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Wednesday Marsha the Moose Returns

Don’t miss the return of Marsha the Moose on tonights show!

American viewers join us here at 6pm PT to watch tonights show stream live!

Alec has the HOH camera, he is taking photos of each houseguests doing something memorable, they have to give a short commentary after the photo..

Alec is applying bronzer and Peter is doing the commentary..


They do a before and after, tan Alec, white Andrew..


Alec’s orange hands, last time he didn’t wash it off his hands and his hands were orange for a couple days..


Alec takes pictures of Jillian’s yoga moves and can we just say Jillian is a beast at yoga! She is perhaps THE MOST athletic, in shape houseguest in Big Brother history..



Suzette on the elliptical..


Topaz pretend napping for once…


The running joke is that AJ always goes to smoke after a workout so Alec takes a photo of AJ with a weight in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth…[blech]


Alec and Emmett work out in pairs..


Peter, Andrew and Emmett..


9:00am Yoga with Talla… Talla is teaching Topaz yoga.. class has begun..


AJ lurking during yoga..[way to NOT make girls feel uncomfortable]




Alec and AJ now both watching Talla and Topaz do yoga, using pool toys to simulate their excitement..


9:53am Gary and Emmett arguing about whether Gary ALWAYS does his dishes after he’s done.. Gary says he does, Emmett says, “bullshit, bullshit, bullshit”.. Gary, “I’m ignoring you right now”..

10:08am Big Brother: Houseguests this is your 15 minute warning, all houseguests will need to go outside?

Lunchtime with Gary and Talla..


Audio volumes are down low today, I’m having a hard time hearing.. it’s like watching a silent movie…

10:18am Gary’s still upset about Emmett saying he doesn’t always clean up after himself.. he complains to Suzette..


11:01am Air hockey tournament planning underway..


11:12am Peter and Talla..


12:05pm They’ve moved from air hockey to hot tub party.. topic is reality TV, Amazing Race, Survivor..

3-27-1207pm 3-27-1208pm

Big Brother is ignoring Jillian’s pleas to go pee, she has to go so bad she’s in pain, she’s been trying to breathe and put it out of her mind for 30 minutes already..

Jillian asks Peter, what do you think they’re doing, Peter says, “probably nothing”..

3-27-1217pm 3-27-1220pm

Jillian “Pleas to Pee”..

[ don't mind me telling my dog NO during the recording or the crying toddler at the end.. LOL sorry, but life happens :) ]

12:56pm The Air Hockey Tournament bracket goes up..


2:30pm Outdoor lockdown finally over, Talla has to pee, Andrew is thirsty and everyone is hungry!


Peter discovers a new camera in the living room.. Andrew says, don’t say anything and see if anyone notices..


2:32pm Talla is all concerned Big Brother left the door open in the storage room.. Emmett says, “Big Brother you left the door open, I’m tempted to run wild”..


Feeding frenzy in the kitchen…


Feeding frenzy continues..


3:08pm AJ blow drying his hair and Suzette is plucking facial hairs.. [your welcome]..


16:24pm Jillian and Emmett head to the bathroom, they’re headed to the hot tub, Jillian says, “ok but I’m gonna wear a onezie”.. Emmett, “nooo weat a two piece”.. Jill, “but I just ate”

Jillian’s brushing her teeth, Emmett says you gotta come to the farmers market with me and we’ll sell berries, next summer.. Jillian says, “if you promise not to have a meaningful conversation with me, I’ll wear a two piece”. Emmett, “ok, I’ll just sit and stare at you”..


Emmett tightens Jillian’s bkini top..


4:32pm Emmett and Jillian stop on their way to the hot tub for 1 game of air hockey..


Emmett and Jillian getting in the hot tub, and AJ and Andrew literally stop mid sentence to admire Jillian’s poka dots, Talla turns and says, you have a hot body, Andrew and AJ say, oh she knows, we’ve told her..

3-27-1635pm 3-27-1640pm

5:44pm It’s the “TALKING WITH TALLA SHOW” .. Guests Gary Glitter and AJ Burman

6:01pm Jillian cutting Peters hair in just a towel, Peter says, “would you like to put clothes on?” Jillian says, no.. Emmett’s in the shower he says, “Jillian likes to cut hair in just a towel”.. Peter, I don’t mind at all”..


Tonight’s Show Highlights.

Let’s begin with my all time favorite highlight of tonights show.. Alec and Peter DR session! They aren’t trying to be Chilltown, but let me just say, this DR session rivaled the humor of Chilltown… it’s a must see!!  I’ll post a clip later!


Who’s running the show around here? The Shield!

Next up, Talla waxing Topaz’ parts, Gary walks in when he hears screaming, he walks back out and yells, “anyone want to see Topaz’ pussy get waxed”.. Gary puts on the headphones and starts dancing while Talla continues, then Gary wants to try…[hahahaaaa] Topaz says in the DR, if I find out Gary isn’t really gay, I’m going to be pissed..


Power of Veto players..


Peter’s role as a hillbilly is amazing! I LMAO..


Houseguests must run to the cabin, fill the can on their head with the running water, run back, climb the ladder and fill their thermometer to the top.. Suzette didn’t realize she wasn’t even holding her head up straight so that the can actually fills.. [Suzette is in the green on the end with her head tilted]..


Next Marsha the Moose gives AJ a task.. AJ must tell 2 houseguests that when he gets home he wants to make his obstacle course workout videos and sell them.. then he must get 2 houseguests to participate in one of his obstacle courses for 10 minutes..Suzette declines, Talla and Topaz agree, Andrew joins in.. AJ completes his task and earns the house the Backyard BBQ Pool Party that I had blogged here..


My second favorite highlight is Talla’s drunken DR sesshh!! Hilarious!


Back to the Big Brother House.

7:04pm Alec and Topaz have date night in the HOH room.. they pretty much rehash the season.. [yawnnn]


Camera 1 has “lost signal” and we only have two camera views, even though we can hear Talla and Gary having fun in the backyard.. view 1 the HOH room…[snooze] and view 2 the pool..


9:00pm Audio/video is messed up tonight and we can’t see what’s going on in the bedroom on Suzette’s last night.

All housguests are in bed!

The End! Until Tomorrow! xo

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