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Friday Afternoon

With the events of this mornings have not competition from hell, many of the houseguests are not happy campers, check out this mornings post for details.

Jillian has yet to receive her HOH key, but we do have our first bucket of slop for the have-nots. The have-nots include, Talla, Tom, Alec and Peter, I suspect there is one more that I haven’t figured out yet.

12:18pm The feeds are back and it looks like Jillian finally received her HOH key/room!

3-01-1222pm 3-01-1223pm

12:26pm Emmett and Gary talking in the kitchen, Gary says he’s trying not to complain about his hair to much but he still has crap in it. He tells Emmett that right after the competition “it looked like a hundred men came on his face” [umm no comment..] but BBC immediately blocked the feeds..

12:55pm Feeds are back and Alec and Peter are back to making a chess board.


Meanwhile Gary is in the HOH tub trying to get his hair clean, Jillian and Gary are discussing nominations and who’s saying what..Gary tells her not to pick alliances this early and be honest and forward in nominations, so that no one in jury can ever say she lied and backstabbed..

3-01-100pm 3-01-103pm

Jillian says she doesn’t have an alliance, but she feels like the most honest person in the house is Emmett..Gary agrees and says he respects him, he is honest, good guy..

Gary says, just make sure it’s for you, not for anyone else, Jillian says, oh trust me, its for me, its not even a strategic move, its personal, to get rid of negativity.. [umm can you say Danielle!]

1:17pm Danielle is cleaning and vacuuming the bedroom..


1:47am It hasn’t even been 1 day and have-not Talla is having a ‘panic’ attack, she says she’s going to pass out, she’s going to snap, she’s going to cry, she doesn’t know how she’s going to do it for a week.

3-01-1345pm 3-01-1347pm

Did these BBC super fans not watch Chef Joe from Big Brother 14 and his creative use of slop last year? Geeze they’re as bad as people going on Survivor that don’t learn to make fire before going on the show!!

1:55pm The have-nots take their slop slushies to the bathroom just in case they puke.. Have-nots=Talla, Peter, Alec and Tom.

3-01-1350pm 3-01-1351pm

2:25pm Tom carries Talla around, he says, you’re 96lbs of dead weight..


Big Brother has provided fresh, clean linens for the houseguests, NICE!!


2:32pm Liza is telling a story about when she accidentally put crazy glue in her eye instead of contact lens eyedrops, then used nail polish remover..


Danielle has to one up that story and tells a story about being totally drunk, went down on her bf, then she couldn’t open her eye in the morning, so they went to the doctors and they told her she had a “substance” in her eyes, all the way home her bf was laughing and she was like, wtf are you laughing at, he said, well last night I jizzed in your eye and let you go to sleep with it in your eye..

2:40pm Topaz and Alec in the storage room, cuddling and discussing who they think Jillian is going to put up, he asks Topaz  who she thinks she’ll put up, she says, probably Danielle, Suzette or AJ..Alec agrees..


Meanwhile in the HOH room, Jillian and Aneal are discussing nominees. Aneal and Jillian agree that Danielle’s bed situation is annoying and rude..

Jillian asks Aneal if he’d vote her out, he says, no he would never vote her out. Aneal says she could always go the easy way and nominate the showmance.

Aneal says people think her allegiance is to Tom and Emmett, Jillian says, no its to Emmett and you! Aneal thinks the 4 guys are in an alliance, Tom, Emmett, Peter and Alec.


3:00pm The chess board is complete, Peter is teaching Jillian how to play.


3:11pm Tom and Talla head to the have-not room, which is decorated like a seedy motel room, round bed and all..

Tom says, I really like Liza, but I’m not here for that, he has a beautiful girl at home, she says a gf? He says no she’s just in my heart, Talla admits she has a guy she likes at home too..Talla says she busted her ass in HOH, she needs to work on her attitude, but otherwise she’s good..

They agree they want Suzette out first, then maybe Gary..Tom says it’s going to be hard to win this game, hard to make it to the jury house..


3:20pm The backyard is open and Andrew and AJ chatting about who might be going up and who AJ wants out, there’s no way in hell I could ever type out what AJ says, since he speaks about 100 words per second..Tom joins them..

They think Suzette and Gary are going up, Tom says he wants Suzette out, they say she’s injured and can’t win POV.


3:36pm Tom goes upstairs to help Jillian fix the spy TV, it’s not working. Tom says, you’re grumpy huh, Jillian doesn’t answer and laughs..

Tom says, what’s your gut tell you to do, Tom says honestly Suzette and it was Gary but now its Aneal, I don’t know where his head’s at. Jillian says, I can’t put Suzette up cause I promised her and I’m not going to go back on that. Tom says what if I win POV and then you backdoor her, Jillian says, no.


Jillian says you know I got HOH for you and Emmett and ? [couldn't hear, I have a neighbor who's decided to remodel during the live feeds, rude I know]

Jillian tells Tom she wants Danielle out and to please not say anything, he says he won’t say anything. Tom says I need you to back me when I go after Suzette, he says I would never put you up babe [babe? really Tom]

Tom says, we have to get rid of the Suzette’s and Gary’s, Tom says don’t put up Aneal or AJ..

Jillian says she’s going to throw up she’s not cut out for this, Tom leaves and Jillian goes to the bathroom to check on Topaz in the bath, still trying to get the slop,goo,gunk out of her poor hair.


4:28pm Emmett in HOH with Jillian, they’re running through scenarios..[can I just say, they are cute together]. They’ve got some definite chemistry between them..Emmett keeps inching closer, and puts his arm around her several kissing, lots of giggling..

3-01-1628pm 3-01-1629pm 3-01-1630pm 3-01-1642pm 3-01-1643pm

I’m a huge Jeff and Jordan fan and these two are the Canadian version of Jejo, both seem sweet & genuine!

I’m going to end this post on that note! Meet me over at the evening post..

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