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Friday Feed Outage + A New HOH

Following what was one of Big Brother Canada’s biggest shows, they decided it was a good idea to block feeds?

They have been down since 11:00am yesterday with the exception of turning them back on for about 20 minutes prior to the NON-Live show broadcast, NO explanation as to why.

This is where the fans have to step in via social media, and voice your opinion..

Big Brother Canada Episode 11 Double Eviction Courtesy of BigBrotherCa2013
+ What do you think Liza slipped into Peters shirt last night? A note? A gift? Answer
…it was a hair elastic that signified their alliance!


24+ Hours later Big Brother has finally responded, with this. This still does NOT explain why the feeds were down post double eviction show and all through the night!

Twitter Fans #ASKBBCAN Tom and Liza their questions!

Liza’s Responses.







Tom’s Responses.




Updated Alliance Board.



Almost 36 hours later, the feeds are back and Alec is the new HOH!!

He apparently just received his HOH room and everyone is filtering out, congratulating him, etc..


10:38pm Alec and Peter discuss who would put both Topaz and Alec up at this point.. Alec about Emmett, I would tell him if you are up against Topaz, I would keep you!

Topaz says, you won the biggest HOH so far, you won $10,000..


Peter says, Andrew is our best bet to get others out, Alec agrees.. Alec’s target this week, Suzette aka #SUE-LIVINGONBORROWEDTIME..

Alec, “once Suzette is gone we don’t really have any enemies, so I don’t think we should win HOH until final 4″.. Peter says, AJ will be the last of the floaters.. Alec says, it’ll be Talla, Gary, Topaz, AJ.. Peter, yeh.. they discuss Gary going next after Suzette..

Peter, its me you, Emmett and whoever, Jillian, whoever..discussion moves onto Andrew and they want to keep his trust..


11:06pm Emmett, Andrew, Peter and Alec in HOH.. they’re discussing who to put up as a replacement nominee.. Andrew says, AJ has this thing about thinking he has power and he has no power, neither do I, you (Alec) are the one with the power.. they’re talking about the jury house.. Emmett says, can you imagine the person who would have to go to jury with just Suzette, they all laugh..

3-22-2306pm 3-22-2311pm

Alec, “I’m glad Tom is gone, he was such a wildcard”..

11:20pm Alec, Andrew, AJ, Emmett, Jillian and Talla in HOH, they’re waiting for Topaz, but Topaz is stalling until she goes to bed.. Jillian says, I just made her tea, I should have slipped something in it..


11:23pm Suzette walks into HOH, “heyyyyyyyyy, you guys having a party”..


All game talk ceased when Suzette entered, random conversations going on, one over the other, so I can’t hear any of them..

11:40pm Topaz is in the kitchen cleaning again, she went to talk to Gary for a few, but I had no audio on that feed..


Alec talking to Topaz at the top of the stairs, he tells Topaz about telling AJ that they’re going to put Gary up, but they won’t actually do it, but Talla is in the room right now and she would actually be the one going up as a replacement..

Topaz says, she just talked to Gary and to think up something he needs to talk to Suzette about, Topaz tells Suzette in HOH that Gary needs her.. she heads downstairs to talk to Gary, we still don’t have audio so I have no idea what Gary said to her..


Meanwhile back in the HOH room.. Alec, we need to figure out the best way to get Suzette out, Suzette is going up and out..of course everyone agrees.. a pawn is needed, AJ, I’ve already done that, so I don’t want to do it again, Alec, so you’re against it, I would give you my word, you would not go home..Emmett, no offense but you’re the least physical threat.. AJ, oh thanks..

Alec says, I give you my word, you’re not going home, everyone else will give their word too, everyone says, yeh, yeh, yeh.. AJ, ok, I’m fine with it..


Andrew, AJ and Talla discussing the POV and whether or not they use it.. of course Talla knows she low on the totem pole.. Talla says, we gotta push for Gary to go up.. Andrew says, “he (Alec) has $10,000 reasons to be nervous”.. Andrew, and then there’s us the “3 Stooges”..


AJ is back in HOH.. AJ says, if he wins POV he’s going to use it on himself, Alec, you don’t have to, AJ, why wouldn’t I, Alec, you don’t need to.. Talla enters the HOH, she says, here’s the thing, I want it so bad, (the POV)… rambling Talla…

With AJ and Talla in the HOH room, I can not possibly blog what they say.. in fact I’d like to bang my head on the wall instead..


AJ leaves to go to bed… Alec, Topaz, Peter in HOH, Alec, you know what’s funny, I didn’t even think about AJ winning the veto. Everyone either in bed or just about to get into bed, which is exactly where I’m going!

Goodnight all!! xo

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2 Responses to Friday Feed Outage + A New HOH

  1. Lucas says:

    AJ, let me tell you man. Alec’s word that you’re not going home is like solid gold! You could take it to the bank and they’d cash it no questions asked. Just ask Tom.

    Oh, wait.

    Bye AJ.

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