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Published on February 27th, 2013 | by Julie


Big Brother Canada FAQ [Updated]

Big Brother Canada has arrived and is in full swing!

I thought I’d answer a few frequently asked questions for the American Big Brother fans.. I will update as information becomes available!

Q. What channel can we watch the show in America?

A. Unfortunately there is no opportunity to watch Big Brother Canada in the US on any American channel. Although all hope is not lost, there are fan sites that are going to be live streaming the show, Big Brother Archive and Video Brother to name two. I’m sure there are others available if you do a little searching tonight. I will update this list if I find other available live streamers with a good quality feed.

It’s unclear as to whether Americans will be able to view the full episodes at Big Brother Canada’s Official Website after they have aired.

Q. How do American’s watch the Live Feeds?

A. Unfortunately the Live Feeds are geographically blocked to the USA. Unless you create a work-around, i.e. proxy or VPN.

[UPDATE] You CAN watch the Live Feeds on your iPad and iPhone and use AirPlay to play them on your AppleTV! [thank you Apple!]

Q. How do American’s watch Big Brother Canada After Dark?

A. We can only assume that Big Brother Canada After Dark will also have a geographical restriction. You’ll need to find a live stream or a work-around i.e. proxy, VPN.

Q. Will Big Brother Buzz be providing updates regularly throughout the season?

A. ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, YES! News, daily updates, spoilers, photos, gossip and more! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too!

To say, I’m disappointed about the geographical restrictions would be an understatement!

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  1. Mcecny says:

    Hehehe we find it funny because the US constantly geographically locks out Canada.

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