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Monday Hair, Makeup + A POV Ceremony

Just another Monday locked in a house with 9 others..

If you missed the drunken pool party, girl on girl dancing, you might want to check out “Sunday Pool Party” post..

..and lets see what amazing things they’re up to this morning..

8:03am We’ve got AJ, Andrew and Peter in the backyard, talking about Providences, and where all the houseguests are from..


Big Brother is panning the back yard murals..


Jillian has colored her hair and is now washing and conditioning it..


8:18am ..and Suzette wins the award for perhaps the laziest way to apply mascara, while in bed, under the covers.. I do believe she has a bit of a hangover after last nights festivities..


8:19am Alarm clock going off to get Gary and Topaz up and out of bed..

Gary showering, Jillian applying makeup..


AJ and Talla are outside.. AJ and Andrew are on mission convince Talla she has no one but him and Andrew, which may be true, but she is getting the hard sell from AJ, AJ has continued to tell Talla that Gary’s been throwing Talla under the bus…  [Talla's opinion is always the last person she talked to..]


AJ’s going on about Gary being a favorite player, then he moves onto Suzette, he says, shes not the first woman to get pregnant, I have 3 sisters with 5 babies, I get it, but she plays that sympathy card way to much, she complains that she doesn’t make any money, “I’m sorry you suck at life”..


9:03am Peter and Andrew talking about film noir’s..


9:11am Gary and Topaz in the hammock, Gary’s grooming his brows.. Gary tells Topaz “just fake it, it seems he (Alec) may not give as much as a fu-k as he used to”.. Gary, “you gotta just fake that shit”..


9:20am Alec comes out to say hi to Gary and Topaz, he says, he’s glad to see Gary is feeling better, Gary, yeh except for fu-king drunk Andrew drank all my beer, and I wanted it today now that I’m feeling better.. Gary says Andrew told him to get over it, it’s gone.. Gary calls him a dicklette..

9:25am Emmett and Andrew talking about life in the house, being there for 33 days, and dating outside the house vs living together 24/7 in the BB house.. Andrew’s rambling..


Andrew talking about his sarcasm and banter with AJ.. Andrew says, thank god he’s here because otherwise I’d be kicked out by now..


Jillian comes to get Andrew, it’s hair day in the BB house.. Emmett stays outside with his feet in the hottub..

Jillian and Emmett hug it out, talk about breakfast..


Jillian and Andrew walked into the bathroom, but AJ had just had just pooped and it stinks so bad they have to leave, haircut postponed..

2nd attempt at the haircut for Andrew, the air quality in the bathroom has improved.. Jillian says this is going to be the worst haircut ever, Andrew, that’s exactly what I want to hear before I get a haircut..




10:20am Topaz and Gary talking about Topaz not putting herself together, no makeup, no clothes.. Gary says, girl you gotta put yourself together.. she says, I know, I’m probably going to regret it.. but in my real life I’m always ‘crusty’ when I’m home, even for work, I only dress up when I go out to dinner or I’m going out.. Topaz says, I shower and stuff, but I still put my faded old clothes back on.. Gary says, “but it doesn’t matter if you shower if you look like you didn’t”.. [LOL]

Gary says, you need to make an effort to get out of your night clothes before breakfast! Gary, “you need to get your shit together girl”..


If you’d like a real look into the real Tom and Liza, check out this interview on The Murtz Show.. just when you thought it wasn’t possible for someone to look even worse than they did on Big Brother, it happens! Liza says, “I’m a classy ho”..Liza calls everyone with the exception of Peter..”moronic idiots”.. they bash everyone including the Big Brother game..

They complain about the twists, I think Tom and Liza may still be in denial about exactly WHY Canada voted to save Suzette.. Liza says, they don’t think Canada would have kept her (Suzette) if they had known that Tom would be gone the next week… WRONG.. we did it for EXACTLY that reason!

Liza says, she’s to good for that house.. Tom continues his ignorant, bitter replies..he says, he got a bad edit.. [umm us live feeders don't form our opinions by the edits in the show, we form opinions based on the real way houseguests act on the live feeds..just sayin'..]

Tom touches on all of his Twitter followers, what he may need to understand about Twitter is, not everyone following you is an actual fan, but the exact opposite, just a fact.

I still don’t think Tom realizes that this show is called BIG BROTHER, where you lie, backstab, form sub-alliances, and manipulate until you WIN!!

