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Friday Evening

Friday evening in the Big Brother Canada house..

5:45pm Topaz is still in the bathtub soaking the slop goo out of her hair. She’s been a trooper and honestly hasn’t complained at all. She’s another houseguest that just seems like a sweetheart, genuinely nice.


5:50pm Jillian, Emmet and AJ are working out..Big Brother Canadian camera men are just like American camera men, they’re loving Jillian’s workout..she’s in awesome condition, none of those girls and many of those guys can’t beat her physically, I’m afraid that’ll make her a threat..

3-01-1750pm 3-01-1755pm

6:04pm Peter, Suzette, Andrew, Alec are at the pool..


6:21pm Emmett tells Jillian she should keep her HOH room locked, people are up there watching us and our stuff is up there.


6:30pm Topaz has the record for longest bath ever in Big Brother history, I believe it was 3+ hours, apparently she has finally gotten all the slop goo out of her hair.


6:39pm Aneal tells Jillian everyone keeps asking him who she’s nominating, Jillian says, no ones talking to me, Aneal says cause they’re afraid of you..

7:58pm Tubbin’ time for Emmett and Jillian, Aneal joins them for a little while, can’t hear much more than bubbles..


Meanwhile in the have-not room, Tom and Liza? Earlier Tom told Talla he thought Liza was nice but he’s not here for that., well either Liza pinned his arm while he was laying down or Tom has had a change of heart, because they’re awfully cozy!


..and in the kitchen we have Suzette and her dinner..general chit chat throughout the house.


8:33pm For someone who hates people, Peter’s doing a good job pretending he actually likes the houseguests, he lays low, stays out of drama and engages in conversations. Peter’s not on anyone’s radar, that makes him the most dangerous to win the whole thing.


8:37pm Emmett says goodnight to everyone.

Alec and Topaz laying down in the have-not round bed.


General poolside chatter..


8:57pm Emmett listening to Jillian’s iPod music, yes BBC gives them a modern iPod, not a CD player, nice!


Houseguests are trickling off to bed one by one..Aneal says goodnight to Emmett and Jillian in the HOH, before Aneal even leaves, Suzette knocks on the door, hobbles in and asks for chocolate. Aneal leaves, Suzette says she has Jillian’s back, Suzette says she won’t put her up.

Jillian asks Suzette if she wins POV if she would leave the nominations the same, Suzette says yes and she prefers not to know who’s going up, she just wants to enjoy her week. Suzette says, just tell me after POV who you want me to vote for.


9:15pm Apparently Danielle was going to the bathroom, slipped on a wet towel that someone left on the floor and she grabbed onto the wall and the glass scale smashed into the wall.


9:19pm Emmett gives Jillian a grin before they close their eyes to sleep.


Peter and Aneal are decorating for Alec’s birthday tomorrow, toilet paper streamers, random objects they wrapped with tissue paper from Jillian’s HOH gift box, and they used one of Jillian’s eye liners to write a note on the gift.



Aneal tells BBC that he’s going to take his sleeping pill, apparently Big Brother wants them to tell them prior to taking their medications.

9:48pm Gary is telling Andrew all about his life, he says when I win Big Brother, Im going to get an apartment, a puppy, and just be famous. Gary tells Andrew he’s going to build an empire, he says I’ve always dreamed big..


Alright on that note, I’m going to call it a done day of blogging! Until tomorrow BBC fans! xoxo

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