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Saturday – I Got Nothing..

To quote Survivors host Jeff Probst, “I got nothing for ya”..

The feeds have been HUSHed all morning and likely will be down a good portion of the day. What do we do when there are no feeds? We head to the great outdoors!

I’ll be checking in via Twitter follow us @BigBrotherBuzz!

If you’d like to let Big Brother Canada know what you think about these lengthy feed outages, feel free to leave your feedback for them at:

The feeds were back for a brief hour earlier but I was out with the family..

+ Alec Nominated..
…Suzette and AJ!

4:50pm Talla, AJ and Jillian in the living room, general chatter..apparently Talla calls “a one night stand” a “one night stand up”..


It’s obvious AJ is crushing on Talla big time! Wherever Talla is AJ is nearby..


Naptime in the main bedroom.. looks like Suzette, Emmett, Jillian, Gary and Andrew..


5:02pm As a huge Jeff and Jordan fan, Emmett and Jillian are the Canadian version for me.. I think they’re adorable, I know many of you will disagree.. and that’s ok.. :)


5:14pm AJ, Talla, Alec and Topaz in HOH, just hanging out, general chat..


They still haven’t played the POV, so expect the feeds to go out again!

5:16pm They all head downstairs, Topaz and Talla eating, Alec and AJ playing pukball on the dining room table..


Talla apparently waxed Topaz’ ‘parts’..she says, I’ve seen parts Alec hasn’t, Topaz says, I sure hope Gary’s gay because he was there.. sounds like Talla kissed Topaz and Topaz kissed Talla… Talla says, “thats the least you could do since you had your tongue down my throat”..


5:24pm Big Brother: “All houseguests to the bedroom..”

5:27pm Jillian, Topaz and Talla eating in the hallway, since they are on lockdown in the bedroom area.. they’re talking about living together with their boyfriends, both Jillian and Topaz think its a good thing to live with your boyfriend before committing to marriage..


I’m headed out for birthday party… I’ll check in via Twitter, as I said feeds will be HUSHed soon for the POV competition!

8:00pm ish.. Feeds are HUSHed for the POV competition..

9:00pm Feeds still HUSHed..

9:30pm Feeds are back..

Topaz and Talla eating again..boys talking about the comp..


Peter, Jillian showering, Emmett waiting for the shower, Suzette and Gary just hanging out in the bathroom..


Suzette did NOT win the POV, she will likely go home this week..


9:47pm Emmett is putting eyedrops into Jillian’s eyes.. Andrew enters the bedroom, he says, who put the condom on my bed and why is extra small… they all laugh..


Andrew tells Talla, “against Emmett you have no chance to win”.. Emmett may have won the POV ??


Gary’s still not feeling well, he tells Jillian he’s only eating fruits and vegetables tomorrow..


Random conversations in the kitchen..


10:24pm Emmett teaches AJ how to hold a spoon..


10:30pm Talla’s saying goodnight to everyone..

11:15pm I swear someone slipped something into Topaz’ Mountain Dew, she’s all over the place, laughing, hugging AJ, etc.. Topaz’ is being loud, telling bad jokes and hilariously laughing at herself…umm

3-23-2322pm 3-23-2324pm

11:32pm Alec and Peter check in quickly poolside..


Alright, well this concludes a fairly boring day on the feeds.. let us recap.. Suzette and AJ on are nominated for eviction, Suzette is the target, Emmett wins POV, I doubt he’ll use it..

I leave the houseguests in the kitchen eating dinner at 2:30am bbt Suzette, Gary and Talla in bed..


Goodnight All!! xo

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