View The Murtz Show Interview with Tom and Liza

11:30am AJ bashing Suzette, Alec, “I’m not going to comment on her life, cause I don’t know anything about it”.. but in this game, there are people you get along with and others you don’t..AJ continues..


11:47am Suzette and Gary and one marathon makeup session..


12:20pm Andrew asks Talla why she’s even wearing a shirt, since its completely see thru..(she borrowed it from Topaz)


12:22pm Talla says, look into my eyes, what do you see.. Alec says he sees unadulterated joy, Talla says, I don’t know what that means.. Alec explains, she still doesn’t get it.. Talla tries to use it in a sentence, looks toward the window and says, “you bring me unadulterated sexual joy/pleasure”.. Alec and Andrew, both look over their shoulders and say, who’s she talking to.. Andrew says, the window?? They both laugh..

Peter and Emmett working out.. [I believe the houseguests are overlooking the fact that Peter could be an extremely strong competitor in an endurance comp. he's lean, he's strong and could hang on if need be.. he's been throwing competitions]..

3-25-1232pm 3-25-1235pm

1:00pm Feeds HUSHed for the POV ceremony..

3:30pm Feeds back and Emmett did not use the Power of Veto, nominations remain the same..

I posted two new videos for your enjoyment..

The Shield Running the House Behind the Scenes.

Spin the Bottle Big Brother Style.

4:30pm Peter teaches Jillian some wrestling moves..

3-25-1627pm 3-25-1628pm 3-25-1629pm

Backyard soccer game, its all fun and games until somebody gets hurt… and Emmett was playing with no shoes on and thinks he broke his toe..


Suzette in bed staring at her nails..


Naptime in the BB house..


Talla has become one with the couch again..

3-25-1735pm 3-25-1738pm

5:40pm Big Brother wakes the sleeping houseguests up..

5:50pm Suzette is out of bed.. Suzette asks about what Emmett apparently said in the POV ceremony..

Topaz is explaining to Suzette… for example about you missing her kids, and you left a lot at home.. and you kept saying it over and over and everyone is thinking you’re trying to guilt trip them, so he said all of that on behalf of the house..Topaz says, we all left a lot at home, we all miss our families..[true statement..]

Suzette says, well it would have been nice if someone told me..

3-25-1750pm 3-25-1752pm

5:57pm Talla calls AJ out for once again leaving dirty dishes around for others to clean..


8:30pm Peter, Jillian, Emmett in bed..not sure if they are asleep yet, they’re off camera..

I missed it.. but apparently AJ got his feelings hurt, there was some teasing going on in the kitchen, he likes Talla, Talla doesn’t like AJ .. Andrew said something he wished he didn’t say..

Talla asked him if he wanted to be alone and he said yeh and went out to smoke..


The true showmance/nomance.. both just acting the part..


Topaz tells Talla that AJ really got his feelings hurt, Alec says, shes lying, Topaz laughs and says, no I’m not.. [confused yet?..]

3-25-2027pm 3-25-2030pm

8:50pm AJ sits down and tells Talla and Andrew he was just kidding.. [I'm not convinced, but okay, all is well]


8:57pm AJ and Talla go up to HOH, Alec was going to be going to bed, he’s brushing his teeth.. Talla is drilling Alec about whether he thinks there’s a disconnect with Topaz now, Alec says, yeh.. she says, she doesn’t think its the same.. Alec says, ever since she got my iPod taken away, she doesn’t want to talk about it..


9:01pm Topaz comes up to HOH, AJ and Talla leave, Alec says, why you being mean, she kisses him, I’m not being mean..she says, let me shower first.. Gary comes up and says, Topaz stay up here with Alec..

Gary says, go talk to her while she showers, then she can’t escape.. so Alec goes into the bathroom, but Topaz says, can we wait til I get out of the shower, I can’t really hear you..

Alec waits, and waits.. finally Topaz joins Alec on the bed… they talk about why she’s upset.. short story is.. Alec was upset his iPod was taken away, Topaz is responsible for getting it taken away by BB, and she never said she was sorry about it…

They go round and round, she says, shes sorry she can be bitchy sometimes and the makeout session begins..


Topaz’ cheeks are hanging out..


10:25pm Gary’s chopping oranges, Suzette is sitting silent on the couch..


Gary’s making orange, mango, kiwi juice..while Suzette is complaining about Emmett and what he said during the POV ceremony..


Topaz comes down to join Gary, she tastes his fruit juice, says its good but to healthy.. everyone else seems to be asleep..

That is all, I’m headed to bed.. Goodnight All!! xo

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