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Published on April 2nd, 2013 | by Julie


Tuesday Talla’s Non-Hangover + Cleaning Day

Ahh, Tuesday, what will it bring, there will most certainly be no alcohol involved.

6:55am Gary showering, Peter cleaning the bathroom..


Gary’s not feeling so chipper this morning.. a bit of a hangover..


They’re retelling Talla’s drunken night, Talla doesn’t remember most of it.. the feeds were off to spare us the details of Talla puking everwhere, several times, in the bed, over the bed, out of the bed, in the bathroom, in a bucket and on Topaz… so lets all thank Big Brother for that!

Talla says she feels like she could throw up again.. [shocking!..]


She thanks everyone for helping her last night, they tell her she’ll want to shower because she still has puke in her hair..


Big Brother told Jillian that the house is a mess and they want it cleaned, everyone divides the chores and gets to cleaning..


Jillian and Alec making beds, Emmett mopping the bathroom floor, Peter cleaned the bathroom counters, Topaz dusting, everyone’s gathering the laundry scattered throughout the house..


Talla is claiming she doesn’t have a hangover, apparentely she thinks you don’t have a hangover if you don’t have a headache… but she can hardly move without feeling like she has to puke..


Everyone has banded together to clean, EXCEPT for Gary, who has decided that Big Brother understands that he must first apply his makeup prior to cleaning anything..


Emmett and Topaz polishing all the furniture..


Talla says she doesn’t feel good and heads to the stall to throw up, but she can’t because there’s nothing left in her stomach..


Emmett tells Gary he’s going to vacuum, Gary says, no, I’ll do it when I’m done with my makeup..Gary’s got an attitude..


Alec cleaning all the shelves in the bedroom..


Gary gets called to the DR, but he’s upset he’s not done with his face, he applies glitter to his clothes and lips..

The DR has told Gary he needs to get to cleaning..


Topaz, Jillian, Peter and Emmett in the kitchen, Gary grabs the ironing board from the storage room and drags it to the hallway, Jillian tells Emmett he’s mad at you for vacuuming, Emmett, well we all cleaned together like a family and he hasn’t done anything but sit and do his makeup, the house was clean and we were dragging all the stuff on the floor around the house.. they all agree..


Talla has finally finished her 30 minute shower and Topaz and Jillian are retelling her drunken night..


Gary’s pouting in the bathroom, “I’m over it, I don’t even want to be here anymore”..Topaz, stop, don’t have one of those days again..they’re just upset because we were cleaning as a family and you weren’t helping..

Gary, “I’m not on everyone else’s time, I’m on my time”..


8:49am The DR has told Gary to clean, he starts cleaning the have-not room, the houseguests left the showers for him to clean too, we shall see if he cleans them..


Andrew and Emmett head to the hot tub, they’re frustrated with Gary and his lack of caring about anyone else in the house, but himself..

Talk moves to Talla, Andrew says, I know you’re worried about Talla but we don’t have any options..

Emmett thinks Peter is probably a big DR guy and commentates on everything..


11:20am Gary eating his ‘gourmet’ bowl of slop, Talla’s eating a huge plate of rigatoni and meat sauce.. she’s eating it like its her last meal..

4-02-1125am 4-02-1129am

11:45am Andrew and Emmett begin their workout, Alec is doing another one of his 6 hour workouts, Jillian’s just started yoga..


1:54pm Just checking in and see the feeds are HUSHED… [shocking!..okay not really]..

2:00pm Feeds are back and the houseguests just got finished answering the fans questions that were submitted yesterday..

Bathroom: Gary doing Topaz’ makeup..


Kitchen: Alec to Andrew, you were surprisingly a dick, Andrew and you were a cock..


2:15pm Currently the houseguests that can eat are eating.. next up Peter works out and others nap.. [riveting..]

I’m out for awhile, retail therapy! Be back later..

7:46pm Peter to Andrew, Emmett, Alec… “if there was another PowerShift, vote for who you want off the block, Gary wins 9,000,000 to 4″.. next topic, what the next HOH comp might be..


Alec says, we can beat out anyone if its physical..[I think Jillian can kick all their asses if its physical]


8:00pm Gary and Jillian in the shower, I haven’t seen Gary look up in a long time, I have no idea what he’s doing in there.. shaving something??


8:04pm Topaz in the bathroom now, she’s asking Gary what he’s doing, he says, “shaving my crotch” .. now we all know what he is doing… your welcome!


9:44pm Gary and Topaz were wrestling, Topaz was on top of Gary, Emmett walks out and says, what are you guys doing, dry humping… they say, noo wrestling..


9:46pm Jillian folding laundry..


Alec, Emmett and Andrew play football..


Nothing much going on, I’m heading to bed.. Goodnight all! xo

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