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Friday Morning Competition + Have Nots

What will Friday bring to the Big Brother House?

8:00am The houseguests cleaning up after an apparent ‘Have Not’ competition this morning..they’re washing their hair in the sink because there’s barely enough hot water for everyone to take a shower..their hair is a sticky, gooey mess, the girls are having a hard time getting everything out of their hair..

There were 3 teams in the competition this morning, red, yellow and blue. The red team won, yellow team lost and we now have.. ‘have nots’..

  • Talla
  • Tom
  • Alec
  • Peter

FYI, Jilian has not gotten her HOH room yet..

Note: times are posted in Pacific Time Zone, 3 hours behind the Big Brother Canada house.

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Topaz injured her knee in the have not competition this morning and is having an extremely hard time getting the goo out of her hair.


Jillian graciously helping Emmett with his hair while standing on a stool.. sneak peak? who wouldn’t..;)

3-01-0808am 3-01-0812am 3-01-0820am

8:57am Liza and Danielle in the bathroom, Danielle is off on a mini rant..currently she’s ranting about Jillian, Topaz walks in and the rant goes on about the shampoo and conditioner, Topaz leaves and she’s back to bashing Jillian. Danielle tells Liza, I told you she wasn’t nice, Liza says, I know, I know, no one listens to me..Danielle says, I told her she (Suzette?) fucked up the game for everyone..


9:05am Enter Gary! Danielle says she already knows she’s probably going up, Gary says I talked to her and she said “you’re fine”..Gary says he told her if she does put him and Danielle up they’re coming after them guns blazing..Gary says they know were together.


Gary leaves, Danielle tells Liza, he fucked me, Danielle tells Liza, “I don’t give a fuck if he (Gary) goes home”..

The guys are just shaving their legs because their leg hair is matted with sticky goop from the competition this morning..


Big bucket-o-slop..


9:15am Danielle tells Liza, “I know she’s going to put me up cause she’s jealous as fuck”.. [um if you say so Danielle]


9:26am Danielle tells Suzette, the have not room isn’t even that bad, its cute with clowns on the wall..

9:53am Jillian is helping Topaz comb out her hair, Tom has conditioner in his hair to try and break up the stickiness..

3-01-0952am 3-01-0954am

These hosueguests are great at whispering, making it hard to hear, I’m going to have to break out my super duper ear phones to hear these guys. It doesn’t help that BBC doesn’t remind them to stop obstructing their microphone.

10:05am Emmett and Andrew in the storage room, short pow wow, I couldn’t hear much. Andrew says we go to final 8 then go from there..


10:06am The cleanup continues, the guys aren’t happy about having matted leg hair. Gary is picking out the sticky slop one piece at a time..


10:10am Tom is using Nair on his legs to remove the hair and is extremely unhappy, he says, “he’s losing part of him”..


The Nair isn’t working very well for Alec or Tom, Gary warns them not to leave it on their skin or it will blister and burn their skin, they both freak and jump in the shower..the look on Talla’s face is priceless..


Tom’s Nair experience is much better than Alec’s. Alec was left with patches of leg hair on his right leg..

3-01-1040am 3-01-1042am

Hours after the competition, the houseguests are still trying to get the sticky, slop from the comp out of their hair. They’re not happy at all about the severity of the way the goo is stuck in their hair and honestly I wouldn’t be to happy either.

11:28am Tom is exceptionally pissed, he says, “he didn’t sign up for this shit”.. Danielle is helping him comb the slop out of his hair.


11:46am Something top secret is happening, I’m going to jump over to a new post, meet me there!

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