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Sunday Show + Instant Eviction + The Aftermath

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday! I had a houseful of family and literally just finished watching tonight’s show while also keeping an eye on the feeds…
Sunday’s Show Highlights

Sunday’s show picks up right where Thursday’s show left off. Topaz has just won HOH and she’s called to the HOH room.. there is no studio audience, it’s just Arisa and her microphone..


Arisa tells Topaz she has 5 minutes to choose 2 houseguests to go on the block, Topaz is shocked and says, I don’t get HOH for a whole week do I.. Topaz gets up and starts pacing the floor.. and for some stupid reason she begins talking out loud to herself, while Arisa checks in with her every few minutes to remind her of the time left..


Meanwhile Arisa calls the houseguests to the living room, and the TV goes on and they can see and HEAR EVERYTHING that Topaz is saying out loud… she says, the house wants Talla out, Talla’s face is shocked.. all the houseguests are stunned at everything that Topaz is revealing..


Jillian tells Emmett, this is so unfair that we can hear everything, Emmett agrees..


The houseguests are speechless as they listen to Topaz ‘think out loud’..


Topaz tells Arisa, she nominates AJ and Andrew with AJ as the pawn again..


Arisa instructs Topaz to join the houseguests in the living room.. Arisa tells Topaz that the houseguests have been listening and watching Topaz in the HOH room.. Topaz plays it off and says, I don’t even remember what I said.. the houseguests say, we heard it all..(when she’s really thinking OMG what did I just say and do)


Emmett, Peter and Alec easily vote to evict AJ, Talla votes to evict Andrew, Gary votes to evict Andrew and Jillian is having a hard time deciding who to vote to evict, she finally says, I vote to evict AJ and the vote is 4-2 to evict AJ..


AJ takes his eviction like a champ and tells Arisa, it’s just a game and I can’t wait to see them when this game is over.. Arisa asks his pick to win and he says, he thinks Jillian, she’s the whole package and aligned with a strong male, she’s charismatic and has made friendships with everyone..


Camera switches to Peter and Emmett in the bathroom, Peter’s (very animated) saying, how could she be so stupid as to talk out loud, revealing everything, Emmett agrees.. Peter goes on for a few minutes about how idiotic Topaz was..


Next an angry Topaz calls Alec upstairs, she confronts him about his vote, Alec says, he was doing it for them, Topaz, no you were doing it for YOU! The showmance has ended and Topaz is not happy at all!


Gary heads up to see if Topaz is okay, she repeats what was just said between her and Alec..

3-31-2049 3-31-2050

Next up the HOH competition.. Questions and Answers, they were given quotes made by a former houseguest and had to hold up the photo of the houseguest they think said each quote.. it came down to a tie breaker between Andrew and Talla and Andrew won!

3-31-2055 3-31-2057

As the current HOH Andrew is quickly given one more task, he must pick 4 have-nots and Andrew picks Topaz, Emmett because he has a slop pass and it doesn’t matter, Peter says, I’ll take it and Andrew picks Gary, and Gary starts to have a melt down, he says, “I eat gourmet”.. and his melt down escalates and he goes running into the house, crying, heads into the bathroom stall and sobs, crying hysterical… next we see Gary, crying, sobbing, in a heap on the bedroom floor with Topaz trying to console him.. and Sunday’s show ends!


Sunday Evening.

8:20pm Jillian doing her nails..Gary and Topaz walking through..


Topaz and Gary walk through the kitchen, Jillian says, Gary you’re doing so good on slop..


8:28pm Topaz and Gary in the bathroom, Gary says it would be a smart move if they got rid of me this week.. Topaz, its easy to fake it with Jillian and Talla, but it’s so much harder to fake a showmance, it was easy in the beginning but it’s so much harder..


9:10pm Topaz says, I give it to Emmett and Jillian, they will be friends outside of this house.. Gary doesn’t think Danielle is going to talk to him outside of the show because he knew the night before that she was going to get voted out.. [little does Gary know, Danielle is routing for Gary!..]

Gary says, I’m not bowing down to them, I’m not going to act any different block or not.. Topaz, emm hmm, emm hmm


9:16pm Emmett heads up to the HOH room, he tells Andrew he needs to be careful with Lala, cause Alec and Peter think they have her..

Emmett says, I think Lala wants you and me and Jillian to be in final 4.. Emmett says, you have to be careful because the more you win the more dangerous you become to them..


9:21pm Jillian enters the HOH and lays on the bed, she tells them go ahead and lip everything cause I can’t see (she took her contacts out).. Andrew asks if she talked to Talla, Jill says, yeh you’re her person, then Emmett and I, she said she would have our backs..

Andrew says, if a twist happens, I’m going to throw Peter up there, Peter and Alec.. it would be a nightmare, but what are you going to do..

Andrew is saying Peter needs to win something, he’s suppose to be so smart, but he hasn’t won any of these and even I have won one of these.. Emmett, don’t under-estimate anyone in this game, we’re all threats in this game..

