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NO Food Friday + How Bad Do You Want It

The houseguests have awoken to, NO food! Big Brother has removed ALL the food from the house, even the condiments.

There’s 1 exception, SLOP! But there is no protein powder, no sugar, no nothing and Peter is not functioning at all!

7:50am Jillian and Talla in HOH talking game..


Andrew and Talla in the kitchen.. they talk about Gary entering the jury house with AJ.. Andrew says, AJ will ask who won HOH, who won POV and when AJ hears I won both, and Gary’s out, he’ll be happy..


Emmett, Topaz and Jillian in the have-not, speculating as to why Big Brother took all their food away..


Topaz is not happy about everything being taken away..


Houseguests continue to wonder why BB has taken away all their food.. they say it could be anything.. [Peter was sleeping for quite awhile in the main bedroom yesterday..]


Talla’s sleepy..


Jillian and Emmett in HOH, Jill says, Alec is getting annoying, he always eats my food, and I make extra for me, not him, he just started cleaning yesterday..

8:43am Jillian and Alec in HOH.. Jill, I’ve never talked game with you until yesterday, Alec says, its because she’s tight with Emmett so we figured that he would tell you everything.. [nice try Alec]..

Alec says, this is the final 4 that I’m committed too.. I know when it gets down to it, I know Emmett’s going to take you, I know I would take Peter.. I don’t think Andrew would take you.. Jill, I don’t want to use Andrew as a pawn, you came to me yesterday, Peter hasn’t even come to me still, he hasn’t done anything yet..

Alec, “if I feel like this final 4 isn’t going to happen, then I have a lot of OTHER options out there”..Jill, I will let you know if I decide you’re going up..

Alec, if I go on the block over Andrew, I lose trust in you, I realize you just found out about it yesterday..Jill, I see you chatting quietly with Talla all the time too.. Alec, if you trust Emmett you can trust us.. next week I’d put up Topaz and Andrew..

Alec goes onto tell Jillian if she puts Peter on the block, he or Topaz will take him off the block, if you put me up, Peter or Topaz will take me off the block..and you’ve made more enemies..

Alec, “I trust Emmett, we’ve been in this game together the whole time with you as the silent partner”.. if you put up Andrew and Talla, we have the votes to keep Andrew..

Jillian goes to pee and Alec gets up and drinks out of her water bottle.. [nasty!]

Alec goes on with his threatening undertones… The Shield is currently in a downward spiral and Peter is no help at all, he’s having yet another bad day on slop…he’s barely conscious..

There seems to be some debate on whether or not Alec was ‘threatening’ Jillian and thankfully OnlineBigBrother caught the complete conversation on video.

Fast forward to 18:30, Emmett leaves and Alec and Jillian talk game for the first time since the game began with the exception of brief a conversation last night!


9:10am Jillian and Emmett head back to the HOH room… Jillian retells her conversation with Alec.. she tells Emmett he threatened her a few times [and he did].. Jill, he basically told me that if we didn’t work with them in final 4 then they are coming after us.. he said if I put him up, and Peter or Topaz won POV they would take him off, if I put Peter up, and Topaz or Alec won POV they would take Peter off… Jill says, “I have a better idea, I put you both up”.. Emmett, you said that? Jill, no but its what I was thinking.. [Jill's playing her own HOH this week!..]

Emmett says, then throw them both up.. [it sounds as if Alec has now sealed The Shields fate, he gave Jillian the hard sell, and she's not buying what he's selling!!]


9:42am Andrew and Talla talking about Alec and his lack of doing anything around the house, taking everyones food, eating with his mouth open.. Talla, I want to work with them, they (Emmett/Jillian) play with class..

Next topic, farting..


