeah [I want to know exactly what Peter is thinking right this moment..]


Emmett, this whole time he’s like, he knew Topaz was coming after me, which was ok with him but at the same time he knew he was still with Topaz

Peter, yep

Emmett, I don’t know, it’s just weird man and honestly the whole..

Jill, and you have done nothing but be his number 1 ali in the game

Peter, yeah, true

Jill, and I know that you would take him off, and you told me that yesterday too

Peter, yeah

Jill, and you have to say you would, cause I would say it about Emmett too

Peter, yep

Jill, and the thing about it too, is I’m not backdooring anyone, I’m giving him a chance to fight, he’s a good competitor

Peter, right

Jill, if he gets himself off the block, then someone else will go up but I’ll make sure it’s in your favor, it will be in your favor

Peter, *nods*.. ok, cool, I appreciate you letting me know

Jill, umm I need shoes, everythings down in the other washroom for me to change into, they’re going to call me in the DR in a second

Emmett, I don’t know what you want to tell him Pete, do you want me to talk to him

Peter, oh I think that’s your guys decision to uhh, to make..but certainly if you win veto which you’re very capable of, I would certainly appreciate being taken off, just because of the math

Emmett, honestly Pete, I know that he said, I know that you and him are like this

Peter, yeah

Jill, but at the same time, when I told him I had to put one person on the block..

Emmett, he was almost ok with you going up, and then..

Peter, oh really

Emmett, I just don’t think its as tight as you think it is

Peter, so you think he’s closer to Topaz

Jill, I don’t know, I don’t want to say that

Emmett, I don’t want to say that but

Peter, but that’s what you’re considering

Emmett, I would just keep it in the back of your mind Pete

Jill, or the same, you know like he couldn’t decide between you two if his life depended on it

Peter, right, but then maybe his going back to Topaz maybe was the decision

Emmett, I don’t know, who knows


Jill, do I have something on the back of my legs

Emmett, no

Jill, now someone put these in the dryer and they shrunk, they’re shorter aren’t they

Peter, ok, I trust you guys, I’ve trusted you all along and I would like to continue to build trust with Jill, so if that’s the plan, that’s the plan

Jill, where’s my white bra, I’m losing my marbles

Peter, and we’ll just see what happens with the veto

Emmett, yeah

Peter, but if he takes himself off, it’ll be Talla who goes up

Emmett, yeah probably, I assume

Jill, no that’s not 100% [I love it, Jillian's playing HER game not anyone else's and finally someone is actually PLAYING the game Big Brother style, none of this niceties crap..LOVE! PASS!]

Emmett, I don’t even know what’s going on

Peter, oh it might be Topaz? Because then you get into a situation where he has to choose between Topaz and I and evidently he will choose Topaz

Emmett, but he only has 1 vote

Peter, yeahh

Emmett, its me, Andrew and Talla still voting

Peter, yeah

Jill, and I know that we have the votes 100%

Emmett, shes a tough competitor when it comes to endurance

Jill, can you pull this out of my back, like OMG I’m panicing

Emmett, what do you want..

Feeds go HUSHED!!

As it stands, it looks as if The Shield has laid back a little to long awaiting their ‘big moves’ and therefore Alec had to scramble and in the process he seems to have screwed Peter.

The whole showmance, to cuddlemance, to nomance, to remance, between Alec and Topaz has been one of The Shields biggest downfalls.

No one does it quite like Dr. Will!

Jillian has told Peter that he’s not the target if Alec wins POV.. but from a gameplay stance, it would be wise to vote out Peter therefore taking out the next strongest alliance, lets remember the objective is to be the last one standing and The Shield stands between Emmett, Jillian and the grand prize!

It’s go time in the Big Brother house, no more Mr/Mrs Nice guy/gal!

What are your thoughts?? Leave a comment below!

10:32pm The feeds are back!

Jillian nominated, Alec and Peter for eviction!
Peter has won the Power of Veto!

Talla, Emmett and Jillian in the HOH, Emmett and Jill just finished showering and Talla is sitting on the couch..

Jill to Talla, Im in the worst position ever, Talla says, why.. Jill says, because now I have to go against my word and put her up.. and then I have two jury members who would never give me their vote..


