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Thursday E-Day [Spoiler]

After tonight’s non-live eviction show, we’ll be down to a divine nine!

I suspect in the next two weeks it won’t be quite so Kum-ba-yah in the house, all ‘good’ things do come to an end in the Big Brother house..

American viewers join us here at 7pm PT to watch tonights show stream live!

E-Day Morning in the house.

6:40am Gary hanging out with Suzette in bed, general chatter..Suzette says, she’s just going to have fun with it today and tonight. She says, it will be so strange to be outside the house, see her family, have the internet, a phone again..

Reminder: Times shown are Pacific Time Zone


Jillian’s putting her makeup on, brief conversation about eyebrows..


6:54am General chat going on in the kitchen..


8:50am Poolside chat.. Gary, Topaz, Talla, Jillian and Suzette talking about their health and the way they ate when they were kids and eating healthy or not and how they feel. Jillian says, I weight a lot, I’m like 145 and I think I should be 10lbs lighter. Topaz wants to be 132-135 she’s 122 now, she says.. Gary says, when he came in he weighed 190, but now he’s 210.


9:04am The 3 Stooges, [for the record, Andrew called them the 3 Stooges] talking some strategy, can’t even hear Andrew’s audio.. ahh BB caught on and turned up Andrew’s mic.. brief talk about Andrew’s HOH win..


9:08am Feeds go HUSHed..

Tonight’s Eviction Show Highlights.

After tonight’s eviction the jury begins! Each houseguest hereafter will be living in a luxury home at an undisclosed location to live out the remainder of the season, until finale night, where they will vote for the winner of Big Brother Canada!

+ Who was evicted..
…in a vote of 6-1 Suzette was evicted from the Big Brother house!

The show began with a recap of events..

Emmett talking to Suzette after the POV ceremony where Emmett did not use the POV and spoke frankly with Suzette about it being difficult to talk to her because she turns around all conversations to make the HG’s feel bad for her circumstances [and yes she did a lot of this throughout the season, maybe when she watches the feeds, she'll realize it].


Next, yep you guessed it we see a sleeping Topaz in the HOH room with headphones on to drown out the sounds of Big Brother sounding the alarm to wake her up. Big Brother announces for Alec to bring the iPod and headphones to the DR, and Big Brother takes away Alec’s iPod as a punishment for Topaz’ rule violation.

Alec is upset so he goes upstairs to talk to her, thinking she’ll apologize, no such luck, instead Topaz flips off BB and tells them to fu-k off, then she gets mad at Alec for getting an attitude with her..


Next up the double date footage..Suzette and AJ received a task and they pick Peter and Talla as the second ‘date’ couple..


Jillian is the chef and she doesn’t want to kill the live lobster and Andrew has to end up doing it..


Peter’s face when he sees the dinner menu, Peter says, I’ve been eating the same 6 food items my whole life and lobster apparently isn’t one of them..


Talla burps out loud and Peter, playing the part of husband, says, “and you wonder why I never take you out”..


Because the task was complete, the remaining houseguests get a pinata, they all beat at it until the candy falls out along with a piece of paper which Gary picks up… this is the special veto power..


Next, Arisa checks in with all the houseguests in the living room.. Topaz looks great and Alec has taken on Topaz’ daily look for the show, right down to the bandana..


The houseguests vote to evict Suzette in a vote of 6-1, with Gary being the lone vote to keep Suzette..

Next up the HOH competition “Before and After”..

Apparently all that practicing with Gary during times that Topaz was actually awake paid off , the last question came down to Topaz and Talla, the question was in regards to outfits that Arisa had worn.

Topaz answers the question correctly and Talla does not, BUT BEFORE Arisa can even announce the winner Topaz starts celebrating.. speculation is that Topaz either heard Talla step DOWN for ‘after’ because Talla had noisy heels on [which happens to be my first choice] OR some think Topaz heard the audience clap??

Either way Topaz is the New Head of Household! and we will probably never see Topaz’ reign as HOH and the drama that will go on in the house in the next few days, because Big Brother Canada has chosen to block the feeds completely until AFTER Sunday’s broadcast!


This is what you’ll see when you log into the BBC Live Feeds!


There will be a NEW Chevrolet PowerShift this week, that we will not have the pleasure of seeing because the feeds and After Dark are blocked. The PowerShift will consist of a INSTANT EVICTION!

Canadians can vote and make their predictions at Big Brother Canada!


It’s extremely unfortunate that we will ONLY see the edited version of this week play out and not the REAL version that plays out on the live feeds, but oh well, what can we do.

I hope that Big Brother Canada will live and learn, that the sole way to keep the buzz about their Big Brother show is to keep the 24/7 feeds 24/7! Otherwise viewers and fans drop like flies, tonights show did not even trend on Twitter, for the first time and fans just weren’t interacting as they have in the past.

That is all for now! I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! xo

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