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Thursday E-Day Buh-Bye to ‘The Secret Wedding’ [Spoiler]

Today we say Buh-Bye to The Secret Wedding Alliance, Gary or Topaz will join AJ in the jury house as the second member.

American viewers join us here at 7pm PT to watch tonights show stream live!


RealNetworks/Superpass confirms via email that they will not be hosting the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds! It seems that is taking a page out of Big Brother Canada’s book and providing the Live Feeds at!

Read the details of the email here!

Which member of ‘The Secret Wedding’ Alliance will be evicted tonight?

  • Gary (84%, 36 Votes)
  • Topaz (16%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 43

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If tonight’s HOH Competition is endurance, who do you believe will outlast them all?

  • Jillian (57%, 29 Votes)
  • Talla (22%, 11 Votes)
  • Emmett (18%, 9 Votes)
  • Alec (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Peter (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Andrew (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Topaz (if she stays) (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Gary (if he stays) (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 51

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Eviction Day Morning.

7:29am Andrew spending his last hours in HOH listening to music in solice..


Jillian/Emmett and Peter/Alec playing table puck game, Gary doing his nails, Topaz just watching..


7:32am Talla cleaning the shower..


8:20am Gary and Talla are on the lounge in the bathroom, laughing, planning to spend time together..Gary NEEDS Talla’s vote, so my thought is this conversation seems a wee bit forced.. yesterday Gary had a brief convo with Emmett and Jillian in the storage room, he was realizing he needed Talla’s vote.. too little too late..


9:03am Jillian brushing her teeth, Talla crashed on the chaise..


9:11am Andrew’s talking about his dad passing, he says, “its true that time heals all things”.. it’s gotten easier over the years.. “hey we all die”.. “hi how are you, you’re gonna die”… ahh maybe Andrew can write greeting cards when BB is over…LOL

Alec asks Andrew about his dad.. Andrew talks about his dad and hearing that his dad had cancer.. he says, normally you have 6 months with pancreatic cancer but my dad died in 23 days.. he says, the whole family was there..


Current feed choices, Jillian doing her nails or Alec and Andrew in the kitchen, everyone else off camera..


Continued conversation in the kitchen between Andrew and Alec is death and losing people close to them..


9:29am Feeds are HUSHED!

I’m fairly confident tonight’s Head of Household competition will be an endurance competition and at this point ALL the houseguests need to try and win! Not even Peter can afford to just throw it, he could be next to go if he does..

Feeds are back, they were just faking us out..

9:41am Andrew is now asleep in the bedroom, Peter is asleep on the main bedroom floor?? [not sure why, but hope they don't receive a punishment because of this..]

Talla likely still asleep on the chaise in the bathroom, Gary and Topaz are off camera, but possibly in the have-not room sleeping..

Alec is in the shower..

4-04-0941am 4-04-0949am

10:06am Feeds are HUSHED!

10:59am Topaz and Gary in the bedroom.. Topaz says, “I’m nervous as shit”.. Gary, “stressed out”.. Gary’s packing..


11:10am Another eating frenzy going on in the kitchen..

11:11am Andrew to Emmett, “I’m waving hello to you from behind the pillow”..


11:15am Feeds are HUSHED!

Tonight’s Show and/or Endurance Competition Highlights.

+ Who was evicted from the Big Brother here
…in a vote of 5-0, Gary was evicted!

The houseguests thank Canada for their Cosmo Party, especially Talla, who gets right to drinking.. we know how this story ends..

4-04-1910pm 4-04-1911pm

Already buzzed, Talla tries kissing Topaz several times.. they cut out the DR where they ask a drunk Talla to recite the ABC’s… that would have been so funny to see..


The day after, this is what Talla’s NON-hangover looks like as she stumbles through the hallway to the bathroom..


Gary lets Emmett shave the letter BBC (Big Brother Canada) into his hair..


Alec and Peter are definitely second guessing whether leaving Andrew in the game instead of AJ was such a good idea, because Andrew and Emmett have gotten close this week and Topaz told Alec that Andrew, Emmett and Jillian have a final 3 deal..


Big Brother visits the Mothers of The Shield!


Next, Big Brother visits Emmetts family.. I believe these are 2 of his brothers, or friends, I can’t remember..


Next, Big Brother visits Jillian’s family… photo below is Jillian’s sisters..


Both families think Emmett and Jillian are good together, they say they’re both active, have the same interests and are both nice..


Arisa asks Topaz and Gary how they’re doing… Topaz gives the thumbs down and Gary says, iffy..


Arisa asks Gary about slop and his slop meltdown.. Gary says, he would rather eat a bowl of glitter than slop..


Arisa talks to Andrew in the HOH room… Andrew says, its become the “Beast Coast against the “Lefties”..


It’s time to vote… in a vote of 5-0 Gary is evicted from the Big Brother house.. [I have to say, Gary is an entertainment factor in the BBC house, so I'll miss him..]


Gary takes his eviction like a champ and is truly excited to see Arisa and the audience..

4-04-1948pm 4-04-1949pm

Arisa asks Gary who he thinks will win.. he says, Alec because he’s so smart or Peter because no one notices him… For some unknown reason Big Brother doesn’t provide any Goodbye messages for Gary… BOOOOOOO..


Time for the HOH endurance competition.. Alec tries to use a sweatshirt to tie it to the bar and Arisa tells him he can’t do that..

4-04-1951pm 4-04-1952pm

Big Brother begins blasting them with air..


Jillian is already meditating and using a breathing technique… this was her competition to lose… and lose she did NOT!


They didn’t show any footage on the feeds, but apparently Topaz and Jillian made a deal that if Topaz fell, Jillian wouldn’t nominate her or Alec….

Back to the house, post show/comp.

8:32pm Feeds are back and pretty much all the houseguests are in the bathroom… Alec and Topaz in the shower together, Jillian in the other shower, both the girls are trying to get warm, but the hot water runs out… Jillian gets out and gets in bed with Emmett to get warm under the covers..

4-04-2032pm 4-04-2033pm

Alec is suddenly in-separable from Topaz… he helps her out of the shower, wraps her and takes her to the have-not room… where they “get warm” in each others arms..


The houseguests are restricted to the bedroom wing, Emmett is in the DR..


Topaz doing a dance for Andrew and Peter..


Feeds are back and Talla and Andrew are putting frozen pizzas into the oven..


Peter and Emmett and playing table puck game..


The feeds are skipping for me, which means it’s time for bed.. until tomorrow! Goodnight! xo

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One Response to Thursday E-Day Buh-Bye to ‘The Secret Wedding’ [Spoiler]

  1. Lucas says:

    Yeah, Gary might have NOT wanted to flip out on Talla if he wanted her vote. I’ve been waiting a long time for this day and it’s FINALLY here. Bye bye Glitter, don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord split ya!

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