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Thursdays Eviction + HOH Endurance [Spoilers]

Apparently Live Eviction Show” doesn’t exactly mean LIVE Eviction Show in Canada, the same way it does in America.

The LIVE FEEDS have been intermittently allowing feeders to see the actual LIVE HOH endurance competition currently underway. We know who’s competing thus we KNOW who was evicted before the live show aired tonight.

Either someone in the control room will no longer have their job at the end of the day OR they are allowing us to view them?? If the later is the case, then it’s seems  unwise to promote a LIVE eviction show when it’s actually a pre-recorded eviction show.

There were multiple sources that confirmed the show was pre-recorded because they we’re actually at the taping and it’s over! Party fowl Big Brother Canada..

[Update] Big Brother later came somewhat clean by posting this on Facebook; “Hi everyone! We understand the confusion and appreciate your questions and comments. To clarify, the Thursday show is filmed in front of a live studio audience two hours prior to broadcast airing.”

Hmm, again that makes it a pre-recorded television show, my question is, will there ever be an actual LIVE eviction show? That remains to be seen..

Moving on..

By a vote of 11-1 Kat was evicted from the Big Brother Canada House.

But we already knew that, so lets move onto the HOH endurance competition highlights..

HOH Competition is called “Lumber Jack & Jill”

When the non-Live Show ended all the houseguests we’re still lumbering away..

5:56pm PT is where we picked up the Live Feeds revealing the competition underway.

5:56pm I believe that’s Talla who just fell..



5:58pm AJ falls off


Big Brother tells them to move up a peg, they may only use their LEFT foot!

6:00pm Danielle falls



6:01pm Aneal falls..the look in Peter’s eyes..kinda creeps me out


6:04pm Andrew says he can’t do it anymore and lets go


6:06pm Topaz falls..Gary’s going to his happy place in his mind..


Jillian looks like she’s having a picnic, the guys are sweating, grunting, groaning..


Emmett looking pretty comfortable too..


Because they allowed the Live Feeds to come back prior to the show actually airing we know who the new Head of Household is…

Jillian is the New Head of Household!

8:33pm The houseguests are all talking about the comp and how hard it was to keep their footing..


Jillian is called to the diary discuss her new HOH title..

2-28-835pm 2-28-837pm

8:54pm Random chatter in the kitchen with the houseguests..

2-28-842pm 2-28-854pm

9:25pm The bed shuffle discussion is underway, Big Brother took away the small bed in the middle, and with Jillian sleeping in HOH, everyone is loudly discussing who is sleeping where..Danielle is the loudest mouth in the room..

2-28-926pm 2-28-927pm

The Alec and Topaz showmance is in full swing, they don’t care if the other houseguests are in the room, they’re getting their makeout session going early tonight!



9:53pm Jillian and Emmett are in the storage room, Jillian asks Emmett if he’s relieved, she says she is. Emmett says he never could have won that competition, he knew she could. Jillian asks him what he thinks about putting Danielle and Gary up, she says Danielle is such a bitch to her..[she should hear what Danielle says behind her back]

Sounds like Emmett wants to keep Gary around, it’s hard to hear them whispering..


Emmett, Jillian and Liza are in the bathroom, Jillian says I can’t wait to listen to my music that no one else will like. Emmett says who, Jillian says, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley..


10:22pm Gary is taking his makeup off, Andrew joins him in the bathroom. Andrew says all the decisions have been made [meaning who's sleeping where and with who], he says I’m just the old guy who isn’t in a showmance..Gary calls him out on Andrew calling himself old..


Are we looking at showmance #2??


Well quite a bit of disappointed Big Brother fans tonight, a big oopps by Big Brother Canada, but it is their premiere season and you live and learn, overall they’re doing a good job. My suggestion, do not promote a LIVE show if it’s going to be pre-recorded.

Fans would have been perfectly fine if tonights show was simply promoted as “Big Brother Canada’s First Ever Eviction Show”..instead fans were left disappointed and many didn’t bother to even watch the show, since they already knew the outcome.

Just my 2 cents..


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