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Live Feed Leak [Spoiler]

12 Minute Live Feed ‘Leak’.. 8 Houseguest’s left.. 1 New Head of Household.. and 2 Houseguest’s are no longer speaking!

Midnight BBT the Feeds return with Peter and Emmett in the have-not room..
[I transcribed the 12 minute leak below]

Peter, even the fact that Andrew would suggest that

Emmett, he didn’t suggest that, we were just throwing out all case scenarios

Peter, ok

Emm, Andrew didn’t say that he was going to put you up

Feeds switch back to Jillian and Alec in the kitchen..

Jill, you can still trust each other but she’s not for me

Alec, which sucks, because it was like

Jill, really good at the beginning

Alec, yeah, but towards the end it was just getting like

Jill, you’re to active in real life to ever be with her

Alec, I know, its like toward the end I was like, what am I doing

Jill, I could tell that, hold on I want to talk to you.. if Gary goes home God forbid he wins the veto, you should just keep cool, keep to yourself, talk to all of us and shes going to eventually have to join the circle or shes going to be the next one out

Alec, I know

Emmett joins them..

Jill, and you’re not a bad person for doing that, its her doing it you have to realize that, I can tell that

Alec, I know, but it’s hard because she’s like 1/8 of the house now

Jill, yeah

Peter walks into the kitchen..

Alec, when 1/8 of the house isn’t talking to you, its like 6 other people, so it just feels smaller for me

Emmett, it just feels awkward

Jill, it’s so weird, it’s weird is what it is, I just don’t have that in me, I would never, you know

Alec, no wonder no one’s ever broken up before

..a few inaudible words between Emmett and Alec..

..we hear Andrew say, is Topes down here..


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Alec, she went to the bathroom, she’s getting ready for bed, prepping for bed

Talla walks in, says, what are you guys doing, having a pow wow..

Alec, chilling out, you know ?? you know snow angels, and its party time in general, ok

Talla, goodnight guys

Jill, goodnight girl

Alec, it’s gonna get better don’t leave

Talla, what

Alec, don’t leave it’s gonna get better

Talla, ok goodnight guys, ohh the have-not room

Alec, I do miss the old have-not room, the old bedroom, the old room full of my bed

Alec, (jokingly) don’t yell Emmett, quite down (Emmett’s not saying anything)

Emmett, sorry

Alec, laughs,

Jill, this is an awk-mance

Alec, yeh an awk-mance, an awk-mance

Jill, does anybody want some shrimp except for Peter who wouldn’t eat them anyway [Peter said on episode 14 he's only eaten 6 food items his whole life, apparently he's a picky eater]

Alec, what are they flavored with

Jill, they have nothing in them except for salt, pepper and fresh garlic, no oil, nothing, and they probably taste really bad

Andrew, says something inaudible

Emmett, ok old man, I know where you sleep (laughs) you better lock that door

Andrew and Topaz head up to the HOH Topaz doesn’t speak to anyone


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Emmett, these (the shrimp) are actually really good for you not putting anything on them

Andrew, will you close that for me please, sorry I’m a stooge (the fridge door that he left open)

Jill, salt pepper and garlic (Alec is eating the shrimp)

Emmett whispers to Alec, is Gary still up there

Alec, nope

Emmett, wheres Gary


Screen cap courtesy of

Alec, have-not room

Jill, so he’s telling them to their face that hes putting us up and he’s going to turn around and put them (Gary and Topaz) up

Emmett, sounds like he says, “no idea”

Emmett, you going to bed soon Pete

Peter, yeah as soon as I finish this, almost done

Emmett, I hope we’re up early and get this comp out of the way [not sure what comp, because Andrew hasn't nominated anyone yet, so it wouldn't be the POV  ???]

Alec, I thought this conversation might make air in the episode

Side note: Emmett is the only confirmed have-not I can figure out, he must have used his slop pass because he’s eating..

