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Big Brother Canada Premiere


I thought the Big Brother Canada Premiere was a great success! Arisa Cox did an amazing job, the house is gorgeous, the houseguests are colorful, some more colorful than others and not exactly in a good way!

Big Brother Canada threw in a twist early, the red telephone! The phone will randomly ring throughout the season and whoever answers the phone will be given a secret mission, they can’t share.. if they complete the top secret mission they win ‘something’, if they fail they will receive a punishment? I like it!

Suzette was the first one to answer the phone.. (one of the spoilers below reveal her prize).


+ Head of Household
…Suzette was the first houseguest to answer the red phone, her mission, to go secretly to the diary room without telling anyone her mission, she completed her mission and won the very first Big Brother Canada Head of Household! She was told she had to nominate two houseguests for eviction..
+ Nominees
…Tom and Emmet!
+ Power of Veto Players
…Suzette, Tom, Emmett, Peter, Aneal and Gary!

First Impressions.

I really thought I’d like Gary, but he is wayyyy over the top, in an annoying way, like we haven’t already seen the annoying “stereo-typical” gay guy casted before..ughh

That brings me to my next surprise, Suzette, after reading her bio, looking at her photo, I thought I’d really like Suzette, not the typical modelesk types they normally cast, I happen to always route for the “plus” size on America’s Next Top Model, but Suzette, not so much, her laugh is similar to nails on a chalkboard for me..

..and speaking of nails on a chalkboard, Peter, I want a dollar for every time he says “fucking” in a sentence and I’ll quit my day job! He said he hates most people, well I can see why most people would dislike him..maybe he’s just nervous??

Talla, uhh Talla, she’s besties with Gary, she says they are the best couple in the house, with her fur vest, her fur hat, who knows what else she’ll pull out of her suitcase that’s fur..

Danielle reminds me of Danielle from Big Brother 14, need I say more..only time will tell with her, the mumbling around the house is, no one likes her..

Let’s move onto those I really like, so far, Aneal, Jillian, Emmett, Topaz, Tom and AJ is somewhat quiet’ish..

Did you watch the show tonight? What are your thoughts? Who are your favorites? Who annoys you? Leave a comment below!

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