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Published on March 21st, 2013 | by Julie


Double Eviction Thursday [Spoiler]

Tonight 2 of the 12 remaining houseguests walk out the door!

Be sure to order take out, put your comfy clothes on and settle in for a great night of Big Brother.

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American viewers can watch the live stream here at 7pm Pacific Time!


Thursday Morning.

6:58am All the houseguests up, the topic in the backyard is blackjack, poker and gambling, AJ is the LOUDEST voice out there on the topic of gambling, apparently he knows everything about gambling [in his mind at least]..

Note the look on Peter’s face… penny for his thoughts, my guess, “yes, I still hate people”

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Jillian making their slop shake breakfasts..


Liza finds a gray hair, Tom says, you’re beautiful.. #whoopedpup

Liza in the DR on last nights show “Tom has honestly and integrity, two things I did NOT come into this house with”… [I think Tom is to far gone, that even after he watches all the tapes, he will still rationalize all Liza's behavior. Tom has had the same types of relationships in the past, he likes girl, girl lies to him, he doesn't believe it even when his friends try to tell him.. you think he'd learn, he's not a great judge of character..]


Topic of conversation, food! As  Emmett watches Peter eat.. we can hear Talla yelling from the backyard, apparently there’s a pigeon in the house..


Talla and AJ outside smoking, topic, evicting Liza tonight..


7:35am Talla comes up to poo while Gary is shaving his head..


7:40am Tom’s packing…


8:00am Feeds go to HUSH! They shut them down early today..

Reminder: Tonight’s show is taped in front of a live studio audience 2 hours prior to broadcasting. So if you do not want to be spoiled stay away from all social media until after you’ve watched the show.

Big Brother Canada Game

Vote!! Would you like the houseguests to have air hockey or a pool table in the backyard for one week?


While we’re waiting, have you seen Gary’s HOH Video Diary!

Tonight’s Double Eviction Recap.

+ 1st Houseguest evicted was..
…Tom in a 8-1 vote
+ 1st HOH Winner is..
…Andrew! He nominated Liza and Suzette for eviction.
+ The nominees were..
…Liza and Suzette!
+ Power of Veto Winner was..
…Emmett! He did not use the POV.
+ 2nd Houseguest evicted was..
…Liza in a 8-0 vote!

Next Head of Household competition will be held tomorrow! I like that, because at least the current HOH gets 1 night in their room..

Thursday Evening Post Eviction.

6:18pm Feeds back, houseguests eating..


6:25pm Jillian says, I can’t believe Tom and Liza are gone, they all say, I know.. Jill, I’m afraid someone’s going to come back, Topaz, no there’s to many people, Gary, Suzette agree..

6:33pm Talla tells Gary that the pot is boiling over onto the stove, Gary says, I don’t like people commenting on my food, its ok.. Talla, actually it’s not, it burns the burners, Gary, ok, just be quiet.. [someone sounds cranky]..


9:20pm Feeds are HUSHed..

11:32pm Still no feeds and I’m headed to bed! I’m not sure what’s going on with the feeds tonight. We could always speculate, its highly likely they are all asleep..


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4 Responses to Double Eviction Thursday [Spoiler]

  1. Lucas says:

    Well, I bet you’re thrilled beyond belief at this episode Julie. I on the other hand want to stick my head into a blender…But my mistake was liking Tom, if I didn’t like him he would have won.

    So, based on that flawless logic if you’d like the ultimate spoiler and be able to scoop all the other BB sites I’ll tell you right now Gary is going to win, because i can not stand him. You can take it to the bank.

    • Julie says:

      Ahh.. every year every houseguest has their fans. I’m sorry your favorite is gone, but don’t give up, there have been plenty of BB USA seasons where all my favorites were gone and I was left with the leftovers, but its still entertaining to watch it all play out!

      I actually thought Liza was entertaining, odd, but oddly entertaining at times, I wish she wouldn’t have hooked up with Tom.

      I don’t know if Gary will make it to the end, but he may make it pretty darn close! Right now Peter is the forerunner..Peter’s throwing competitions, I think when it comes down to it, he’ll shock everyone with his competition skills.

  2. Stephan says:

    Hi, could you confirm with some video’s or snaps shots of the moment LIZA hugs Peter to say her good bye to him she slips something in the back of his shirt…. i paused the screen but couldn’t see what it was, although it looked like a rolled up piece of paper/note for Peter.

    Thanks, and love your site and information you post.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Lucas says:

      Hey Stephan, in the Twitter chat BBCan did with her she was asked that question. Here’s her answer. “It was a hair elastic that signified our alliance.”

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