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Wednesday + A Vampire + Show Highlights

Wednesday, Zoe will be making an appearance today.

7:43am Current riveting topic, the sliver in Jillian’s foot and how it will work itself out, pus will be first then the sliver, Talla says, I want to see the pus..


Next topic.. what happens to Talla’s bowel movements when she drinks regular milk…


8:28am Andrew and Emmett in the hot tub, current topic with Andrew is Talla, Andrew, “she’s got a little body on her, and when shes dancing and swinging her hair around”.. [below is his facial expression when he says that... basically he likes it!..]


8:59am Jillian fell asleep for 10 minutes and drooled all over the pillow, Talla says, “that’s like an ocean of drool, PASS!”..


9:10am Talla and Alec working out.. Topaz helping Talla count out her reps.. [I have a sinking feeling its an endurance comp tomorrow, these people really shouldn't be doing an intense workout today, but not sure Talla can put 2 & 2 together and realize she should lay off the workout..]


9:26am Emmett and Jillian laying in bed, Gary applying his Zoe makeup..

Gary to Emmett/Jillian, “you mother fu-kers better get out of the room, you’re getting more camera time than me”


Talla’s telling Emmett and Jillian about her workout, she says, shes going to eat healthy today, if they see her drinking a Pepsi, take it away..


9:42am Vertical jump contest, Emmett kills it, Talla “FAIL”..

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9:55am Andrew is called to the DR and emerges as a vampire to take photos, biting the houseguests necks and in Jillian’s case, biting her ass!

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1:00pm I’ve been gone for 3 hours, and look, wait don’t bother looking because nothing happened!

Just, sleep, eat, workout, hot tub, eat, sleep, workout, eat…. repeat again..


2:12pm Zoe/Gary is in the kitchen, with the girls..


Emmett walks in to grab a carrot, Zoe/Gary says, what are you looking at Emmett, do you like what you see, Emmett, I’m afraid of what I see… Zoe/Gary what do you mean…


Andrew walks through, Zoe says, Hi Andrew, you remember me don’t you, Andrew, nice work you had done (on boobs), they go with your eyes..


Friends with privileges.. Topaz and Alec have a brief makeout sesshh while everyone else is busy..


For the Jillian fans..


Topaz, Zoe and Talla at the pool.. Talla shaking her booty again..


Zoe/Gary is done swimming for the day, apparently she has to catch a plane to somewhere… her cleavage washed off in the pool..


4:32pm Alec to Peter, do you think its better to put up Andrew and Jillian or Andrew and Talla, guess we’ll have to figure that out.. no response that I can hear from Peter.. Alec, put Jillian up, if Andrew pulls himself up its Talla..

Hard to hear Peter, he’s a good whisperer.. Alec, if it remains us four (Alec, Peter, Emmett and Jillian) then it’s us against those two.. Peter nods yes..

Alec, I don’t like that what if Talla wants to keep Andrew, it’d be a sure thing to put up Andrew and Talla because Topaz isn’t going to save Andrew.. Peter, I guess, I guess.. if I do that I’d be going back on my word to Talla and we’d have to do damage control there.. Alec, have you given Jillian your word.. Peter, yeh awhile ago..


Tonight’s Show Highlights.

The show begins with Gary and Topaz in the bedroom, Topaz telling Gary it’ll be okay, Gary starts to cry..


Alec says, his strategy is to let everyone know that the showmance is over and his targets are Gary and Topaz and he will not be comfortable until they are both gone.. Alec says, after 37 days with her he knows what she thinks of the other houseguests and he has a lot of ammunition on her.. he’s tired of being fake with her.. “she stands between him and the $100,000 prize and the title of Big Brother champion”.. “I’m going to fight, I’m going to win vetos, win hoh’s until the both of them are gone”..

Alec, “I think the chances of Topaz and I being friends outside of this house are ZERO, especially after what I’m going to do this week”..


Talla’s expression as Alec talks..


Next, Talla says, “after the last HOH with Topaz it was obvious I needed to have some serious conversations around here”.. Talla and Peter head outside, Peter says in the DR, “the only thing Talla is looking for this week is safety and security, if the Shield can give her that than we can use her going forward”..

Peter offers her trust, he’s looking out for her best interest, he promises, he wants her around for awhile… Peter, “you’re an important part of this game”..


Andrew misses his best friend AJ, they show a highlight reel of the two of them.. kinda creepy and sweet..


Next, Emmett goes up to HOH.. he and Andrew discuss a final 3 with Andrew, Emmett and Jillian, The East Coast Alliance..


The Power of Veto players..


..and it’s one of my all time favorite POV competitions I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching!


[I'll be uploading the video in just a bit]

Next Gary Goes Off On Talla because she asked him to turn off a pot.

[My guess is Gary forgot that he's on the block and needs every vote he can possibly get..]

Next, Andrew, Talla and Jillian go to the screening of Evil Dead.

Post show goings on in the house.

Andrew, resting on the floor, despite all the furniture sitting around..


Jillian bakes cookies for everyone who can eat them..


Emmett and Jillian have a brief conversation in the hammock, random conversations throughout the house and everyone gets ready for bed..

Refresh throughout the day for updates to this post.

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