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Monday POV Ceremony + Alcohol Delivery

All is currently calm in the Big Brother house, everyone seems to be talking and hanging out..

7:06pm Talla and Topaz chatting in the bathroom, Talla says, last night I told Alec that you and I talked and everything was better, Topaz says, I talked to Gary, then I went into the DR, then I went in and laid next to Alec and told him I can’t sleep, he said, I can’t open my eyes I’m so tired, Topaz, but I can’t sleep, can we talk..

Not much more is said, they hug it out and Talla heads to the kitchen..


7:11am Emmett and Jillian are cleaning the kitchen..



Emmett heads outside, Jillian calls him back inside.. she tells Emmett she talked to Talla and Talla says, they (Topaz & Talla) talked and made up, but their telling Talla that you’re coming after her.. Emmett, what? I thought I was ok with Talla, but if she comes after me now, I’ll have too..


7:19am Jillian is making Peter a slop shake..


7:26am Everyone but Topaz and Gary outside..they’re talking about Talla’isms..


Next topic, Talla farting and how many farts is normal for a regular day, apparently 13, Talla says, I’m way over that and I’m not even on slop..


7:41am Talla says, speaking of, gets up goes into the kitchen and farts and walks back out, Andrew says, that’s got a tail on it.. more talk about the proper amount of farts per day and whether or not the ones while your sleeping counts..


Peter tells Talla he’s going to get t-shrts made with all their ‘isms’ and sell them, and you’ll make money off of it, Talla, how.. Peter, when I sell one of your shirts I send you a portion of the profits, Talla, so were in business together, Peter, yes.. they shake on it..


Andrew, Alec and Emmett head to the hot tub..


8:35am Current kitchen topic is models and celebrity divas.. Gary says, if I’m a celebrity and on set and all they had was cheese and crackers, I’d be like give me what I want..


8:47am Emmett and Andrew in the HOH room… general game chat, repetitive, Andrew says, he’s been going over the numbers.. they’re talking about Topaz going next..


8:53am Emmett tells Andrew to be sure and invite Peter and Alec up here too, Emmett goes out and asks Pete, what’s up, Peter joins them in HOH, they talk music..


8:56am Jillian and Talla join the HOH gang..

9:05am Emmet, Jillian, Peter and Talla talking about cell phones, blackberries and their personal phones, Peter says, I left my phone at home

Talla asks who’s paying for their auto insurance, Jill, someone told me not to, cause it’s only $90 a month.. Talla says, mine was $341 or $481 a month, Peter says, WHATTTT.. you’re not fit to be on the road.. she says, I had a lot of tickets and stuff.. but now it’s $184..

Next topic, their favorite season, Talla likes Summer, Peter says, Winter and the snow..


9:14am Jillian and Emmett have gone into their own world, Jill says, I want to go on a date with you, Emmett, that would so great.. they’re laying on their mics, so we hear *gurgle, gurgle, mumble*..

9:24am Peter and Talla talking about life outside the house and what they want after, Peter says, if all I have is more YouTube followers, then that’s enough for me.. Talla rambles.. so I’m not sure what she wants..

Andrew is back from the DR..

While I was watching the HOH camera, apparently Alec and Topaz were talking downstairs.. Alec tells Topaz his feelings are all mixed up, he doesn’t know what’s real, what isn’t, he thinks the showmance needs to end, they can pick it up outside the house.. Topaz tells Alec I just want you to be straight with me, if you’re not fighting for me, just tell me..

Topaz to Alec, if you make final two, you’ll get my vote, if we make it to final 3, I’ll take you..

9:38am Topaz laying on the round have-not bed, actually awake, Gary working on his makeup..


10:11am Topaz and Alec head to the have-not room to continue their conversation.. Alec doesn’t want to explore their feelings in there.. I don’t want to ignore you, I want everyone to be friends, because honestly you have a good chance to stay.. Topaz I don’t want it to be awkward, and not speak and stuff.. Alec, if you do stay, we can figure out what to do from there, Topaz, if I stay, don’t sugar coat it, just say it, you have my vote, who else would I vote for..

Topaz, I still want your pity vote, Alec, we’ll talk about it..

Alec, I’m going to go work out, “last kiss ever… in here”.. hug? 4-01-1016am 4-01-1017am

10:20am Topaz goes into the bedroom to talk to Gary, she rehashes hers and Alec’s conversations.. I can’t hear a lot of what she said because her mic was obstructed and/or wasn’t turned up..


10:28am Talla and Topaz go to the have-not room, topic proper posture.. Topaz says, shes going to go get ready, I talked it out with Alec, Talla, oh you guys talked it out.. Topaz, basically, in this house, it’s hard to be in a showmance, we came to terms that we have feelings for each other but lets just be a friendmance..Talla, do you know how hard that is, to go from a friend to a ___ to a friend.. Topaz, we’ll figure it out outside after we watch the show..


