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Saturday + HOH Nominations [Spoiler]

Happy Saturday Big Brother Canada fans!

We’re awake and ready for some BBC action, checking in on the houseguests now.

Reminder: We report from the West Coast, therefore the times shown are Pacific Time Zone, 3 hours behind the Big Brother Canada house.

Peter and Liza poolside, Liza says she still has a Blackberry, Peter says ohhhhh, I’m going over here now. Liza says, wait, I have the Apple desktop, laptop, iPod’s and iPad’s, Peter says, ok, I can only be friends with Apple people, I love my Apple products. [okay Peter just went up a notch in my Apple book! lol]

Then Liza and Peters conversation moves to computers, TV’s and Peter is intrigued, because he’s a tech guy.


7:41pm Big Brother calls Jillian, they’re going to run through the nomination ceremony with her.

Meanwhile outside, talk is about Oscar nominated movies and Canadian actors.


7:48am All the houseguests are on outdoor lockdown, with the exception of the current HOH Jillian.

8:00am Several random conversations going on throughout the backyard.



Alec and Emmett playing chess with AJ watching, Danielle is asleep in the hammock.



Liza says she wants to have a Big Brother baby, Tom says, okay, I’m going to go over here. Tom says he wants to have a son by age 25, he wants to be a younger dad, but he’s not currently financially stable enough to support a family, so he’s waiting.


Tom starts quoting from Friends, apparently he loves friends.

8:18am Gary is going off about Danielle to Topaz, saying she’s a fucking bitch, I feel bad for ever being friends with her. Gary says, Topaz, I need Tom gone. Topaz says, you can’t go around telling people that, Gary says, why, Topaz, you can’t.

Gary says, I’ll just go back to saying AJ, Topaz says, yeah.


Topaz says, Gary smell me, Tom said my sweater smelt like BO. Topaz climbs over so Gary can smell her, Gary says, you smell like baby power. Topaz says, see, just cause I look like shit doesn’t mean I smell like shit.


8:40am Something Top Secret is going on… looks like we have a nomination ceremony about to begin!

10:30am Feeds still down for nom ceremony.

While we’re waiting for the live feeds to come back from the nomination ceremony, I’ll share some conversation from late last night/early am BBT.

Topaz and Gary we’re night owls, hanging out, getting to know each other better. Topaz and Gary get to talking about Alec and her relationship, Topaz shares how she feels about Alec…

Topaz tells Gary that there is a definite attraction to Alec, but she’s not sure that it’ll go far, Alec asks her things like, “do you think your family would like me”, she says, he really does like her and she does like him but they honestly don’t really know each other, they haven’t had any deep conversations and she needs that in a guy.

Gary comes right out with it and asks what they’ve done? Where has he touched? Does she think they’ll get it on? Topaz laughs and says, NO they won’t have sex, she only does that with someone she’s in love with. She goes on to say, they touch and kiss, but thats it. Gary needs more details. She says he’s touched her butt, Gary says what about your boobs. Topaz says he tried and she said no, no. She says, and no he hasn’t even tried to touch her there as she points to her vagina. Gary says they need to come up with names for them, so they can talk about it and no one will know.

Topaz names her breasts “CLOUDS” and her vagina the “COUCH“, they both laugh.. she says, so he’s gotten to touch the cushions (her butt) but not the couch. They laugh.. Gary says, so he hasn’t found any coins in the couch…[LOL] They laugh..

3-01-2300pm 3-01-2310pm

1:34pm The live feeds are back! Alec and Topaz are cuddling in the have-not room, Talla in the kitchen mad about being on slop.

Sounds like they’re going to have a Power of Veto competition today, houseguests are saying that BB said they would give them a heads up and the outer door is closed.

+ Jillian here
…Gary and Aneal for eviction!

Jillian should have gone with her original plan, but instead she let Emmett influence her decision and now she has made a new enemy and left the real threat in the game, unless of course one of the two nominees win POV then she can get her real threat out aka Danielle!


Topaz and Alec in the ‘seedy motel room’ chatting about nominations, general chat..



Talla does a “Slop” dance.. she says the slop bucket is her new boyfriend..

3-02-1447pm 3-02-1448pm

The living room crew, no conversation..


Feeds are down..

2:40pm Feeds back..

Gary has put on his war paint, he tells Tom he’s nervous.


Tom, Gary and Liza on the couch, talking about how many people some people then know have had sex with. Tom says he has a guy who’s been with 300 women, Gary says he has a friend that is at 202. Tom says, he’s only had 2 one night stands from a bar.


2:58pm Tom says he knows a hundred jokes, he tells a couple..

3:01pm Jillian, Gary and Danielle in the bedroom, Jillian tells Gary, it really isn’t personal.. she says, you gotta fight your ass off for POV. Danielle says, I’m she jumps up. Jillian tells Gary she doesn’t want to be seen talking to him to much, but assures him he isn’t the target.


Aneal is in HOH listening to the iPod. Jillian walks into HOH, she tells Aneal they just called Liza to the DR, Aneal says, “it still hasn’t hit me that I’m nominated”..he feels like he’s been hit by a truck, he asks Jillian if she still feels confident about her decision..she says, no, I don’t feel confident about anything, I feel guilty, shitty..Aneal says, don’t ever tell anyone 3 times they’re safe and then nominate them..Jillian says, I know, I know..she says, she had to go with her gut. Jillian said, she’d be happy if he or Gary won POV..


3:20pm Feeds are off again..likely the Power of Veto competition!

4:59pm Something Top Secret is going on..

We’re going to complete this post, meet us over at the ‘Saturday Evening + POV Competition’ post!

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5 Responses to Saturday + HOH Nominations [Spoiler]

  1. Lucas says:

    Android > Apple

  2. Lucas says:

    Is there anyone in the house at this point that Gary hasn’t said he wants out? Lol.

  3. Lucas says:

    If I had to guess on nominees based on body language I would say it’s the first of the two option. The houseguest in question looked very unlike their regular self when the feeds came back. But If that’s the case I’d be shocked by Jillian’s decision. I would have thought she would have used HoH to get rid of the latter possibility.

    • Julie says:

      Agreed Lucas! Jillian should have gone with her plan, not Emmett’s plan. Now she’s made a new enemy if they win POV! Jillian is to nice for this game…lol

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