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Sunday Pool Party

I’m not expecting to much excitement in the Big Brother house today, in fact it’s as if we should all be singing kum-ba-yah..

American viewers join us here at 6pm PT to watch tonights show stream live!

8:09am Peter, Jillian, AJ and a sleeping Topaz in the backyard..

AJ is explaining how its frustrating to walk into a convienient store at 2am for a pack of cigarette and he doesn’t get good customer service because they’re afraid he could be there to rob them..

He says, he hates his bank now to, because they’ve been robbed a few times and now they put a glass wall up and he feels like its a prison..


Jillian is somewhat responding as she’s falling asleep.. Peter takes note she’s falling asleep, he says, can I take advantage of you now, Jillian mumbles, not right now.. he says, later? [lol]..


Note the elastic hair elastic around Peter’s two fingers, that is what Liza slipped into his shirt when she hugged him Thursday, it signifies their alliance..


I thought I would snap this capture to show AJ actually putting the dishes in the dishwasher away, good move, when your nominated, clean, don’t give them any more reasons to boot your butt..


Andrew and AJ discussing all the cakes, candy and cookies laying around, AJ says Andrew has the metabolism of a 15 year old, as Andrew eats a muffin slathered in butter..

AJ says, Gary has gained some weight and it’s gone to his butt..

Alarms go off to wake up Topaz and Jillian.. Jillian walks through to the bedroom, Topaz washes her breakfast bowl and heads back outside..


They both watch as Topaz heads right back outside to the hammock to go back to sleep, they’re annoyed by it..


I’m headed out to help my daughter move into her new house.. I’ll check in via Twitter follow us @BigBrotherBuzz, but honestly, don’t expect much to happen today, get out there, spend time with your family, enjoy the great outdoors, get some fresh air! xo

6:40pm Pool Party!!! .. and they are drunk or most definitely on their way to drunk..

They’re talking about the game, the jury house, Suzette.. apparently Suzette is saying she wanted to make it to jury… [her strategy? is to make it to jury?] Andrew says, why wouldn’t she want to go home to her family..

Talla is trying to make a point but no one is listening, they keep interuppting, Topaz says, can you guys STFU so she can tell her story, you’re making it go on even longer, then AJ can tell his point and STFU too..

They’re all talking over each other, it’s hard to follow at times..


AJ’s talking to his secret alliance the coffee maker…[WOW]..

The hot tub crew.. Peter, Suzette, Emmett and Alec..


Andrew calls Tom a dumbass.. Gary says, why didn’t you say that to his face, Andrew says, cause I’m not as honest as you Gary.. Andrew says, believe me after he heard my goodbye message we aren’t going to be friends.. he tells them what he said, BB tells them to stop talking about the DR..


Andrew asks Gary what he thinks, Gary says, ‘it doesn’t matter what I think, I just want to eat and go back to bed”.. [he's apparently still not feeling well and quite grumpy]..


Random chatter around the picnic table, Suzette is loud..

3-24-1908pm 3-24-1910pm

7:47pm Emmett, Peter and Alec in the bedroom talking about who goes next.. Alec leaves, Peter asks Emmett who would you put up, Emmett doesn’t answer, Peter says, if Talla wins who do we try to convince her to put up, Emmett says, Topaz, Peter agrees.. they agree to keep using AJ as a pawn..

Alec tells them, he would never associate with people like her (Topaz) outside this game..


Emmett asks Peter who he would put up.. but of course Peter, maybe Talla and AJ..Peter says, Talla is the easiest to manipulate, Topaz and Gary have their own agenda..

Peter says, Topaz and her sleeping, the alarms, she doesn’t contribute anything.. Emmett agrees.. Peter says, her vacation is getting close to being over..


7:58pm Peter says, “I think Gary is starting to mentally check out.. he keeps asking if he’s going next”.. Peter, “I think Alec needs to re-evaluate Topaz’ value”

8:12pm Andrew and AJ talking about attraction, Andrew says, were both attractive, Andrew says, “I’m attractive and it’s not cause my mom told me”..


They’re talking about who they would hang out with after the show.. Andrew to Topaz & AJ, “Kat, I would like to take off her clothes and taste her whole body”..

8:24pm Topaz, Alec and Andrew.. apparently Topaz was alseep with the headphones on and Big Brother took the iPod and headphones away, Topaz is defending herself to Andrew, Andrew says, bullshit, you were asleep, she says, they’re just trying to fuck with me because I’m so happy..


8:43pm Alec confronting Topaz about her bitter mood.. Alec asks to be honest with her, he says, with the whole iPod thing, you didn’t seem to feel bad.. Topaz, I was upset at BB, cause I felt like they were trying to make you mad at me..

Alec, says you blamed Talla, Topaz isn’t listening to Alec, she keeps making up excuses..he says, you never apologized. so I felt like you didn’t care..

Big Brother: Houseguests please go to the living room.

8:49pm They wait for BB.. feeds go HUSHed..


9:00pm Outside in the smokers corner..Andrew & AJ tell Talla that Gary said he wants her out..she goes off, they’re trying to calm her now, why they told her now I don’t know..


9:12pm Suzette, Talla and Topaz talking in loud drunken accents and its extremely annoying…

3-24-2112pm 3-24-2115pm 3-24-2116pm

The drunken trio is talking about Alec being upset about his iPod getting taken away because of Topaz..


9:28pm Alec assuring AJ, he’s not going home..


Andrew looking toasted..


And the drunk girl on girl dancing begins, AJ has a front row seat and can’t stop watching..

3-24-2143pm 3-24-2144pm 3-24-2145pm 3-24-2146pm 3-24-2147pm 3-24-2148pm

Drunken volleyball, Topaz goes inside to pee, ends up in bed with Alec…feeds cut..


10:19pm Topaz tells Alec that Talla is in heat for her, she can tell…


The 3 Stooges head smoke and have some drunken game talk..

Talla says, shes gonna puke.. Andrew tells her she’ll be fine, AJ walks her to the bathroom stall..


Topaz and Alec were making out, now she looks passed out..


Topaz is up, shes gone downstairs to change her clothes and walks by Andrew, Andrew is talking in an accent and asks her what shes doing, she says, going to change, he says, don’t do that I like you just the way you are, I’d like to lick your body all over, she laughs..

Topaz goes into the bedroom to get her clothes and jumps on Gary and straddles him.. then tells everyone goodnight, while half of them are trying to sleep..


10:52pm Andrew showers before bed..


Drunken Andrew flossing, Gary comes in to blow his nose several times, Gary says he doesn’t want to take any medication, Andrew rubs his back and says, he’s sorry..

3-24-2256pm 3-24-2258pm

Goodnight All! xo

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