Topaz, did you say something to Andrew about the locket, Talla, yes he asked me about it.. Topaz tells Talla she lied about the locket and she says, this is really from my sister, but there really is an italian guy, I did it to see if it was going to get back to Alec.. I only told you and Jillian, so Jillian told Emmett.. [not a shocker].. Talla, does that piss you off, Topaz, Emmett told him because they are trying to keep the guys together..

Talla, I love Gary but I don’t have a reason to keep him here.. no matter what you have my vote..


11:06am Alec asks Peter if he thinks he could have played the game without someone like him, Peter says, no, cause I couldn’t have kept everything all bottled up, Peter agrees..Peter says, if you weren’t here it would have been Liza, Alec, and that wouldn’t have been good, Peter, no that wouldn’t have been good.. Peter, I wonder how the fans will view us as an obvious alliance like others in the past..

Clip from Sunday Nights Show.. Gary, ‘My Life is Gourmet”, his Day 1 Slop Meltdown.

11:50pm Gary is working on his outfit of the day, it consists of a shirt, underwear, accessories and a see thru sweater, oh and boots.. his ass is hanging out the back..


12:10pm Gary dressing Topaz in one of his wraps..


12:30pm Talla says, OMG I can see your, Gary, “I know, I feel so sexy”..


Gary helping Talla spray her hair..


Talla’s checking herself out in the mirror and decides to bust a move, shake her ass and raise her hands up….[hallaaa Tallaa..]


12:42pm Feeds are HUSHED.. likely for the POV Ceremony..

The feeds were back around 4:00pm and…Andrew did not use the POV… plus alcohol delivery!

4:54pm Talla, Gary, Topaz and Jillian in the kitchen, Andrew walks in and says where’s all the vodka, they say they’ve all had 1 drink , they’re on their seconds..


Talla dry humps Topaz on the kitchen couch, saying.. bam-ba-bam-bam-bam..

4-01-1658pm 4-01-1659pm 4-01-1700pm

Andrew making eyes at Gary again..


Talla is called to the DR, but first she must do some booty shaking.. Andrew says, Talla remember when you asked if they will play this on TV, they will play this on TV.. Andrew throws his towel over her ass..

Talla bumps into the wall, so Topaz helps her to the DR…

4-01-1710pm 4-01-1711pm 4-01-1712pm

Andrew asks Gary if he “wants some of this”..

4-01-1713pm 4-01-1714pm 4-01-1717pm

Jillian and Andrew drink another shot…

4-01-1724pm 4-01-1725pm

Talla out of the DR and lays on the floor, but they want her to join them at the hot tub for a smoke.. so they help her up..


Talla is a drunken mess at the hot tub, she burns Gary with a cigarette, lays down, slides into the hot tub, says she peed in it… Peter helps her to the bathroom..


Peter’s trying to get her to walk with her arm around him..he scoops her up and carries her..


5:52pm Peter helping Talla… Talla pee’s then lays down on the floor and the feeds cut…

7:42pm Feeds still HUSHED.. my guess is that the feeds will return and we’ll find Talla tucked in bed sleeping… she’s going to have one awful hangover tomorrow.. I also suspect that Big Brother will keep a closer eye on exactly how much alcohol Talla consumes in the future.. she’s only 95 lbs it just doesn’t take much to get that little one sloshed..

8:35pm Feeds are back and all is well in the Big Brother house, Emmett and Alec talking in the bedroom and Talla is asleep in the bed in between them..


Jillian is cleaning the kitchen, Emmett joins her.. Topaz in the bedroom talking to Alec.. the current topic of conversation is hanging out with each other on the outside.. Alec doesn’t want to hang out with everyone..

Emmett and Jillian join the bedroom conversation.. they talk about where to vacation, Cancun, Mexico, Vegas all come up in conversation..

4-01-2101pm 4-01-2102pm

9:13pm Emmett’s leaving the main bedroom and heading to the have-not room to sleep..

Looks like most of the houseguests are in bed, Topaz is flossing.. Talla’s going to have one heck of a hangover tomorrow..

Goodnight all!! xo

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2 Responses to Monday POV Ceremony + Alcohol Delivery

  1. Lucas says:

    They already had the POV comp, check out jokersupdates to see who won, don’t wanna post it here and spoil any of your readers who don’t want to be spoiled.

    • Julie says:

      Yeh I had meant POV Ceremony.. I was behind a bit because of Easter Sunday with the family.. I caught myself up to speed.. Thanks Lucas!

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