9:58pm Alec and Topaz in the have-not room… Topaz says she’ll talk to her later.. but Alec needs to stop saying, if I win the veto, I’ll take Peter off, etc… or she’ll put you up, I’m already worried about that and if she does that we’re fucked.. Topaz, “she doesn’t see Peter as a competitor, he’s a floater, he just hangs onto Alec”.. Topaz, “I’m not fighting for Peter in the POV”..


10:30am Not much going on in the BB house, Emmett and Jillian are playing puck ball, Topaz washing her dishes.. Peter left for bed a long time ago after attempting to choke down a slop shake..he’s having another bad day..

It’s afternoon in the BB house and Topaz hasn’t even brushed her hair.. Gary would have called her out for it..


10:58am Andrew and Alec in the main bedroom.. they say, this week is out of their hands, the only one safe is Emmett..

Talk moves to Peter, Alec says, they should bring in a medical team and give him an IV, Andrew, then I want one, “an IV is like an oil change” I dated a nurse and she gave me an IV for a hangover…


11:04am Feeds are HUSHED.. not sure if its because of Andrew talking about an ex GF giving him an IV for hangovers or a competition is underway…

2:30pm Feeds are still HUSHED…

To pass the time.. Here are Gary’s Missing Goodbye Messages!

4:04pm Feeds are back and Peter is alive, well and eating pizza, which happens to be 1 of the actual 6 foods he actually eats..


It sounds like the competition was “How Bad Do You Want It” challenge..

  • Jillian had to wear a pregnant suit and lick peanut butter off of Alec’s bare chest
  • Talla had to dress cute and wax Andrews legs
  • Andrew had to wear a french maid outfit and get his legs waxed
  • Topaz had to speak french, only say ‘wee, wee’ for an hour
  • Emmett had to drink 2-3 liters of milk, he threw up all over
  • Peter had to eat a garden salad which even though he was slowly starving to death on slop, he gagged and threw up cause he had to eat tomatos and other garden veggies on his salad [honestly pitiful]
  • Alec had to take chum baths

Andrew as a topless french maid..


4:32pm Jillian to Emmet, “I like you!” Emmett to Jillian, “I still find you sexy with the belly!”


Emmett to Jill, they’re just using me as a shield, they plan on getting me out soon anyway…[interesting choice of]

Jillian’s pregnant belly..


5:oopm Emmett listening to music, Jillian fell asleep across the bed..


Jillian briefs Talla on her conversation with Alec and her nominations.. Talla says, she can’t wait to see their faces..


Random chat throughout the house.. nothing going on..


Jillian and Peter go up to the HOH to discuss nominations..

6:05pm Alec and Topaz break up the game talk to prepare a tomato sauce bath for Alec because he still smells like dead fish guts from the chum bath..


6:08pm Jillian and Andrew in the backyard, Jillian is recounting the conversation she had with Alec to Andrew, she’s dramatic but telling the truth about many of the things Alec said to her..


6:50pm Emmett tells Peter what was said between Jillian and Alec in the HOH room this morning, Peter is truly shocked, its the first he’s even heard about the conversation..

Emmett to Peter, he went from not talking to her, to threatening her, that he’ll come after her and me.

Emmett to Peter, he’s (Alec) an idiot, Peter, that’s not smart, he was playing smart up to this point..


Jillian joins the outside crew, her pregnancy is over… Jillian says, I had a bouncing baby boy named Peter… Peter says, awww..

Jillian says, Big Brother confirmed that her and Topaz were on the iceberg for well over 3 hours..

Jillian and Peter talk quietly in the kitchen..Peter tells Jillian that Emmett told him about some of the things that were said in the HOH between her and Alec this morning.. he says, I hope you know that the opinions of him don’t represent my opinions and he is surprised at some of the things that Alec said to Jillian.. Peter says, he’s not on board with the way and what Alec said to her..


I went to dinner with family, I checked in and not much happened while I was gone..

11:00pm Houseguest’s all tucked in bed..

Tomorrow are nominations and the POV Competition, so expect another long feed outage! Goodnight! xo

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