Andrew, I’m not going to put Talla up, I’m not going to put you up Jillian and I’m sure as hell not putting him (Emm) up, I’m throwing Peter up there..


9:33pm Emmett says, we can’t be seen together often because they will label us as a 3, Andrew, then get the hell out of my room, I’ll go to bed.. Jill says, Gary seems pretty happy, Andrew, because I told him he’s staying.. Gary is Andrew’s true target..

9:40pm Talla and Topaz are arguing because Talla is in the same bed as Alec, Topaz and Gary enter the bedroom and see Talla in bed with Alec.. Topaz goes off about only being 2 days out of her showmance and now Talla is in bed with Alec.. Topaz tells Talla shes no friend of mine, you’re a douche Alec… Topaz says her peace and walks out calling Talla a slut and Alec a douche..


Topaz’ is upset, Emmett tells Jillian to talk to her..

9:45pm Topaz, Jillian and Gary in the kitchen, they’re retelling Jillian the story.. Topaz says, Talla and I just had this whole conversation ..


9:49pm Talla comes out and tells Topaz, I don’t normally do this, but if you want to talk before we go to bed, we can, if you don’t thats ok.. Topaz thanks Jillian for listening..

Talla and Topaz head outside..Topaz says, I’m in this predicament because of you and Alec and this is why.. I know 100% that the house wanted you out, if I had put you and AJ up, you would have gone home..100%, 100%..

This conversation is ongoing… Topaz is saying, I’m on slop, I’m on the block, I’ve just broken up with my showmance, and you’ve been laughing and playing with Alec, but you haven’t been talking to me… Talla’s rambling on in Talla-speak-ese..

Topaz says, “I take back the stripper and slut comment, I won’t take it back about Liza”.. Talla, I don’t want you to think I’m like that, it makes me sad.. I’m not trying to go after Alec..

Topaz says, we’ll still be friends outside this house.. Talla says, “don’t be so sure you’re leaving”..

10:18pm Topaz asks Talla, what does Alec say about us, I need to know.. Talla says, he just says he doesn’t want to talk about it..


Talla says, I need to smoke, you want to go, Topaz says, yeh, I’m really hot, they hug it out and say they love each other..

Talla tells Topaz, “she’s not leaving this week..but don’t fu-king say anything”, Topaz, “I’m not going to say anything”..

10:30pm Topaz, I really believe there is a strong bro alliance in this house, Talla, and Jillian will be the last girl here..they agree Andrew will leave before Jillian.. Talla, I hate this bromance thing, Topaz, if I stay, we have to align..


10:38pm Gary comes out to smoke, Talla asks, what’s everyone saying, Gary, no one cares about you bitches and your little catfight, they don’t care.. Talla, I’m not a slut anymore.. Gary, were all good people, they wouldn’t be sluts and whores in here, Topaz, well they put one in here but shes gone.. Gary, who? oh..

Topaz asks Gary to apologize, Gary, no you do it..

Gary, I think he has real feelings for you, I think he’s in love.. Topaz, I know, just give him a hug for me Gary, no, you do it..


10:45pm Gary, this guy is in love with you, and bitch what is this locket shit about, someone told him about your locket being an ex boyfriends or shit, and how come I haven’t heard about this, you just may be losing 2 guys in 1 night, look at me bitch, look at my body language.. I didn’t speak cause I didn’t know a thing..

Topaz says, it’s from my sister, I told Jillian and Talla it was from a guy and I kissed it for goodluck to the camera, Gary, yeh they said that..

3-31-2246 3-31-2248

10:48pm Gary starts crying, we cried, he loves you, we cried together, he told me he never thought he would fall in love on a game show…

Topaz, I’m such a bitch, OMG, I was trying to ruin his game..Gary, you know how stupid I look, why didn’t you tell me about the locket, so I could have said something..

Gary, do you love him?? Tell me do you love him?? Topaz, no I don’t because I don’t allow me too, Gary, ok he looks stupid on camera, cause he fell in love and you don’t love him..

Gary, people care about you in this house, and your so closed off.. if he’s lying and I look stupid, I don’t care, because I just want two people together that I think are good for each other..

Topaz, I’m the most hated person now, Gary, I’m not even going to say you aren’t.. Topaz, Jillian and Talla are a bitch, cause she told him about the locket.. Gary, she is a bitch, Topaz, I’m sure it was Jillian, Gary, she’s a bitch..Topaz, it’s hard in here Canada..

Gary and Topaz sit by the hammock, Gary continues to say, he’s in love with you, she says, she’s so confused… they go back and forth for 25 minutes..

11:22pm Gary says, he’s going to bed, Topaz says, I need to go to the DR and talk about all this..


Everyone’s asleep in the house, Topaz in the DR…

I’m exhausted, so I’m headed to bed too!

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  1. Lucas says:

    Talla you have to be the dumbest person I’ve ever seen. She insults you and says she has you under her wing and then you go and tell her she’s not going home? Damn it I wanted Gary to be blindsided just like he did to Tom. But of course, NO can’t have that cuz God hates Tom fans…

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