Alec, alright, I’m going to go to sleep everyone

Emmett, what

Alec, I’m going to go to sleep

Emmett, enjoy your sleep in that nice cool room you prick

Alec, fuck you too, I mean goodnight, goodnight all, Jillian when are you going to sleep

Jill, when am I

Emmett, whats that suppose to mean

Jill, soon, very soon

Alec, (jokingly) were in the bed closest to the door right

Jill, emm hmm

Emmett is staring while smiling at Alec, he points his finger and says, just because I can’t sleep in there doesn’t mean I’m not coming in

Alec, I’m going to lock it and put stuff in front of it (the door)


Camera switches to Alec and Gary in the have-not room..Gary is laying in a heap on the bed..

Gary’s likely a have-not also, otherwise I don’t see why he would be laying in the have-not room..


Alec, she hasn’t looked at me in 2 days..she was like, oh don’t worry your not going to go on the block if I get HOH, what the fuck does that mean

Gary, so your just turning your back on her because your in the ?? (can’t hear)

Alec, shes not talking to me or looking at me, I tried to talk to her 3 times today

Gary, so your just giving up on her

Alec, she gave up on me

Gary, I can’t even look at you right now

Alec, what choice do I have Gary, I pushed, there’s nothing I can do [cant hear what he says]

Gary, so you’ve just given up

Alec, what can I do

Gary, she hasn’t given up on you

Alec, she says she fucking has

Gary, no she hasn’t, she said she’s given up on personal, she gave up on the alliance because the alliance hasn’t been keeping their word.. all you had to do is vote for what Topaz said

Talla walks in, Gary can you just say goodnight to Topaz cause I’m going to go to bed, she hugs Gary and says, goodnight Alec you’re in the same room..


Gary, I just think it sucks

Alec, the best I can do is push for you to stay because you didn’t turn your back on me and Topaz did and I asked her 3 times today, when can we talk, when can we talk..I asked her if she wasn’t talking to just me or are you not talking to anyone and she said she’s not talking to anyone and an hour later I see her in the bathroom talking to Talla, talking to ?

Gary, she’s not allowed to be upset at you, all you had to do is vote for Andrew, did you forget that

Alec, I told Topaz I got…

Gary interrupts, did you forget that..what are you forgetting, this didn’t start from anything but you..

Alec, Gary he told me…

Gary interrupts, take some responsibility

Alec, he looks you in the eyes and tells you something (don’t know who ‘he’ is)

Gary, yeh go back a little bit, remember when Topaz was HOH

Alec, yeh

Gary, and she said she wanted Andrew gone and all you had to do is vote for him to leave

Alec, Andrew told me he was going to put Emmett and Jillian up, he told me he was taking out big dogs

Gary, what is he gonna do

Alec, now he’s flipped it

Gary, just like Topaz thought he would do

Alec, do you know what that means and do you know what I even thought when he was fucking sitting there for the ceremony he did not look scared one bit.. Emmett and Jillian must have something going on with him (Andrew)

Gary, are you playing me Alec

Alec, I told you exactly what he told me

Gary, because I signed up for something with you, me, Peter and Topaz and it scares me that you’re this easily ready to drop Topaz because that makes me think you could just as easily drop me

Alec, what do you want me to do, what can I do

Gary, you can do a lot of things but I don’t even want to talk to you about game because I don’t know if I can trust you

Alec, Gary I tried to push for Emmett and Jillian

Gary, all Andrew has to do is put up Topaz and Emmett I can make sure that Emmett can’t play in the veto

Alec, no you can’t do that, it says ‘player pick’

Gary, I’m going to go confirm right now

Alec, it says player pick, I read it…  so if you can tell that Topaz hasn’t given up on me

Gary, she hasn’t, she’s given up on you emotionally, but that’s something that a boyfriend is going to have to figure out how to get back. but the alliance of the fucking game we’re in, no she hasn’t given up on

Alec, can you understand where I’m coming from….

…..and the feeds cut!!

In summary: Topaz’ HOH reign was short lived, she nominated Andrew and AJ with Andrew as her target, she wanted the alliance to vote Andrew out, but Alec, Peter and Emmett voted to evict AJ instead, therefore pissing Topaz off.. Alec and Topaz are no longer speaking and the house is no longer singing kum-ba-yah!

Andrew is the NEW Head of Household, but hasn’t made his nominations yet..

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  1. Lucas says:

    Hopefully he puts up Topaz and Gary and Gary goes, ending our long nightmare.

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