10:35pm Jillian says, she can’t talk to Talla right now, she doesn’t have a mic on yet and she needs to get dressed.. immediately after Talla walks out, Topaz heads up, knocks and wants to talk, Jill says, I just sent Talla out, I have to get ready, Topaz doesn’t get the hint and follows her into the bathroom.. Topaz, “well he’s going to take himself off, were still good on our deal right?”

Jill, well I heard that you said you couldn’t trust me anymore, if you don’t trust me anyway, is it worth breaking trust with someone who does.. Topaz, uh that makes me mad cause I haven’t been talking to anyone, if Andrew or Talla said that… cause Alec and Peter wouldn’t have said that..

Feeds cut..


Feeds back..

Topaz cutting the fat off of the steak she’s going to cook, Emmett eating and drinking milk, Talla and Andrew hanging out in the kitchen, Alec is in the DR and Peter changing..


10:56pm Peter joins the kitchen crew, Jill is putting makeup on in HOH..


11:11pm Jill is stressed, Emmett trying to calm her..she says, everyone can talk to each other and I’m the bad one who has done all this.. Emmett, calm down, relax..


11:13pm Jillian to Emmett, I’m suppose to play this game honest and not lie.. now it looks like I am a back-stabbing bitch because what’s his name won..I did give her the chance to win POV..

Emmett says, this is fucking Big Brother, do you forget what game you’re in? Everyone lies! Name 1 person right now who didn’t lie, cause I don’t know one..


11:23pm Jill curled up on the HOH bed, Emmett, are you ok, Jill, it’s just to much pressure, both times I’ve been HOH both have won POV.. Emm, its a good thing you told Peter he would come off..

Emm and Jill going over what to say to Topaz.. they tell Topaz she’s going up and doesn’t have anything to worry about, Alec’s going home and you’ll be here next week..

Jill, should we just call her up here and get this over with, Emm, no lets just do it tomorrow, Jill, should we go down and just tell everyone I want it to be normal all anyone wants is to talk game right now..

Jill and Emmett decide to go nap in the main bedroom because its way to hot in the HOH room..

Jill, I did my duty I didn’t nominate her, she had the chance to win POV, Emm, she should have won POV.. Emm, I can’t believe Alec DQ’ed himself, Jill, why did he do that?


11:38pm Talla enters the bedroom, she says, you’re not evil, “just pull evil Jill out and own it”.. Jill goes to the DR, Andrew walks in asks Emm if shes ok… Emm, she’s worked up right now..

Talla wants to know if she can lose 3 inches from her waist in 4 days.. Emm, no.. Talla, why..

Emmett, Talla you drink to much pop, Talla you drink to much pop, Talla, you drink tooo muchhh poppp..

Talla starts telling a half asleep Emm a story.. Andrew is like WTF, Peter scoops up Talla and puts her in her bed, tucks her in..Peter tucks Talla in, *using baby voice* ok it’s time for sleep now..

Talla is irritating all the guys with her laughs, giggles and story telling.. [um Talla, STFU, Jill can still put you on the block!]

Andrew, using accent saying, “fu-k off, fu-k offf, fu-k off.. Talla keeps telling story, Andrew yelling at her, she just giggles..

Andrew threatens to dump the contents of his drink all over Talla’s head..

Talla says, did you like that I wore a double padded bra, I think that’s what slowed me down..

Talla leaves to try to get in the DR, Emmett, “THANK GAWD”.. Andrew, “how many fu-king times do we have to say something”..

12:07am Talla now coming down off her caffeine high, sitting on the railing mumbling to herself..


Topaz washing dishes, Talla in the DR, everyone else asleep..

Asleep is what I’m going to do right now… Goodnight All! xo

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3 Responses to The Big Brother Game Is On [Spoiler]

  1. Lucas says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! Save Peter! Alec can go, I don’t give a flying fig newton about him, but save Peter!

    • Julie says:

      I won’t miss Alec one bit, but I’m afraid if Alec wins POV, its bye to Peter and Peter can thank his partner Alec for his departure!

  2. Lucas says:

    WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! Peter won POV! Never in doubt baby! ;)

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