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Tuesdays Double Date + A Secret Power

Good evening!

I’m here! Often life gets in the way of even Big Brother, and today was one of those days.. let’s catch up!

6:59am Talla attempting to compute what AJ is saying, he’s saying he doesn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, so he’ll stop.. [I think this is something that carried over from last night]..


Talla tells Andrew to come sit down, [I think she wants the awkward conversation between her and AJ to end].. AJ goes inside to get cereal, general chatter..


Jillian’s making breakfast..

3-26-0654am 3-26-0656am

Peter’s talking about Frank from Big Brother 14, Peter says, he really liked him and wants to meet him.. Jillian asks how old he is because that name sounds old..


8:59am Random chatter, they talk about Emmett’s foot/toe, then talk moves to the Nancy Kerrigan Tanya Harding scandal at the Olympics, Andrew explains what happened to Emmett..

3-26-0859am 3-26-0916am

9:17am Alec working out..


Gary’s playing in the pool alone..


9:20am Suzette is cleaning the bedroom and folding all the sheets to pass time, BUZZZZZZzzzzzz Topaz is sleeping again.. she wakes up, says she can’t fu-king stand it, she needs to sleep, she needs 2 solid hours, not 10 minutes here 10 minutes there..


Meanwhile.. we’ve got Talla’s first workout??

3-26-0923am 3-26-0924am

Gary learned a new trick in the pool, everyone in the backyard is impressed..


AJ working out now..


9:38am …and we have Topaz trying to sleep again… [my gawd, why can't this girl get her ass in bed early and get out of bed like the others..] I believe Topaz has attempted to sleep in bed, the hammock, the couch, the other couch and anywhere in between today..

3-26-0938am 3-26-0939am

2:21pm The houseguests receive their luxury item that Canada voted on…a AIR HOCKEY TABLE!!!

They all squeal with excitement.. they say THANK YOU CANADA!!! ..and its game on!

3:00pm Apparently, AJ and Suzette are given a task..

It’s a double date night with AJ and Suzette..their two guests can not be a showmance already. Dinner must be prepared, served and over within 2 hours. Peter and Talla are the other couple. Emmetts the host, Alec is the water, Jillian is the chef and the entertainment is Topaz and Gary!

The meal is steak and lobster and the lobsters are alive!

3:15pm Feeds go HUSHed..

6:56pm Feeds are back.. Gary and Topaz have their faces painting, Jillian is cooking something, not sure what..


5:58pm Talla says goodnight to everyone, she’s going to bed, Gary says, me too..

6:16pm Air hockey game between AJ and Alec..


6:30pm Suzette goes outside for some fresh air, brief whispering to herself, I can’t hear..


6:34pm Peter just laying around on the floor..deep in thought


6:36pm Emmett and Andrew start a game of air hockey, brief game talk, their next moves should either of them win HOH..


They draw a crowd, Emmett wins! He’s undefeated!


6:44pm All the guys head outside to the hot tub.. they tease AJ and say, they thought he was going to ‘get some tail’ from Suzette.. talk is about lobster, who likes lobster, etc… Emmett asks Big Brother, what’s the biggest blue lobster ever found?


A Secret Power: Apparently while the feeds were HUSHED Gary won a secret power.. he’ll be able to take a veto player down and put another up and/or remove someone from the block.. ?? Coup-de-veto? Details are still a bit unclear..

6:48pm Emmett’s talking about his haunted corn maze that he puts together, he donates the money..


7:01pm Suzette, Jillian, AJ and Gary in the kitchen.. talk is about celebrity couples and whether they’re still together, what their friends are doing, Jillian wonders how her sisters wedding planning is going..


7:21pm Emmett, Alec, Peter and Andrew in the hot tub, scheming… why don’t any houseguests try to sneak down the hall and listen in on some of these conversations…


7:25pm BB calls Andrew to the diary room. Andrew says, great now they can all talk game behind my back..

Peter says, I can’t believe Talla and I weren’t called in together for marriage counseling..

7:29pm Alec says, I’m actually worried about Talla the most of anyone in this game, Peter, really? do you want me to talk to her.. Alec, she’ll probably put up me and Emmett or Jillian and Emmett..

Alec, Topaz’ head isn’t in the game, she can’t win anything..


7:37pm Emmett is called to the DR, Peter gets out of the hot tub, Andrew gets back in the hot tub.. Gary’s cleaning up his dinner mess in the kitchen..

7:45pm Gary is whispering to Suzette, about no one knowing the ‘other’ part of his prize, they think he just won a veto ticket..


Gary says, I’m scared, they’re going to all gang up on me next week..Peter’s going to bed..


9:30pm All houseguests in bed, Alec and Topaz are in bed in the HOH room but aren’t asleep yet..

Goodnight!! xo

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