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Live Feeds Go Live

It wouldn’t be a premiere season without a few hiccups. Big Brother Canada promoted the fact that the Live Feeds would go live right after the premiere ended and they did, only many fans couldn’t actually see them. Their website was overcapacity and failed to load.

As the evening progressed the kinks were worked out and the live feeds were streaming nicely.

Update times are shown in PT..

7:31pm Gary, Topaz, Danielle, Emmett, Aneal and Jillian..


7:34pm Aneal and Jillian have seemingly hit it off..


7:48pm Alec and Topaz getting their flirt on..


8:03pm Talla and Gary have dinner at opposite ends of the massive dining room table



SPOILER ALERT! [don't read this caption if you don't want to know]

8:17pm Kat and Aneal on the hammock and for some reason Aneal is going to go along with Kat’s big idea to keep herself from going home. Since Kat is has been nominated in Tom’s place, I’m not sure why Aneal finds it an advantage to hang out so tightly with Kat, when it seems many just may be voting her out..


9:19pm Emmett and Liza getting to know each other..


9:23pm Jillian is peeing, Tom asks if she wants him to leave, she says no, as long as he doesn’t mind hearing her pee.. Tom tells Jillian and Topaz hes 25 years old and no cavities, but he had a girlfriend who has 6 cavities and he always gave her a hard time..


10:14pm Alec and Topaz have been scheming and flirting quite a bit in the storage room, they get real close..


2-27-1015_red-phone 2-27-1018pm

10:24pm The bedroom gang is discussing not being able to read, drink, be outside, Tom says he’s finding that little things are starting to annoy him, Gary says, he needs more alcohol..

Danielle refuses to share a bed with anyone, oh ok, hope that strategy wins you the game Danielle, not..


10:34pm Emmett and Jillian chatting about houseguests..


10:43pm Kat and Aneal on the deck, Kat’s talking like she’s the one going home, she hopes she comes back just to say, “I’m back bitches, you voted me out now what”.. Kat is the typical badass girl we’ve seen cast in many prior seasons of BBUSA..


11:08pm Andrew, Alec and Topaz at the dining room table discussing AJ and his humor.. [I sure wish BBC would turn up the lights, is this mood lighting??]


AJ’s in the backyard talking to Kat about what she thinks about Tom and Liza hooking up, he says he found a condom wrapper on his nightstand..then he goes onto ask if Kat thinks he should hit on her if Tom’s not already hitting it…AJ’s all over the place, it’s odd and they all have a good laugh when he goes back inside..

11:23pm Kat goes outside to smoke, Aneal meets up with her, Kat tells Aneal who he needs to talk to first and what he needs to say.. [I'm just dumfounded as to why Aneal feels the need to align with a sinking ship??]


11:31pm Big discussion about who is sleeping where and with whom, Emmett says his nuts are gonna explode. Talk moves to rubbing one out in the house, Gary says, there has to be somewhere, Emmett says maybe in the shower..


11:53pm Aneal is up in the HOH making Suzette feel better, then Aneal takes off his shirt turns over and they both go to sleep..

2-27-1153pm 2-27-1157pm

Alright, I’m calling it a night! Be back tomorrow for more updates and screen caps..

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